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Walked the last 3/4 mile. Actually, just ran four miles but was listening to a podcast and enjoying the weather (although it was kind of rainy) so I decided to take another walk around the block. Slow run, regardless. Knees are hurting from yesterday.

  • 1h 10m
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  • 02m 48s /100 yards

Lots of drills!

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What fun! Today was Beat the Bridge. I've been sick so I wasn't sure how I'd do. Plus my knees are a little whiney right now. They have a marathon next weekend, so I keep telling them to STFU. Anyhow, the race went REALLY well. I'm kind of amazed. I started out feeling slow, but hit mile 1 and looked down at my Garmin: 8:34! Whoa! Okay, I asked myself "Can you keep this up for about 30 minutes?" I thought I could so I kept going at the same pace. I did slow during mile two (probably due to hills and lots of turns), and hit 8:50, but was feeling good. Mile three was 8:33 and mile four 8:03 (!!). Mile 5 (it was almost 5 miles) was a 7:52 average! That is AMAZING for me, particularly this close to a marathon after a really long bike ride on Friday.

Roy beat the bridge too, and then whined that his knees hurt. I told him it was because he's not training properly. He said "I just ran the St. Paddy's Day Dash!" I reminded him that running once every two months would not be considered "training properly." LOL! I love my honey... He was hoping that maybe, since we're married, my fitness could benefit BOTH of us. I told him it doesn't work that way.

Great race! Very well organized. I saw Jenny, but was having tummy issues at the time (for some reason) so I hope she didn't think I was being rude. Fortunately the tummy issues abated about 1/4 mile into the race.

  • Kayaking
  • 1h 05m

After the race we zipped over to Target and picked up a pump to pump up our kayak. We got a Stearns inflatable. I had my doubts, but I loved it! We took the kayak to Greenlake for our first time in it and had a great time. We tooled around the lake for an hour. Saw lots of jumping fish, water fowl, and some turtles. Roy was a little uncomfortable because we think we didn't pump it up quite enough. We'll work it out, though. It was just such a GREAT day! I am loving this summer weather.


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  • 09m 57s /Mi

Wow, I am literally "can't keep my eyes open" tired. I think it's the heat but I am NOT complaining!

Had a marvy day, heading to Roy's parents' house in a bit for a family BBQ that was planned two days ago. Grrrr. I don't mind if we don't have plans, and our plans today were early enough so it's not a big deal. We'll never change them. Plus I get to the the New Baby (tm). I haven't seen the New Baby (tm) yet because I've been sick since the day she was born. I hear Karla (Roy's sis) is having problems with her not feeding, etc. Sounds like typical stuff, but it's not typical to you when it's your first.

Met my tri group LATE at the lake. The freeway was supposed to open at 7 a.m. but didn't so we left early but got there late. I wasn't swimming, though, so no biggie. When they finished I ran with a group of women and lost all but one, so we ran 10 miles on our own, getting lost twice. I know, "YOU? You got lost? That's SO unlike you!" They don't call me Wrong Way Torrigan for nothing.

Then we took the dogs to dog park and watched them have SO much fun. I just enjoy the look on their faces when they realize where we are going. It's good for them to get out and just run. Poor Maddie had to be on a leash most of the time because of her hips, but she did get to run at the lake. I just coaxed her into the water, which wasn't hard since it's in the mid=80s out there. Figured that slowed her down and relieved the swelling enough.

Today felt just like a summer day and I loved it!

WTF on the weight?

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  • 12.58 Mi/hr

What fun!

Today was Bike to Work day, so I decided to, you guessed it, bike to work. I've never biked to work in the morning so I was a little nervous about being late. But not so nervous that I left before the park had their freebies (open at 6). Roy and I biked over to Comford Park and picked up a free scone, water bottle, and some other schwag. I made it just maybe 4 minutes late. I did the short hilly route, which is 13 miles. Usually I do the 16 mile long flatter route when I ride home.

During the day Roy and I both emailed each other, at the same time, asking if we wanted to meet for dinner. He'd bike out to me. So we agreed (after jinxing) that we'd bike out to Alderwood Mall and meet. I'm thinking that would be about a 20 mile, total, round trip. Why? Because I am stupid.

I beat him out there by a few minutes (he stopped home to feed the dogs), and we sat in the GLORIOUS sun for a little while drinking iced coffee, then went over and had dinner at Panera. After farting about a bit, we headed home. It was a great ride, although my knees both started to bother me on the way home. At least it was both knees and not just one.

As soon as I got in I iced them both really well, hoping that it wouldn't be an issue. I have a marathon in a week. My plan to ride home from Greenlake tomorrow was canceled after I saw the total on my Garmin. Funny thing is, Roy didn't know the mileage and didn't complain at all. When we did almost the same mileage a few weeks back he acted like he was being led to slaughter.

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  • 10m 11s /Mi

Hot hot hot!!!

Beautiful SUNNY HOT run from work to the mall to meet Roy. So since we agreed to meet at the mall, why was he waiting for me in Best Buy? Inquiring minds want to know!

Good run, though, even with the long run yesterday. Loved the weather...every second of it. Listened to my new dorky favorite "We Love to Mambo" album. Great running music.

Met at the mall then went to Cheesecake Factory then to the Kids in the Hall Concert...OMG they are SO freaking funny and so freaking OLD! Okay, not really old, but you know how time flies when you're watching syndicated shows with Canadian comedy troupes? Yeah, well when the hell did almost 20 years fly by? They still have it, though.

I love telling people at work what I do on the weekends and evenings. I swear they all curl up in a filing cabinet with only this week's "Dancing with the Stars" and that's it.

"Kids in the Hall...they're a comedy troupe."


"Okay, um. Did you ever watch Newsradio? Dave Foley was on Newsradio."

"Newsradio? I listen to..."

"No, no. It was a TV show. Quite popular."


"Okay, how about, oh I know. Did you see "A Bug's Life?"

"That movie about bugs?"

"No, the one about Moose...yes, the movie about bugs."

"Yeah, I think I took my niece."

"Okay, remember Flik?"

"Flik? Who was Flik?"

"The Ant"

", I don't remember an ant."

"Okay, he was only the pivotal lead character, but well um...nevermind. Anyhow, they are this really funny comedy troupe and well...we're going to see them."

"Oh. Well have fun."

"You can go back to sleep now."


So we had an awesome time. They were hilarious as I remember them, and now I must go to bed.

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Dang! My pace FELT faster. But I did stop to walk for awhile when Roy and I missed each other. I love my husband, but sometimes... He was supposed to meet me on his bike. So I gave him my route and told him exactly what street I'd be on. So what does he do? He takes ANOTHER street then can't figure out how he missed me. So I call him because I'm wondering if we missed each other and I'm going to head into a restroom at a park. So he tells me he's way past me, I tell him "I took Colby, I'm now at Legion Park. It won't take long for you to get here."

I run back towards the direction I THINK he's coming, call him. No answer. Call him again, no answer. I start walking back towards the park. He calls. "Where are you?" "I'm on Walnut..." "What are you doing on Walnut that's the other side of town?"

That man!

We did finally meet up for the last five miles, but he had to have gone about 8 miles out of his way. Dork!

Probably the strongest long run I've had in a long time. Finished at home at mile 15, but decided to add an extra mile. I've decided I think I want to keep running at least one 15 miler per week, even when I'm not training for a marathon.

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  • 09m 31s /Mi

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