• 2h 05m
  • 35.10 miles
  • 16.85 Mi/hr

Rode with Bridget and Scott today...

From REI to Lookout down the backside on 40 and back.

I rode my tubulars and the front tire blew up so I had to hitch-hike back in. Luckily some nice girl gave me a ride...

Wasn't my day... Bought a soy latte and before I had one sip, Ramone knocked it out of my hand!

LOOKOUT P2P: 23:15 - not my fastest, but not bad for this early in the season. Plus it was on my TT bike.

  • 1h 12m
  • 9.00 miles
  • 08m /Mi

Ran from the Irish Snug and around Wash park back through Cheesman Park and down to 17th and back to the snug.

Does anyone think that it is unusual that after his arrest for DUI, Carmello Anthony was chauffeured by the police to the Ritz Carlton and his Mercedes was safely parked in an official city spot and not the traditional impound lot? Come on... I'm the first guy to defend the concept of innocent until proven guilty and to yell racial profiling when a minority gets harassed by the man, but this is clearly not what has happened here. Athletes, celebrities, politicians and the rich/connected are consistently given a different form of justice than the working Joe and I for one am sick of it! In Anthony's case, this guy has a history of stupidity and the Rocky MTN News reported that Anthony is going to "man-up" for his behavior... WTF? Man up... for reals? Carmello is a spoiled brat... with a LOT of money and he should "man up" to his team: by playing defense and instead of going out until 4AM after a playoff-run-loss (where he shot for a dismal 11 points), he should head back on the court to practice his free throws, go home and rest up... man-up! His lawyer, speaking for Anthony, said that he was now home with his family... Yeah, Carmello definitely needs to "man-up" to his family: by going home at a reasonable time, perhaps snuggling with his kid and waking up early with him, not nursing a wicked hangover at two in the afternoon and trying to figure out what the f#ck happened the night before... MAN UP, indeed. How much is he paid to play basketball anyway? Can't he "man-up" and hire a driver? Shit, I need a job! I'll be his driver for 75K a year! I'll drive him to the clubs, I'll wait and pick him up and I'll even make sure that there is always a fresh supply of the "chronic" for him to roll with! Man up Carmello and hire Dick Dime to be your driver... I'll try to keep you from harming yourself and I won't kiss you azz like the rest of your entourage because I don't give a hoot about PRO athletes. I am not impressed. Lastly, FTP! I know plenty of people who have been arrested for DUI's and all of them spent the night in jail or Detox... their cars were impounded and they were treated as guilty from the get-go. When will this lame azz society of ours stop idolizing public figures? Perhaps it is time for society to "man-up" and drop the goofy lexicon and just plain grow up! Man-up... Stupid... really frickin stupid.

  • 1h 49m
  • 12.20 miles
  • 08m 56s /Mi

Lair of The Bear Trail Run.

Total Ascent: 2500 feet

Weird day... Snowy, cold and windy. Yesterday was HOT and windy. Spring.

Ramone ran well today and so did I. I never pushed it but felt like I could have run this at record pace if I wanted to... I just wanted to practice downhill running so I guess my goal was met.

I saw Cody Waite... stopped and chatted for a bit. WAY further down the trail I ran past a few more EPCers...

Tons of stuff to do... I think it's a Lair O' The Bear morning for DickDime and his partner in crime, Ramone... He is in the car waiting. I'm off!

