The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 1h 23m 07s
  • 4260.00 yards
  • 01m 57s /100 yards

See race report. Lake was still rough but much calmer than yesterday

  • 6h 14m 12s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 17.96 Mi/hr

See race report. The wind and road conditions were tough and my headset rotated a bit. My back and neck really hurt at the end.

  • 4h 59m 21s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 11m 26s /Mi

See race report. Fought hard and got thru the hardest part and actual had that Ironman moment. The end was great was really cool.

12:54:21 PR. 184 OA/151 male/ 31 M40-44

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 10 Overall Workout: 3
  • 30m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

Made it to Cedar Point late Friday. Got up early for the practice swim and sprayed Tri-Slide on alot of folks and then got in. THe lake was evil rough. Didn't feel like I was making any progress on the way out. Tried to swim parrallel to the wave and target the red bouy (the one that wasn't on it's way to Canada) and then got pushed way down beach on the way back. Very tough swim. Then I hung out at the Trakker booth and talked to the Robert from First Endurance for about a half hour. Hung out until about 2pm. Then got my stuff together and brought my bike and bags to Transition, listened to the athlete's meeting. And then went to bed.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 3
Was going to head out to Cedar Point today, but work and my PI&R report got in the way. Had planned to get an oil change and rotate the tires and get a hair cut but instead I got to hang out at the office and wait for my bosses to give my their latest round of edits. Fun. So I got to push back my plans. Still need to do the Oil Change in the morning but the rest seems to be out of the equation. Oh well hopefully I'll get up to Cedar Point at a decent hour and get to ride the coasters.
  • 47m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 09m 24s /Mi

Almost a normal day today. Don't think I'll be hitting the road early on Thursday as planned but my report is in pretty good shape and all, so I got outside at about the normal and had a very lathargic run doing aNew Prince Fredrick in the easy direction. Legs just felt heavy today, Might do a light spin tonight, but we'll see.

  • 40m
  • 14.34 miles
  • 21.51 Mi/hr

Came home and had to find a place to give Adrian a Sport Physical for school sports, so we ended up having Sonics for dinner not exactly best pre Ironman meal. Decided to do a short ride today since I hopefully will be heading out. Did 20 min at an easy pace 18-20 mph then the final 20 min hard 23-25 mph. Good hard short effort. Felt pretty good.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 2
  • 44m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 08m 48s /Mi

Worked on Rev 1 of my PI&R report all morning and then ran out the door literally to burn off some steam. Very theriputic. Tried to run nice and easy and mellowed myself out nicely to let me me incredibly tactful this afternoon. Good run.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 6 Overall Workout: 3
  • 50m
  • 19.25 miles
  • 23.10 Mi/hr

Got the old road bike on the trainer as my Kestral is ready to make the trip to Cedar Point. Rode a high tempo 50 min after getting bounced from my poker game in the first round. No IPOD just my PI&R report to read. Good solid ride.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 9 Overall Workout: 3

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