If you look at my bar graph it is flipping me the bird for not training today.
  • 5h 05m
  • 22.00 miles
  • 13m 52s /Mi

trail run
7100 feet of climbing
freezing rain
only 1 goo and less than 10oz of Gatorade
late for work
more later...

OK. I'm showered up now. I've stuffed my head with bananas a cookie a big ol' beer and a huge plate of tofu/vegi stir fry over rice! I still feel pretty worked from my run.

I did this run last fall and did it much faster. Today was a freaking catastrophe. I woke up and looked outside and the sun was shining and it was very warm. I grabbed a small water bottle with yesterday's Gatorade in it and a single Goo. I headed out from Minturn to Two Elk Trail. This is an 11 mile trail to Two Elk lodge and it rises above 11,500 feet. The run started out well and I was mostly just annoyed by how buggy the trail is this year. The rains have really increased the insect count and turned the lower elevations into a rain forest. At about 6 miles into my run the clouds rolled in and almost instantaneously the rain fell; actually it was a monsoon. I knew that in a mile or so I would run into the chair lifts at the bottom of Blue Sky Basin and I could take cover there. I did and after about 10 minutes a maintenance guy came by. He opened the lift operator's shed and turned the heat on for me and I dried out. The rains stopped and I thought about heading back, but I wanted to get 20 in so I marched on. For a while it was incredible. So peaceful and quiet... after I got above 10,000 feet I felt great. The wildflowers were everywhere and so colorful! There was less bugs now and although the sky was dark all around, it wasn't raining. The trail switchbacks its way to the cliffs above Two Elk Lodge. I made it to them (11,500 feet and 12 miles into the run) and it started to dump hail. I ran to the lodge and huddled by the front door awning and waited for the hail to stop. It did but the rain was steady and very cold. I ran a few miles to the top of Mid Mountain and I was absolutely freezing. The rain was flying horizontally through the air and I was thirsty and beginning to feel hungry too. By this time I'm 3 1/2 hours into the run. I find a chair lift to shelter myself but I can't stop shaking and the sky is black in all directions. The temperature is 40 degrees but the wind makes it feel colder. I decide that I should run to Eagles Nest a few miles away and take the gondola down to Lionshead, so I head that way. I was worried about being late for work and changed my plan and decided not to go to Eagles Nest but instead take The Grand Traverse around Ptarmigan and head towards Lionshead Rock and then make my way back home to Minturn. I was miserable. I just wanted this run to be over. Finally I started my descent... it was slow. I was trying to run but I noticed that my pace was as slow going down as it usually is going up. My joints hurt, my feet were soaked and sore and I couldn't get warm. I was so happy to see my house! A tough day.

  • 4h 44m
  • 102.00 miles
  • 21.55 Mi/hr

Colorado-Eagle River Ride.
6952 feet of climbing.
Gorgeous century course. Starts in Avon and heads west on HWY 6 to Wolcott where it climbs and descends past State Bridge Lodge (This is the road to Steamboat) and you continue on until a you pass a little town called Bond. Lots of rollers along he way. After Bond you get on a dirt road all the way to Dotsero (About 20 miles of dirt). Back up the frontage road to Avon.

I felt strong the whole way.

  • 1h 01m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 08m 43s /Mi


About 900 feet of ascent.

Warm out there today.

day off - tired
  • 2h 09m
  • 35.00 miles
  • 16.28 Mi/hr

From Minturn to the Cul d' Sac on Vail Pass.

3000 feet of ascent

  • 38m
  • 4.00 miles
  • 09m 30s /Mi

taril run

Bike #1
  • 20m
  • 4.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Warm up and ride down Davos

Bike #2
  • 20m 06s
  • 3.65 miles
  • 10.47 Mi/hr

Davos Hill Climb MTN Bike Time Trial.

1st Place (CAT3)... more soon.
I won by 1 second. I heard number 2 belly-aching at the results board,"That dude must have been expert" blah, blah, blah. Little does he know that this was my first mtn bike race. I didn't hurt him in the overall, he is in the series lead on points by a long way. Funny!

Even though Pro's and Experts started over a minute ahead of me, I caught many of them.

Bike #3
  • 1h 44m
  • 30.10 miles
  • 17.37 Mi/hr

Warm up ride for Davos. 2000 feet of climbing

  • 1h 18m
  • 25.00 miles
  • 19.23 Mi/hr

Down valley and back. Snuck that in late before dark.

  • 2h 05m
  • 12.00 miles
  • 10m 25s /Mi

about 3000 feet of climbing

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