• 1h 17m 02s
  • 16.83 miles
  • 13.11 Mi/hr

Really had a LOT of headwind today on this ride, and I can see it in my pace! When I started it was sunny. I had decided to go ahead with three layers and my sleeves (running top, vest, and my bright yellow thingy). I figured I'd go to Great Harvest (Tuesday is low-carb day, and they have a low-carb cheddar garlic bread that is to DIE for and only 70 calories a slice) and if I was too warm, I'd strip a layer. Nope! It was sunny, but almost as soon as I got on the interurban trail the freezing rain started. I passed under the storm (fortunately it was going South and I was going North) in about 20 minutes and then the winds came! BRRRRRR!!!

Overall a nice ride, though. I'm considering starting to bike to and from at least once a week for the rest of the year. There's only 7 weeks of school left! (THERE'S ONLY SEVEN WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • 1h 03m
  • 6.07 miles
  • 10m 23s /Mi

Didn't break any land speed records, but oh well. It was a chilly, but pretty morning. I'm amazed at how early it is getting light out! Soon I will have no excuse to not ride my bike to work! I do enjoy the early morning runs. The world looks so different. I just wish there wasn't so much traffic. I want to be alone in my head and sometimes it feels like I'm being invaded.

Bad pain in my side where my mesh is attached. I'll be glad when this is entirely healed.

Riding my bike home after work today. Let's hope this weather holds out. But if it doesn't, oh well. I can manage. It certainly can't be worse than a few weeks ago!

Today's blessings:

  1. Mt. Pilchuck with an incredible STORM over it. It looked amazing.
  2. Kitty ran across my path. Not black. No worries.
  3. At a stop light a guy in a truck next to me gave me a big smile and said, "HI! How are you today?" Nice weather makes people friendly. I like that.
  4. Another day of not being called a whore!
  5. THERE ARE ONLY SEVEN WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1h 20m 32s
  • 8.07 miles
  • 09m 59s /Mi

Just a lovely run! Man I just love this weather when the sun comes out and surprises us. I actually ran in a tank top and running skirt (pink, TYVM). Roy has rehearsal tonight so he joined me on his bike and we chatted while I ran. I love running with him, but it's easier when he's on his bike since I'm a faster runner. (It's amusing that I am both a much faster runner and faster cyclist than he is. Good thing he doesn't have TOO fragile a male ego!) I told him that I'd treat him to dinner so we stopped at mile 5.5 and I had some cold spring rolls and a croissant. He had to get to work so he took off on his bike after dinner, and I just enjoyed the last 2.5 miles home listening to a podcast.

  • 59m 35s
  • 2500.00 yards
  • 02m 23s /100 yards

Today's Drills:

Repeat 4x
100 Freestyle

Repeat 6x
1 x 25 Dolphin Kick
1 x 25 One armed drill
1 x 25 Streamline drill
1 x 25 Kick drill

Repeat 2x
1 x 100 Catch up drill

4 x 100 2:40 Freestyle

4 x 100 2:35 Freestyle (argh)

4 x 50 1:20 Freestyle (argh again)

6 x 50

Today's Blessings:

  • Sun when rain was in the forecast
  • Pink running skirt
  • A sweet little Western Fence Lizard who was hanging out on the trail and let (ahem) me pick him up and say hello to him.
  • The squirrel outside my window trying with all his might to get to the suet in the bird feeder. I love their fuzzy little bellies!
  • The scent of hyacinths on the air
  • I realized as I ran past some Scotch Broom today that I am no longer allergic! I used to have to close air vents in the car every time I passed a big patch on the freeway! Not any more.

  • -----
  • 7.66 miles
  • -----

Not putting in the speed because it was a Street Scramble, which is a lot of stopping and starting and the pacing is never accurate. But it was butt in the seat time, so I count the mileage (even if it is pathetic).

Scramble was fun, though. Man oh man we need to get my man a new bike! First it's slipping its chain CONSTANTLY (I think it's more how he shifts than the bike itself). Then he can't keep up with me for anything, even with my bone tired legs today! If we're doing STP this year, I may have to get a tow rope!

