• 2h 52m 18s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 06m 35s /Mi

Colorado Marathon
13th Overall
2nd Age Group
3rd Overall Masters
New PR 2:52:18

NOTE: Garmin distance: 26.37 miles 6:31 pace Garmin Time 2:52:16 so I lost some time in the tunnels and distance but still my Garmin came up with a long course. hmm... also avg HR is super high for the first 3 miles (it always does this) and I'm talking to people... so the HR info for the first part of the race is not accurate.

Mile 1: 6:02 AVG HR 180
Mile 2: 6:23 AVG HR 183
Mile 3: 6:27 AVG HR 180
Mile 4: 6:22 AVG HR 168 ^^^ all of the above HR info is whacked. My Garmin does this, my polar does not. Errr.
Mile 5: 6:23 AVG HR 147 Now it is reading accurately.
Mile 6: 6:19 AVG HR 147
Mile 7: 6:26 AVG HR 149
Mile 8: 6:11 AVG HR 148
Mile 9: 6:18 AVG HR 148
Mile 10: 6:08 AVG HR 151
Mile 11: 6:09 AVG HR 152
Mile 12: 6:07 AVG HR 153
Mile 13: 6:20 AVG HR 150
Mile 14: 6:24 AVG HR 149
Mile 15: 6:25 AVG HR 152
Mile 16: 6:31 AVG HR 154
Mile 17: 6:34 AVG HR 155
Mile 18: 6:40 AVG HR 155
Mile 19: 6:48 AVG HR 156
Mile 20: 6:41 AVG HR 157
Mile 21: 6:44 AVG HR 158
Mile 22: 6:53 AVG HR 160
Mile 23: 6:59 AVG HR 159
Mile 24: 7:01 AVG HR 159
Mile 25: 7:03 AVG HR 161
Mile 26: 7:13 AVG HR 163
Last .38 2:32 AVG HR 166 (6:44 Pace)

Oh Shit! 1:19 am and my ride is 40 minutes away! Here I go...

  • Health data: Sick: 5
  • 2h 00m
  • 17.20 miles
  • -----

Rode my bike on Today's F4 run... in the morning and then some PM urban assault miles.

Hydrating and Glycogen filling today.

REST! I was bad last night and "over-consumed" - S T U P I D
  • 45m
  • 11.00 miles
  • -----

Urban Assault miles... It will be interesting to see how many miles I log each day on my fixie!

  • 1h 07m
  • 8.20 miles
  • 08m 10s /Mi

Ran with my H2C buddy Ted Danielson... More like a 1 on 1 counseling session... :) Him counseling me... so it goes

  • 2h 10m
  • 33.00 miles
  • -----

Something new: Commuting miles on fixed gear bike!

Thank you GWB for your generous stimulus package. Now I have a fixie bike and I will not drive my car in town unless I am transporting
Ramone or stuff I can't carry on my back. I refuse to spend $4/per gallon for your dirty gasoline unless I absolutely have to. Fuck Exxon/Mobile and their massive profits (making more money than any company in the history of humanity)! Trickle down economics are working that's for sure... I just paid $4.59 for a loaf of bread today (no doubt due in part to the cost of filling up a tractor trailer truck: $1200). So up yours Bush and all the saber rattling Republicans who continue to send the poor to war to murder innocent Iraqi people with our "Smart Bombs" paid for with our tax dollars so that the corporate robber barons can continue to get filthy rich while the poor get poorer. Fuck you and your damn combustible engines! Fuck you and leave Iran alone. Bikes Rule... You will burn in the hell you pretend to believe in Bush and Company!

Sorry... I'm in a good mood and I'm really happy. I loved the organic feeling of a fixed gear bike. I hope to get a lot of extra bike mileage in commuting around town. I love it!

  • 49m 35s
  • 6.50 miles
  • 07m 38s /Mi

Ran my Wash Park loop... really warm out today.

My legs were not firing. I started out slow for 2 miles and then tried to do 2 miles at race pace but found it uncomfortable so I backed off and then ran 2.5 easy miles home.

