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Felt a lot better on the bike then the other day... I'm getting closer!

  • 29m 38s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 07m 25s /Mi

Brick <10 min trans.

Dreadmill - ran easy and picked it up each lap a bit. 4th mile: 6:57... getting there.

my calf's have improved some! Right calf is better than left. I'll rest the sticks tomorrow and hopefully they will not let me down on Saturday... At this point I am in... I know I'm asking my legs for more than their fair share, but I promise to rest them next week!

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Tried to run a little just to see how the sticks are doing... Not too good. My calf's are still wrecked. If Chilly Cheeks was today, I would not race. I hope I can come around by Saturday. I'll race if I can run at 80% but if I am going to hobble (as I did today), I will not race.

HEALING UP! A lot less stiff today... Getting myself prepared for Chilly Cheeks!

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  • 13.33 Mi/hr

Easy spin (well not so easy) on the rollers... I fell twice. I haven't rode them since last winter... I think it helped loosen my quads but my calf's are still tight as hell... I hope I can loosen them before Saturday...

AVG Cadence: 74

My holiday cheer has not been canceled, just shrunk. Thankfully I found a Christmas tree that is size appropriate! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm sore... Nothing on tap for today... maybe an easy spin tomorrow. Race Report is up
  • 2h 53m 38s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 06m 38s /Mi

Ok, I'll be doing a race report and repeating some of this, but Dime got his a$$ handed to him today... I've been a little sickly all week (not that that is an excuse) and the winds were as advertised: BRUTAL. But I ran my fastest 20 mile race ever!!! I hit 20 in 2:08 something (6:24 pace)... to put that in perspective, I ran a 20 mile race 2 months ago and came in 3rd place with a 2:14... the winner was 2:10 something... so yeah... I had some juice, but sadly, not enough to reach my goal of a sub-2:50 mary. Its a shame too, cuz I had time in the bank at 20. Still, I did manage a personal best even though mile 23-26 were some of the slowest miles I've run in recent memory. The cramping in my calfs nearly reduced me to a walk... The only thing that kept me running was the fact that I knew that even if I ran 8 minute miles to the finish, I could still PB.

Times of note: 39 minute 10k, 1:23 first half (might have been too fast), and my 20 mile split mentioned above...

I'm a little bummed, but hey... I've got Chilly Cheeks to worry about and I did sign up for an Ironman next year!

Time to move on!

My Buddy Ted slayed and ran a 2:50:40... I'm proud of him!!

Up early... showered, body glided up... here goes nothing... winds are a howlin'

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  • 08m /Mi

easy hilly run with ted and his uncle, paul around the neighborhood.

Great Day at the Expo... Had a large pasta dinner at Macaroni Grill. I'm fat and full. My goals may have to be less ambitious... It looks like the weather calls for 15-30 mph winds with gusts of 45 from the south... which means head winds and some cross winds. Not good...

Dime is HUNGRY! What shall I have for breakfast? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Shiza! I have that beginning to get sick feeling... achy muscles, general weakness especially in the lower legs... I'm worried... this better not blow up on me! I haven't been sick in months and months... not now! I'm off to the Airport... I can do this even if I get sick... This little marathon thing is only 2:40 something minutes... so I'm running no matter what!

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