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I took out a loan on my empty heart, babe
I took out a loan for my patient soul
And I feel alive as long as I don’t need you
And I feel alive as long as I keep hold

-- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Good run at Wash park

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Registered up! I'm in and I will be ready... Dec. 2nd 2007! ICKY THUMP Got a bump When I hit it on the radio Red-head señorita Lookin' dead Came to said, "I need a bed" en español So I gave a drink of water I'm gonna sing around the collar Well, I don't need a microphone Icky thump, with the lump In my throat Grab my coat And now it's reckon I was ready to go Yeah, I swam beside the hair She had one white eye One blank stare Lookin' up, lyin' there On a stand in her hair Was a candy cane Black rum, sugar cane Dry eye, somethin' strange! La la, la la la la la la la la la laaa laaa laaa Well, Americans: What, nothin' better to do? Why don't you kick yourself out? You're an immigrant too. Who's usin' who? What should we do? Well you can't be a pimp And a prostitute too Icky thump, handcuffed to a bunk Robbed blind Looked around And there was nobody else Left alone I hit myself with a stone Went home And learned how to clean up after myself -- The White Stripes

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Decided to take advantage of the nice day and get one of my 20 mile runs done; 3 down, 3 to go! I have missed the past two weekends because of races. I felt pretty good out there considering I raced on Sunday. Negative split: 1:15:49 out and 1:13:57 back. I started to feel some tightness in my knee at around 17 but still had the strength to run hard on 19 and 20.

Stopped for a Banana Berry Jamba Juice on the way home.

I've been running for about 5 years now. When I first started doing marathon training back then, I used to be totally spent after my 20 mile runs. I couldn't work, I needed a nap... my whole day was affected. Now, It doesn't seem like that big of a deal. They are hard but not like they used to be. The body is a crazy piece of machinery... it adapts to the workload placed upon it. I am really beginning to feel confident for my Marathon in December... I don't know if I'll break 2:50 or not, but I am going to go into the race prepared that is for sure!

Today's Shuffle Mix Consisted of songs by the following artists:
Arcade Fire, Beirut, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Interpol, The Mooney Suzuki, Reinging Sound, Sea Wolf and The White Stripes... Good stuff!

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Race Report is up!

I feel pretty good today. My legs are recovering more quickly since I started taking Bee Pollen. Today was an unplanned day of rest for DD. I wanted to run just a little, but i'm racing on Friday so I think, I should relax the feet.
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1st in Age Group
7th overall (1500 runners)
1st mile: 5:52
13th Mile: 5:49

Race Report tomorrow

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I'm running late... Heading out to Moab in a few... Race on! But before I head off to the Canyonlands... this is a big ol' day for me... my first out of town race without the LiliaMonster. Very strange feeling indeed. I haven't even left yet and I feel of sense of sadness. We had such a great time there in the spring earlier this year. Anyway, I need to do this.
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Nice Friday morning ride with the Dills... felt pretty good... windy as hell out there, though!

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  • 08m 53s /Mi

Ran at Lair O' the Bear. Met Ryan and Linda there... they rode MTN Bikes. I ran with Ramone. We didn't have time to do the whole trail because the sun was setting fast. Ran back in Dark. It was difficult to see the trail as my only light source was the half moon. I ran pretty slow because I did not want to turn my ankle.

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Ran with my buddy Ted... He had lots of stories to tell from his wedding in Hawaii... Started to get cold!

Ugh... The dentist this morning... had a crown built up. My face is numb, I like it better when my brain is numb. Wait, my brain is always numb. So, I was driving my buggy though a small little town somewhere out in the plains and I noticed this sign in some rednecks yard. Makes me wonder... Yeah, this dumb sh*t voted for George Bush and still believes Saddam had something to do with 911... Note the red, white and blue color scheme. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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