• 1h 20m
  • 18.25 miles
  • -----

Urban assault miles (to be continued)

  • 1h 07m
  • 8.00 miles
  • 08m 23s /Mi

Ran up the Boulder Canyon from 6th along the river... Boulder: is beautiful. If Fort Collins had 1/2 of a clue, they would look closely at how Boulder can grow and maintain it's beautiful environment without turning itself into Federal Boulevard.

  • 38m 20s
  • 6.10 miles
  • 06m 17s /Mi

Ran with the fella's from Altitude Adjusted (Hood to Coast Team). I ran pretty well. I haven't ran this hard since the marathon almost 3 weeks ago. This was a great tune-up/test. My verve-nerve was pretty quiet, but the flexibility in my left leg was pretty much non-existent. I could feel my right leg forcefully propelling forward, but my left leg was dragging.
Hopefully by the race on Monday I will be closer to normal and I will be able to run hard!

Overall, a great effort and it was fun to hang out with the team.

Watch this video! It is the number one video on YOUTUBE right now (over a million views in the last 24 hours)... The Real McCain 2: And while you are there, watch some of the other vids too... McCain in his own words! I particularly liked the videos that highlight the radical evangelical types that he has partnered with such as John Hagee and Rod Parsley (who is militant anti-Semite) and who John McCain calls, "a moral compass" check it out for yourself:

Bike #1
  • 27m
  • 5.27 miles
  • -----

Urban Assault.

Bike #2
  • 57m
  • 18.25 miles
  • 19.21 Mi/hr

Windy as F**K out there today. Man. Rode pretty hard.Still a lot of stiffness in my verve-nerve so I am still on the fence about Bolder Boulder :(

  • 36m 30s
  • 4.52 miles
  • 08m 05s /Mi

Run after swim

  • 46m
  • 1900.00 meters
  • 02m 25s /100 meters

So the water was choppy and I sighted poorly but... I have NEVER swam this slow before!! I am so discouraged.

So here it is: The Urban Assault Vehicle! Stickin' it to America's master, OPEC, the greed of Exxon/Mobile, the oily Bush administration, the radical religious right and intolerance/ignorance of all kinds since May 2008 (300 miles served!). This "Green" Machine is powered by a 43 year old motor that is re-built, super-charged and race ready! No brakes! Photobucket

  • 1h 30m
  • 22.00 miles
  • 14.67 Mi/hr

Fixed gear urban assault miles in the light of the moon.

All of my workouts happened after 8:30 pm

Rode to 24 hr fitness (4 mi) and dropped my bag off, then rode to the CCREZ Dam and back to 24 hr (about 13 mi) then run/swim and to the packy for a bottle of Yellow tail and then home (about 6 mi).

  • 21m
  • 3.11 miles
  • 06m 45s /Mi

Treadmill started out in the high 7s finished at around 5:30. My leg is getting better but I still have a weird fatigue in my upper thigh. I hope it doesn't bother me in the Bolder Boulder, cuz I'm gonna run!

  • 09m 32s
  • 500.00 meters
  • 01m 55s /100 meters

5 x 100 on 30 sec

I wanted to swim more, but when I got to the pool at 10 pm there was already 2 people to a lane so I went to the treadmill for a bit.

On this sad day... a true statesmen and steward of equal rights, a champion for health care for ALL Americans and a tireless fighter for the American worker, Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with malignant brain tumor. What a sad day it is. And to those who still believe that the other side is right, consider this one statistic provided by the United States Census Bureau: more women filed for bankruptcy last year than graduated from college! Do you really want four more years?

  • 2h 00m
  • 32.30 miles
  • -----

Rode out to Runners Roost to pick up a neoprene swim cap for the ice cold pond water... and my Bolder Boulder race packet! Then to Dillards for a belated birthday dinner... So delicious - Wild Salmon, cous cous and mixed vegi's complimented with a very nice Chardonnay and the finished with a cookie dough ice cream cake. They even bought me some urban assault gear... much needed saddle bag with, tubes, levers and CO2! WoW! Thanks Dills People. Then rode back home via the Cherry Creek Trail. I need night glasses! I was getting pelted by bugs and when they hit my eyes it hurt.

Bolder Boulder: I qualified for the A wave for the 3rd year in a row. However, this year was better. I qualified at every distance that I ran... the 5K, the 4 mile, the 10k, the half marathon, the marathon! I have never done that before!

My great friend and fierce competitor, Mark Dillard, is running down the Cold-Facts Avenue with my money! If I could catch him, I'd take it back. Photobucket And Monday's are Ramone's FUN-DAYS and he LOVES YOU VERY MUCH! Photobucket

  • 3h 30m
  • 34.40 miles
  • -----

Urban assault of the Colfax Marathon! Watched Dillard win money!

  • 38m
  • 4.00 miles
  • 09m 30s /Mi

Easy run at night. I was not comfortable at all.

Bike #1
  • 34m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 12.35 Mi/hr

Urban assault miles in the evening.

Bike #2
  • 3h 53m
  • 62.00 miles
  • 15.97 Mi/hr

Rode with Katie to Golden then to Boulder then turned around and took the diagonal towards Broomfield/past the Interlocken and then down Lowell to Highlands and back home. HOT and WINDY. Katie needs to learn to use sunscreen.

  • 58m
  • 6.29 miles
  • 09m 13s /Mi

Easy run with F4 group. Less tightness in my leg than at anytime since the mary, but it does tighten back up after driving.

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