I took the past two days off of running. I can't remember the last time that I have taken two consecutive days off of running. It has been a while. Anyhoo, now I'm sluggish. I feel lazy and I don't really want to go running. I will. I'm not good at tapering. Typically I don't do much of it because its hard to race frequently and taper. This time I think I have done what constitutes a taper as I dropped to 50 something miles 3 weeks out, 40 something miles last week, and I will not hit 30 miles this week... pretty much to the book as I had a lot of quality runs and two races in those taper weeks (well most taper plans don't include all of the cycling that I did). I'm pretty anxious about this marathon on Sunday. My weight is pretty much stable and the same as it was before the CIM in December... I didn't drop the 3 or 4 pounds that I wanted to, but based on my races the past two weeks, my weight shouldn't be an issue. The weather looks like it will be pretty good... in the 30s at the start and probably topping out near 50 by the time I finish. At this point the winds will be coming from the East which means headwinds for 90% of the race. Hopefully they will not reach full force until later in the morning (like after I finish). As far as sub <2:50 goes. I don't know... All of the race predictor charts that I have looked at have me pegged to run in the 2:44-2:49 range. 2:49 is a big step from my current PR of 2:53:38 but I did that with a 3 plus mile bonk at the end of the race(however it was at sea level).... So the only thing left for me to do is rest, hydrate and keep my carb intake at 70% of my daily caloric intake. I can't control the weather but what I do leading up to the race is in my control... 5 days.

  • 1h 55m 45s
  • 37.65 miles
  • 19.52 Mi/hr

Rode out to CCREZ and saw the legendary Mark Dillard running. I didn't recognize him because his legs were freshly shaved and nearly tan...

Detoured to Wash Park to do a few laps and spy the pretty girls. Too crowded to ride safely so I cut it short and went home.

MY HR was jacked again. My Garmin sucks for HR... I get inflated HRs all the time and especially on the bike like today my average HR was 191 with a Max of 253!!! My polar is much better for monitoring HR.

Monday Night at the Fillmore: The Raconteurs! Quite a rock show, bare bones, ear bustin' and worth every one of those 35 dollars for a ticket! Reminded me of Led Zeppelin meets Exile On Main Street era Stones meets something more current... say the White Stipes... Oh yeah, that's the guitar player's other band! The Raconteurs just released their second record, "Consolers of the Lonely" and it is probably the best rock record of 2008. Get it. Haven't seen the sun in weeks My skin is getting pale Haven't got a mind left to speak And I'm skinny as a rail

  • 2h 45m
  • 51.60 miles
  • 18.76 Mi/hr

Denver Triangle. Today I will not talk about the wind.

Ascent: 2136 feet


A review of my season so far: 11 races completed in 2008 1st place overall twice Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series Overall winner I have been in the top 10 overall in every race 1st in age group 6 times 2nd in age group 1 time 3rd in age group 4 times My training has been good but not as good overall as last year. At this point my running and fitness seem to be a notch above last year but mostly do to the increased running. I'm not far behind last year on the bike, but I need to start riding more and with more intensity - last year I was very focused on the bike. And then there is swimming. I have only been to the pool twice so far this year... It is time to make a commitment to swimming so here is my plan for May. On Sunday, May 4th I am running the Colorado Marathon and hoping to finally run a sub 2:50 marathon. I came close in December, but this will be my only marathon besides my Ironman marathon this year so the pressure is on. This marathon is my second most important race of the year (IMAZ being the most important). I really want to get the 250 monkey off my back. In May I will reduce my running mileage considerably. I intend to amp my biking up to at least the levels of last year and I will begin swimming no less than 3 times per week. My first tri is in June so getting in the pool is not an option anymore. Also, I'll start hitting the pond down at Chatfield. I'm very happy with my season so far... last fall I PR'd in the marathon, the half marathon, 4 mile and the 5K... This winter/spring I have PR'd in the half marathon, the 5 mile distance and hopefully the marathon on Sunday. I feel like the 32 races that I have completed over the last 16 months have sharpened my competitive skills and confidence. I'm looking forward to moving into triathlon season and gearing up for my Kona Qualifying attempt at IMAZ in November. With IMAZ partners, Dills and KiloDave pushing me, I think I/we have a real shot! Anyway, this week is all about the marathon. On May 4th I WILL go 2:40 something. I feel good about my training for this race. I overcame a 3 week virus that nested in my chest, a minor knee injury and a minor hip injury. I took a huge risk running hard through this but because I was on a short 8 week plan, I didn't have a choice. Some of those long runs where brutal, but now I'm feeling good and with some rest this week, I should be ready. Highlights of this marathon training cycle: Seven 20 milers (one at 22.5) and two 17.2 mile (5000 feet of climbing) trail runs, 3 Lair o’ the Bear 12 mile trail runs, I have run the first half of the marathon course at close to race pace twice, a PR in the Half Marathon (sub 1:20), I ran an 18:18 5K last weekend in 20 plus mph winds (probably more like a 17:20) and I did the Cherry Creek Sneak 5M in 29:22 as a final tune up yesterday. Oh, my mileage over the last eight weeks went like this: 36 (Half mary recovery week), 48, 67, 61, 75, 74, 53, 45 (and 800 miles of biking). There was a 7 day period where I ran 95 miles during those two 75 mile weeks. Outside of the injuries, and the coughing and hacking of scummy chest phlegm, I had a great cycle.

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