Run #1
  • 45m
  • 2.96 miles
  • 15m 12s /Mi

Brisk walked during Wellness Wednesday. I hope some runners join us soon...

Run #2
  • 41m 04s
  • 4.30 miles
  • 09m 33s /Mi

Speedy run home from high school to the park to meet the ladies for Wellness Wednesday!

  • 53m 14s
  • 5.20 miles
  • 10m 14s /Mi

Ran with the Wil E Coyote this morning. It's his second run and he did pretty well. He did lunge at three dogs on the route (behind fences) so we're working on that. Otherwise he runs ahead or beside me, no lagging. I still want to run with Dash, but he just doesn't seem to enjoy it. Maybe he would if he ran WITH Wiley.

Run #1
  • 30m
  • 1.82 miles
  • 13m 44s /Mi

First night of my new 5k class. Everything went really well! I have 11 people this time (a few more said they were coming, but didn't). It was POURING down rain, so I'm sure that kept some people away.

Run #2
  • 56m 11s
  • 5.03 miles
  • 11m 10s /Mi

Seriously I can run faster, but when you have a 70 pound weight holding you back, it's a challenge! I got my dog harness out this morning (I use a hands free system to run with the dogs) and was going to take Wil E, but Dash got all "Oh no you didn't. That's MY job! I'm the running dog!" So I said, "yeah, like you even LIKE running" and he said "Oh Baby, I will run your ass off ANY day better than that sorry excuse for a canine over there!" So I said, "Oh yeah, prove it!" He did that little head bob thing and we headed out.

He was fine for about half a mile and then he's like, "Okay be0tch, I am SO over this shite." and I'm like "What? No way, Dude. You're the one who wanted to come." and he's like "Uh uh. This crap is for the birds." and I'm like "pick up the pace weenus!" so we stopped talking after awhile.

About two miles in we saw the girls coming up behind us so he gets ALL paranoid that we're being chased and picks up the pace, which was quite pleasant because NOW I can actually run. But then we kept looking back like he was being chased, so they went ahead of his and we talked and ran for awhile. When they turned off into the Y, he kept going so I figured we had another two miles in us.

He did pretty well until we hit our street and went past the house. I have explained to him MANY times that I do NOT shorten my runs. If I'm close to a mile marker, we MUST go to that mile. I can't just do 4.75 miles. It simply does not compute! So the last four miles was all "Uh uh" and "Uh huh!" and "This sucks!" and "Shut up and run!"

I think I'll take Wil E next time. He's never called me a Be0tch.

  • 1h 36m
  • 9.10 miles
  • 10m 33s /Mi

Got up and didn't know how far I wanted to run, just knew I wanted to do something. We ran to Sbux and had breakfast. Then decided to run out and head towards the casino. Ran a total of nine miles. The first three miles sucked, but after eating and my back settling down, I had a great last six miles. Roy biked with me. It was cold, but pleasant and it did start to warm up slightly after awhile.

Went to see a movie with Roy and then we celebrated his birthday. I made filet mignon, corn, baked potato, and zucchini. We split a killer brownie instead of cake, and the three mutts had milk bones.

Good day!

First 5k class is tomorrow night.

  • 2h 06m
  • 7.75 miles
  • 16m 16s /Mi

Brisk walk all around Lake Sammamish with Patty. She just moved her from Washington DC and is loving our area so far. I was supposed to meet someone for a free fitness consultation, but she didn't show up. I might have to consider requiring a $10 deposit that can be applied to a service because this is the second time I've had to drive to Seattle for a consultation that has either been canceled last minute, or is a no show. I did talk with her online, though, and I think she just got a little scared. No biggie, but I'd rather have been home with my honey and my dogs than sitting in Starbucks waiting for someone to show. (Plus I had to pay for parking!)

I wrote my race report!

  • 48m 28s
  • 4.35 miles
  • 11m 08s /Mi

Ran with Wiley for the first time. He did REALLY well! Stayed with me, or just ahead. He only pulled a few times to see other dogs, but I think I can train him out of that pretty quickly. He got to see some kids, although when a bunch of them wanted to pet him all at once he yipped.

Slowed down at the end to take a phone call, otherwise the pace wasn't FAST, but it was fine.

  • 45m 25s
  • 4.07 miles
  • 11m 10s /Mi

Slow jog with Linda. Legs were a little more tired today, but no real pain. I stopped at 4 because I could feel my knees tweaking.

Race report pending!

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