  • 1h 40m
  • 30.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

CCREZ and back... W I N D Y

  • 53m
  • 6.50 miles
  • 08m 09s /Mi





I haven't plugged it much, but for the past two years I have been part of one of the best sub-masters (30-40 AG) 12 man relay teams in... Anywhere. My team Altitude Adjusted, has placed 4th and 3rd in 2006 and 2007 at the Boston Marathon of Running Relay's, The Nike Hood to Coast Relay. It starts at Mt. Hood and finishes on the beach at Seacoast, Oregon - 197 miles. Today, we have just welcomed Mark Dillard to the team. Its a funny thing... although we are in the sub-masters age category... Me, Mark, Clint Boston and our 1st or 2nd fastest marathoner, Steve Krebs are all over 40! Krebs is like 44 or 45! So a FULL 1/3 of our team qualifies to race in the Master's Division... Not only is the Hood to Coast Relay the Boston Marathon of all Relay's, Team Altitude Adjusted is like a 1980s version of the Boston Celtics... Old, but gifted. This year we want to become one of the few teams to break the 20 hour mark... Last year we finished in 20:20. It is hard to field a team of 12 guys and have everything click. There are injuries, subs who don't pan out, guys of varying abilities, technical and logistical conditions, etc. We ran an average of 6:12 per mile for the entire 197 mile course last year! This year, with the addition of Mark, we will go sub 20 and hopefully move up a spot or two in our division! Welcome aboard, Mark!!

  • 2h 50m
  • 52.20 miles
  • 18.42 Mi/hr

Rode to CHAT REZ then East up C470 to DTC North on Inverness and then over to the CC REZ Dam and then down the Cherry Creek trail to Wash Park did a cool down lap and home.

Windy... AVG CAD 75

  • 2h 35m 20s
  • 20.03 miles
  • 07m 46s /Mi

Highline Canal with Dillard

7th 20 miler in this cycle! I starting to feel better too! My legs need a rest though.

Me and Dills ran the first 14 miles right at an 8 min p/m pace and then at mile 14 I pushed the pace a little. I wanted my tired legs to run hard for the last 6 Mile splits from 14 - 20
15 - 7:03 AVG HR 139
16 - 7:00 AVG HR 142
17 - 6:53 AVG HR 150
18 - 6:56 AVG HR 146
19 - 7:00 AVG HR 148
20 - 6:37 AVG HR 156

  • Health data: Sick: 1
  • 1h 27m 30s
  • 27.00 miles
  • 18.51 Mi/hr

Two easy laps at CCREZ

  • 53m
  • 5.70 miles
  • 09m 18s /Mi

Easy run... some strides, but mostly just an easy F4 run.

I love music, but only listen to it in the car sporadically. Generally I listen to the talking heads and the call in shows. Yesterday, I found a CD in a thrift store as I was driving through the high country. Whiskeytown's final album, "Pneumonia" and gave it a few listens. I liked Whiskeytown back in the 90s a bit, but I preferred the alt-country stylings of bands like Uncle Tupelo better. For those of you who don't know, Whiskeytown was balladeer Ryan Adam's first band - before he broke big. Anyway, The weather was dank and I-70 was closed in both directions... At a certain point I pulled over near the top of Loveland Pass and just watched the snow fall in the headlights of the passing cars. I popped a "road soda" and waited for the traffic to move a little faster... Since I only had one CD in the car (yes, I have gazillions of cd's!), and the AM dial was not audible I just sat there and listened to "Pneumonia" over and over. Sometimes that's the only way to "get" a record. Anyway, as it turns out, my mood was primed for sad, beautiful music and a couple of songs stood out. I particularly liked the song, "Jacksonville Skyline" which finished with these aching words: "Somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket - Shoot it with my cap gun just to make it seem like stars" I love finding music in the junk stores Sit and Listen To the Rain Sit around dream away the place i'm from Used to feel so much, now i just feel numb Could go out tonight but i ain't sure what for Call a friend or two i don't know anymore Sit and listen to the rain Sit and listen to the rain Gonna ride down to the river where it runs Gonna watch tv and pray for decent reruns Sit around and dream away what I've become (dream away what I've become) Used to feel so much now i just feel dumb Sit and listen to the rain Sit and listen to the rain I'll never understand this emptiness I'll never really try to understand i guess I'll never understand this emptiness I'll never really try and understand Try and understand, i guess Sit around, dream away the place i'm from Used to feel so much, now i just feel dumb Could go out tonight, but i ain't sure what for Call a friend or two i don't know anymore Sit and listen to the rain Sit and listen to the rain

  • Health data: Sick: 1

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