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I'm a little banged up from yesterday's Evil Kneivel Crash on my MTN Bike ride... left knee, hip and shoulder pretty sore... my head is good.

I ran nice and easy on the treadie today to see how my new racing flats feel and how the injuries would do. I do not anticipate any problems on race day, but... I have a slightly swollen lymph node in my left armpit... I hope its just a warning and not the start of some illness! REST DIME!

1660066-112607085915 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My ACTIVE registration number for: IRONMAN ARIZONA! I AM IN IT TO WIN IT! I do not know how many KONA spots are going to be available for 09, but I do know that two are already claimed: Dills and Dime KONA 2009! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket oh man... I'm sitting here... broke and despondent... thinking... thinking about charging the entry fee for Ironman Arizona! On one hand, the timing is not right, on the other hand, Dime is not getting any older.... he might have to do this...

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MTB ride today with Linda, Ocky, Drew, Zev and Sgt. Vik. Waiting for Ocky to post the time/mileage since he is the only one that knows... It was SO fun in the snow! Who knew?

New racing flats for CIM: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Ran at wash park with Ted and Justin (Hood 2 Coast team-mates)... It was cold but sunny and we ran what felt like a slow pace... talked easily... I feel pretty good right now.

Ran a second run this evening with the Denver Trail Runners... Moonlight run. Amazing...

Small world story: In April this year I did the Wildflower Half Ironman Triathlon... This year I was looking for a 2:50 pace group for my upcoming California International Marathon... I found this guy who was a 2:50 pacer last year... I emailed him and he emailed back. Unfortunately although he is running the mary, he is not pacing... End of story... or not. Today I get an email (his name is Michael Woodward)... He's like, "Richard, small world....I hope you have recovered from your fall at Wildflower. Did you crash at the top of the 1st climb? I was looking at the results of Last year's race and when I was scrolling down I saw your name. You and I had horrible swims and were leap frogging on the bike. I was a big baby on that downhill at mile 45 and I did not see you again until the run." Yeah, this fukker totally passed me on the run. He was the only person who passed me from my crash until the finish... I remember leap-frogging on the bike, and I remember complimenting myself for dropping him on the ride; never thinking he could catch me on the run... but he did at around mile 5 and I never caught him! Fast guy he is! But anyway, how cool is that? I randomly contact some dude, and it turns out we had a memorable tri-battle-moment together! Hopefully I'll meet him at the race expo next week...

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Recovery run...

HELL YEAH! Finally a true winter day to run in... I totally bundled up for the first time and ran in the c-c-c-cold!

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A 24 hour moratorium on consumer spending - participate by not participating - (click the pig)

Action update: MTV, the channel that markets itself to hip youth, has decreed that our Buy Nothing Day public service spot "goes further than we are willing to accept on our channels". Gangsta rap and sexualized, semi-naked school girls are okay, but apparently not a burping pig talking about consumption. If you object to this sort of corporate censorship, why not send them a message now?

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17:38 5K! (based on my first 3 miles plus the 42 seconds it took me to do the .1 in my last 5K in Oct...)

Washington Park Turkey Trot...
I will do a race report later, but here is the scoop..

I ran well, the start was a cluster F., but I weaved a path and tried to find some comfort... ran mile 1 slower than last year... I think that was a good call since I beat last years time by 31 seconds!

I did fade on mile 4... but still a very respectable time!

Mile: 1 5:38 AVG HR 159
Mile: 2 5:36 Avg HR 160
Mile: 3 5:52 Avg HR 162
Mile: 4 6:06 Avg HR 162

Splits from last year:
MILE 1: 5:32 - 162 AVG HR
MILE 2: 6:15 - 169 AVG HR
MILE 3: 6:07 - 170 AVG HR
MILE 4: 5:50 - 166 AVG HR


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Ran on the dreadmill... Started out at an 8 something per minute mile pace... slowly increased the speed... finished up the last mile at faster than race pace... Tried to sprint out the last 400 m at a 5:00 min per mile pace but it killed the machine. That's a good sign I suppose!

Argh! I bumped my knee cap on something and now it is bruised!It hurts to bend my knee. I'm going to try and run on the tread mill this morning and I hope it doesn't affect my running. It will suck if I can't extend my leg properly at the Turkey Trot tomorrow... I don't think this is something that will affect me next week in Cali, but it really is pretty painful right now. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket TURKEY TROT: I am going to try to run hard... but because of the cold, I may back off if I feel any discomfort, muscle strain, or difficulty not associated with a normal hard effort. Last year I ran it (post NYC marathon) in 23:46 which is a 5:56 pace. This year I think I can do it closer to 23:20 which is a 5:50 pace... I did run a 5K earlier at a 5:46 pace and that would get me real close to 23:00... I doubt that is possible but I have a dream goal of going under 23:00, but I will not be disappointed with anything under 24...

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  • 6.60 miles
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Ran sort of sluggish today... Cold... Although I haven't run for two days, I still felt tired... my legs aren't used to rest... Maybe they are over resting.

HR high

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