  • Orienteering
  • 1h 25m

Got home and gardened for almost three hours. Mah beds look bettah! Even got a chat in with Crazy Neighbor! She's a nice NICE lady, but just a little odd. I the kettle? Damn...

I am NOT happy with my weight right now. Can't figure it out. Eating at a calorie deficit that should see me losing. Well, yes, I did lose .2 lbs this week, but let's not alert the media. I know that is like that size 0 friend who used to say to you, "Do I look fat?" (Her name was Debbie and no Debbie, you look perfect, so STFU.) But it's bothersome only because I don't know WHY all of a sudden I gained weight when the only thing that changed was starting triathlon training. More bike time. Could bigger quads seriously add that kind of weight? (2.6 lbs)

Oh dear, it appears I have sustained a "serious gardening injury" so I should take care of that. Damn roses! Damn thorns! (Prize to the first person to get that obscure Broadway musical made into movie reference.)

  • 4h 03m 22s
  • 53.15 miles
  • 13.10 Mi/hr

One of my greatest fears on one of the weekend group rides is that I will get lost.

So this morning we head for Seattle. I was feeling pretty good up until about 15 minutes before time to leave when I started getting nervous, "What if I get lost?" For some reason I don't worry much any more about crashing. But lost scares me. I couldn't navigate my way out of a wet paper bag at the bottom of a river. So by the time I get there I'm literally shaking. I must stop this WEENIENESS! Run to the restroom, feel a bit better, and on the way back and find a green plastic ant. He promises to be my navigator, so I say he can come with me. Everyone is about to go, so I throw on my helmet and like a dolt, can't get it clipped so ask Roy to, then realize that everyone must think I'm a helpless idiot because I have to have my HUSBAND there every week helping me. And now, he's clipping my helmet like I'm a five year old. (But you know what, he calms me and I love that he wants to come with me.)

So we head out for the Lake Washington Loop. Things are going really well for the first 14 miles. I got passed a lot, but I'm all about the pacing. Last ride all those who passed me were exhausted by the end of the ride, and I passed them coming in well before them. So I let them pass me and hang back with Eugene knowing that I work best when I ride steady. We stop at Logboom Park. Half the group keeps going, half goes to the restroom. I don't need to use the restroom, I just need to take off my headband because it's pushing on my glasses, which are pushing on the bridge of my bruised nose. So Eugene says, "If you hurry, you can catch them."

So I zip off and see them ahead. They cross 68th and I get left at the light. No biggie. I know the trail. I cross and eventually catch up to them...only it's NOT THEM! It's ANOTHER group! OH SHIT! I look down at my map "Turn right on 68th". Oh shit! I start to panic a little, but realize it isn't like I don't know where I am and I have the map so I can just catch up.

I head back to 68th, pause to check the map again, and figure at this point I'm about three miles behind. Problem is, since now I have to check the map often, I know I'll end up slower. I just hope someone will realize I'm not with them and come back for me. Even though I have the map, I really REALLY have a fear of getting lost and I was about to head into an area I've only been once before.

So I head up up up Juanita...which is just one long damn hill, or damn long's a hill. It's actually not a bad hill, it's just a LONG hill. Fortunately what goes up...So down was great and I was able to really pick up the pace because it was that perfect "downness" where I could switch into the big ring and put some power into it and get some great speed. I was feeling all She-Rah at that point. I hadn't gotten lost (yet) and I was going fast and feeling good, and was sure I'd see Eugene ANY minute coming to sweep me up.

Things went pretty well. I passed into Kirkland, enjoying the beautiful spring smells and weather. I stopped at a park to use the restroom and called Roy to let him know I had lost the group, but so far I was fine and was just enjoying the ride.

