• 1h 15m
  • 8.20 miles
  • 09m 09s /Mi

I felt like dirt. bagged my swim.

  • 1h 13m
  • 20.50 miles
  • 16.85 Mi/hr

Ugh. It has been hot and sunny all day. I get off work and try to ride and storm winds and black clouds surround me from all angles. Somehow I managed to sneak in 20 miles without getting wet, so it ain't all bad!

Run #1
  • 27m 53s
  • 3.72 miles
  • 07m 30s /Mi

Split this run up into two parts. The TT up and then this recovery run down.

I fell and executed the most perfect tuck and roll I don't think it even slowed me down. No scratches, no bumps! Kinda cool!!

Run #2
  • 32m 51s
  • 3.69 miles
  • 08m 54s /Mi

Run TT up Davos Trail.
NEW PR 31:32

I am so pleased. A few weeks ago I TT'd up this hill and ran a PR of 32:18 - so I think my fitness is improving. Looking back at this year, I just wasn't ready for Boston. Since April 20th, my training has been so much better and I'm starting to feel really good! Hopefully at some point in my marathon training for St. George I will crack the 30 minute mark. That would tell me I'm ready!

My average HR on this run was way up there so this was a huge speedwork/race type effort.

I have to load the Garmin later to get the acutal elevation gain but it is about 1500 feet and the actual course is 3.65 miles. I ran from work so there is an extra 1/10 of a mile in my log above.

I'm thinking of racing on Saturday. The Slacker Half Marathon. I ran this race in 2004 and ran a 1:24 or something. I was pretty stoked about it at the time, but since then I have run sub 1:20 so I'm looking to race pretty fast. Primarily though, I need to run downhill fast in preparation for The St. George Marathon in October. Any opportunity to run hard on similar terrain is going to benefit me. Even though this course is a net elevation loss, it can be difficult. It starts at Loveland Ski Area and works its way down to Georgetown. Miles 11 and 12 are very fast and steep. Mile 13 is flat. The last mile of this race is one of the hardest last miles of any race that I have ever done. If any of you are not doing anything, come out and race. It will be fun! low res pic from lake to lake... might buy this one. Photobucket<

  • 1h 39m
  • 31.00 miles
  • 18.79 Mi/hr

pm ride from East Vail Racquet Club to Avon roundabout and back

  • 27m 30s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 06m 53s /Mi

worked on strides per minute

Slept in late. Zev Called and I went to Frisco for a few drinks. I still feel lethargic. I may just work today - hopefully a run/swim. I think I'll leave the bike alone. I have a sunburn from yesterday's ride.

  • 3h 43m
  • 65.10 miles
  • 17.52 Mi/hr

The sun came out and it felt hot... It was also very windy but I'll take summer over dreariness any day!

5,253 feet of ascent
Out to State Bridge and back

  • 1h 04m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 09m 08s /Mi

Trail run
1450ft of ascent

  • 10m
  • 500.00 meters
  • 02m /100 meters

short swim - pool was closing so i had to stop

So, I want to recognize someone who is very dear to me: Lilia Paradis (devotchkatata). Lilia is my ex-wife and the person who pushed me into racing. It was because of her that I started doing marathons in 2003 and triathlons in 2005. Neither of us knew what we were doing back then. Neither of us could swim and in Lilia's case, no bicycling experience. Her early races were very slow on both the bike and the swim and her running in tri's was not that impressive either, still she stuck with the sport. Personally I am very happy with my own development but I am in awe of Lilia's accomplishments. Last year she qualified for and raced The 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater and yesterday at Coeur d' Alene (her 1st full Ironman), she qualified for The Ironman World Championships in Kona! The truth is, I am not surprised. Lilia is an uber-achiever academically and professionally; triathlon is no different. I am moved by her success at Coeur d' Alene and I cannot wait to see how well she does in Hawaii! If any of you are inclined, drop her an inspire and let her know how awesome it is/she is that she KQ'd. Photobucket

  • 2h 39m
  • 45.20 miles
  • 17.06 Mi/hr

Rode up to the top of Vail pass. I felt tired today... the ride back had wicked wind so I bagged my run.
Over 5000 feet of climbing.

Race report is up:

  • 1h 13m 28s
  • 30.00 miles
  • 24.66 Mi/hr

Perhaps my best bike ride in a tri ever. I've had faster average mile per hour times in shorter distances, but this is a challenging course with lots of climbing, some winds and a competitive field. I felt a little tired at first and at the half way point I felt like I might have a slower ride than my last Lake to Lake in 2007. Then as the hills got steeper and I started passing people in my AG with full on aero bikes and helmets, I knew that I was riding well. I crushed the last 10 miles of rollers hovering around 30 mph the whole way. I'm very excited that my old entry level tri bike could compete with the big dogs!


  • 38m 28s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 06m 12s /Mi

PR'd my 10K in a triathlon. Last year I squeaked in under 40 at the Boulder Peak, this year I dropped nearly a minute and a half off my previous best. I was worried because my Garmin didn't operate in Multi-Sport so I was forced to go by MPH and feel (it was in bike mode). I had a side stitch immediately and it stayed with me for the first 4 miles. It wasn't as debilitating as they can be, but it did keep me from really going into overdrive. It was hard to tell if I was going hard enough... I guess I'm relying on my Garmin too much these days. Still, after crushing the bike like I did and then PRing the run, I have no complaints!


  • 30m 20s
  • 1500.00 meters
  • 02m 01s /100 meters

Open water swim at Loveland Lake to Lake race. Decent for me. Wanted to go under 30. Official swim is a bit more, cuz they include the 1/4 mile run to trans in swim time.


Time: 2:26:11 Overall: 26/623 Age Group: 7/78 I had an amazing race today. Last year I would have been in 2nd place in my AG with this time - it keeps getting tougher. I did beat last years 2nd in my AG so that felt good. Unfortunately the 40-44 year old age group was probably the deepest age group. Yeah, I'm thrilled. My run/bike split was awesome and the best in my division. In fact, the 2nd place overall guy only beat me by 17 seconds on the bike and 30 seconds on the run. My swim sucked again, but I have been working hard at getting faster. I will. Also: This is my race marks the completion of my 4th year in triathlon. In 2005 this was my very first tri. I can't believe how far I have come and all after the age of 40. Anyway, here is the link to my race report from that race and below are my official results. Race Report from Loveland Lake to Lake 2005: RICHARD PARADIS #190 DENVER, CO Age: 40 Gender: M 03:06:17 Distance 200K Clock Time 03:06:17 Overall Place 267 / 483 Division Place 36 / 46 Swim 00:49:41 Trans1 00:01:43 Bike 01:32:16 Trans2 00:00:13 Run 00:42:22 Swmrnk 482 Bkrnk 211 Mph 19.1 Rnrnk 51 Pace 00:06:49 Division M40-44

  • 1h 05m
  • 21.10 miles
  • 19.48 Mi/hr

Tried to spin the tired out of my legs.

  • 24m
  • 3.00 miles
  • 08m /Mi

Sluggish run. My feet hurt. I re-did the lacing system on my flats, but it is not comfy. I found some Yankz, I'll try those for my race tomorrow.

Sitting... need to train... sitting... thinking... need to train... here I go!

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