• 57m 22s
  • 5.43 miles
  • 10m 34s /Mi

Oh why am I so slow?
I tell my legs to go.
I wanna be fast.
'twould be a blast.
But they just holler, "NO!"

  • 55m
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 02m 37s /100 yards

You know, some people can use pool etiquette. I don't blame them because they don't KNOW the etiquette. It should be required reading before lap swims, though. At the pool I swim in, there are no lane separators so you choose a lane by stripe. Generally people have no issues with this. You swim in the lane you're in. Today a guy I called "Brown flowers" because he had on brown, flowered trunks, kept getting in my lane. It wasn't "sharing" my lane, it was STANDING in my lane. He was obviously a new swimmer, out of shape, so he'd do a length at a time. No problem. Not the most graceful guy in the world, but then I used to appear to be having a stroke so I'm not talking. But Dude, you can SEE me swimming. WHY are you right where I'm going to turn around? Seriously! Every time he'd be down at the shallow end, I'd be swimming along and he'd be standing ON the line, a little to his right, so that I had to either turn before hitting the end, or turn at the corner (I was in the far west lane). Very frustrating.

Then another guy, "Blue Flowers" cuts right in front of me while swimming, so he can climb out. Do you just walk into traffic when crossing the street, or did you think "I bet that lady would like my blue flowered ass in her face as she swims by. Who am I to not oblige a lady?"


If you're in the lane two, you do NOT stand in lane one to rest.

If you are not circle swimming, stay on your side.

If you need to cross an active lane, wait for the person to swim PAST you before you cross, don't try to play swim chicken with them because you're walking with more resistance against you than they have. You may not get past them in time, and it's not fair to require them to slow down for you.

Nobody wants your ass in their face. Ever. Well, at least not at the pool.

  • 40m
  • 3.10 miles
  • 12m 54s /Mi

Ran 2 miles, walked one. Met a client for an initial consultation, fitness evaluation, and to demonstrate some of the workout moves I've assigned to her. We parked at a coffee shop and talked, then walked to her house which was VERY cool. Nothing like a little exercise before your exercise!

I love being a personal trainer. It's so neat to see people excited about fitness!

  • Crossfit
  • 40m

  • 1h 22m 51s
  • 5.50 miles
  • 15m 04s /Mi

Two runs/walks actually. First was a two miler to Lisa's house. Then the second was run/walk with our Wellness Wednesday group. Good times! I sure enjoyed chatting with everyone, and it makes me feel good to provide an opportunity for people to get together and do healthy stuff.

  • 54m 23s
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 02m 35s /100 yards

Run #1
  • 41m 02s
  • 4.10 miles
  • 10m 01s /Mi

Beautiful morning run! It was warmish and clear at the same time. I miss summer, but I love Fall.

Run #2
  • 53m 02s
  • 4.90 miles
  • 10m 49s /Mi

Ran with Linda and Julie around South Everett. Nice day!

  • 54m 23s
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 02m 35s /100 yards

Lovely swim! Did a few drills then swam and sang and sang and swam.

  • 1h 14m 55s
  • 16.44 miles
  • 13.17 Mi/hr

Okay I was zipping along NICELY until I got a flat! But oh well. It was less than a mile from home. My valve just went PSSSSSSSSSsssssSSSSSS! Tried to pump it up just to get me home, but that made it worse.

Other than that, it was a great ride. Was going to ride TO work, but then it was 45 and dark and I don't have the best lights. Couldn't see going across 529 in the dark. SCAWY!

  • 1h 24m
  • 19.68 miles
  • 14.06 Mi/hr

Great day for a ride! We rode out to Costco and picked up a few things, then rode back. It was a GREAT ride. Beautiful, flat, awesome.

  • 1h 00m 48s
  • 6.00 miles
  • 10m 08s /Mi

  • 2h 07m
  • 12.20 miles
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