Sailed into Bellevue feeling all Magellenish as I passed Lexuseses and BMWs with my Schwinn. (Yeah, she's a Schwinn...wanna make something of it?) On the route was "Turn left at 2nd Street" but the 2 had been crossed out and replaced with a 4, so I crossed left at 4th street, turn right at 114th...uh wait. This isn't 114th, this is 116th. Hmmm...okay no way I missed 114th because I just crossed over 405, and there was only turn at 116th or buy a car. I didn't want to buy a car, so I turned at 116th. (There was a car dealership, so it was turn or go into the dealership.) Okay I do NOT know this area unless I wanted to get onto 405, which Dulcy said was a "no go" (weenie). So here is where I panicked. I consulted Navigator Ant and he just shrugged all four shoulders and gave me a dumb look. I rode back and forth on 116th and realized nope, I had no idea where I was. I called Roy and as soon as I heard his voice I started to cry. I was so upset I told him I was in Renton and he was going to try to come find me and help me get back on track. I drove back to 4th street and stood in the middle of an island thingy and thought, "Okay...where would make sense? That doesn't make sense. This side of the freeway does..." Then I had a novel idea, call Cheryl! DUH!!

So I called her and she felt REALLY bad, told me that I was supposed go to down 2nd, that she'd second guessed herself. OKAY! WHEW! No one had come back to get me because they thought I'd gone ahead with Jennifer. Nope! I'd stayed behind with Navigator Ant who is just plain worthless if you ask me, but I tried not to let on. He can be sensitive.

So back in bidness and ain't it grand? I actually didn't do too badly the rest of the way. I recognized the route for most of it, and when I didn't I stopped and checked the route map. Got turned around in a few places...but no biggie.

All in all I was REALLY proud that I only had a minor freak out and that I did NOT have Roy come get me. (I had told him if I was able to find the route I'd not call him again.)

At one point I said to myself, "Okay, now you've faced your biggest fear. You got lost and you did okay, so now you can STOP WORRYING about that!"

I think the route must not have been a full 50 miles because I calculated that I'd gone off route a total of 5 miles, but ended up with only 53. (Ha! ONLY 53!) I'm thinking that next weekend I might do the same route again. I actually really like the route and would love take Roy on it.

Of course when I got back everyone was gone, except Cheryl and Eugene. I know they felt bad so I just made light of it. It happens. I will say, though, if she emails me I'm going to request that I please get a route in advance. That's why I need one. I don't know the areas we bike in very well...I live 50 miles NORTH! I had the route two weeks ago and felt so much calmer about the ride because I had mapped it out and uploaded it into my Garmin. I know many of the other cyclists are either from the area, or had done the routes last year. I don't think that's an unreasonable request, but I got the idea last time she she did not want to give them out.

All's well that ends well, though! I made it back, we ran into Starbucks for a sandwich and made it right on time to see Alysha's play (one of Roy's former students). I had a VERY hard time staying awake during it, though. (I've seen this play MANY times before, and was even in the play in high Roy directed it a few years ago.) I was just beat!

  • 24m 16s
  • 2.55 miles
  • 09m 31s /Mi

Since I got back so much later than everyone else, I decided to wait to run later in the day. Sure I could have NOT run, but I was about 2.5 miles from making 50 miles this week and well...

So Roy and I had dinner at Thai place. He does NOT like to try new foods, but he said I could pick and I'd eaten there a few weeks ago. So I had a thai basil stir fry, heat=4, and about a cup and a half of rice. He suggested the easiest way to get my run in was just to run home. I wasn't sure if I should run with Thai in my tummy, but I also knew once I got home it would be easy to not go for a I did. I am probably the only one I know who could eat Thai food, complete with the hottest of the hot peppers, and then go for a run within 20 minutes of finishing.

Woo hoo! I have officially passed my bike mileage from last year, today! That's amazing!

  • 1h 24m
  • 8.72 miles
  • 09m 38s /Mi

  • 39m 35s
  • 4.30 miles
  • 09m 13s /Mi

Fall down, go boom.

Ouch. This time hit chin, nose ("oh! My NOSE!"), hands, and right knee.

Good speedwork, though. Really got some good miles in. I have evening interviews that start right now, so I decided to do Fartleks between the time I'm off and the time I had to be back (less than a freaking HOUR). As I was running out of the park I caught my foot on a speed bump and whammo, right down on my face.

I make the Jimmy Durante nose look GOOD!

  • 1h 10m 56s
  • 2400.00 yards
  • 02m 58s /100 yards

1. I hate kick drills. I feel like I am BARELY moving. Did them with fins, but was getting blisters, so took the fins off.
2. I need to learn to kick.
3. The water aerobics chick took the third lane down 15 min before WA started. I think I'm going to write a complaint. Lap swim is 5 to 6, not 5 to 5:45. It's getting earlier every day. (Plus they don't open the doors until 5 anyhow, so you can't REALLY get into the pool until 5:05.
4. My other drills went REALLY well. Not as good as Tuesday, but not as rested as Tuesday either. Did 100 2:40 drills (leave every 2:40) and got at least a 30 sec rest each time. Did four then went down to 2:35.
5. There needs to be lap swim etiquette posted. Dude got in the lane at the wrong end, started swimming, then stood up when he saw me finish a drill and TOLD me to swim in a specific lane. Um, I like to be asked and deferred to since I was using the lane first.
6. Dude couldn't swim either so I was getting kicked and hit a lot or sucked into the vortex of his floundering. Figured it was kind of like Danskin, so good practice.
7. Saw Terry S, a former teacher of mine, naked in the locker room. I am really thrilled that you're all "If you've got it, flaunt it" about your body...but you ain't got it, so please don't flaunt it. She looks like a naked weeble with pubes.
8. Barbie Fry-Hair was also there flaunting it. Now she DOES have it, but still. There are three empty shower stalls. Why do you feel the need to soap up in public? I think that's just strange. Plus the girl SERIOUSLY needs some deep conditioner and to fire her colorist. Remember those Barbie Dolls that you could get a "curling iron" with that had little pieces of wire in their hair? Yeah. Like that. Oh, and I'd like to offer one piece of advice to tanning bed users; don't bend over in the's like a reflective strip.
9. I'd kill to have a body like that.

10. Came out to the parking lot, someone was parked so close to me I couldn't get in, and I was in the far right of my spot. Grrr. Thought, "I bet that's Terry S' car" and sho-nuff! She came out (blessedly clothed) and it was. She's one of these people who would never stop to consider, "Oh wow. I'm really close to that car. I'd better re-park so that person can use her driver's side door."

11. Finally got in my car, put her in reverse and a big landscaping truck stopped RIGHT behind me.

12. Hello. My name is Tory. I am Karma's Butt Monkey. Nice to meet you!

  • 1h 07m 13s
  • 16.00 miles
  • 14.28 Mi/hr

Of course the minute I get down the road it starts to rain. But oh well! It was a semi nice ride. Rode out to the Arlington Airport. There are a few pretty spots. I'm trying to figure out how to get to the Centennial Trail by bike. Didn't make it today as I had to turn around at 8 miles to get home on time.

The sun did come out at one point and I saw a beautiful rainbow.

  • 1h 02m
  • 6.10 miles
  • 10m 10s /Mi

Cold and rainy this morning. Better than cold and icy, I guess! I should have worn gloves, though. My hands were handsicles by the time I finished my run! I am loving that I finish in the LIGHT, though! I considering going and running with Teresa and Joyce, but they're doing hills and I plan to do speed work tomorrow, and that might be a bit much.

I have decided to do Couer d'Alene Marathon. Yay! It'll be a "training run". Last year, though, when I did Eugene as a training run I actually hit a PR, so I might just see if I can run straight through. I'll try to find someone my pace to talk to. I wonder if they have pace groups? Grandma's isn't my "A" race because I'll be running with my sister, who is slower than I am. I always figure you "just do it" when you're running with another. Don't set goals, and just have fun being with that person.

Gotta love our weather...Sunday ran in snow, yesterday ran in gorgeous sun, today ran in murky rain. Awwww Washington State!

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