• 42m
  • 4.13 miles
  • 10m 25s /Mi

S L O W run this morning. My legs were definitely feeling the after-effects of the marathon. Took Dash out with me. He was a Very Good Boy, and didn't even pause when we ran by heavy breathing dog monster house. What a great running dog he is.

Just couldn't find a groove, but I did enjoy this week's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." Hee hee. That's the best podcast EVAH!

Plan for tonight is ride my bike home from work (since car is going into shop), and then do some gardening and get to bed at a decent time! No drama tonight, please! No burying dogs by moonlight. No calling 911 for passing out clients. No idiot lights.


  • 1h 32m 22s
  • 21.64 miles
  • 14.06 Mi/hr

Lap 1: 05m 05s, 1.00 miles, 11.80 Mi/hr
Lap 2: 03m 30s, 1.00 miles, 17.14 Mi/hr
Lap 3: 04m 14s, 1.00 miles, 14.17 Mi/hr
Lap 4: 04m 10s, 1.00 miles, 14.40 Mi/hr
Lap 5: 08m 42s, 1.00 miles, 6.90 Mi/hr
Lap 6: 04m 25s, 1.00 miles, 13.58 Mi/hr
Lap 7: 04m 00s, 1.00 miles, 15.00 Mi/hr
Lap 8: 03m 59s, 1.00 miles, 15.06 Mi/hr
Lap 9: 04m 15s, 1.00 miles, 14.12 Mi/hr
Lap 10: 03m 36s, 1.00 miles, 16.67 Mi/hr
Lap 11: 04m 05s, 1.00 miles, 14.69 Mi/hr
Lap 12: 04m 02s, 1.00 miles, 14.88 Mi/hr
Lap 13: 04m 08s, 1.00 miles, 14.52 Mi/hr
Lap 14: 03m 48s, 1.00 miles, 15.79 Mi/hr
Lap 15: 04m 23s, 1.00 miles, 13.69 Mi/hr
Lap 16: 03m 17s, 1.00 miles, 18.27 Mi/hr
Lap 17: 03m 29s, 1.00 miles, 17.22 Mi/hr
Lap 18: 04m 33s, 1.00 miles, 13.19 Mi/hr
Lap 19: 03m 57s, 1.00 miles, 15.19 Mi/hr
Lap 20: 03m 46s, 1.00 miles, 15.93 Mi/hr
Lap 21: 04m 04s, 1.00 miles, 14.75 Mi/hr
Lap 22: 02m 54s, 0.64 miles, 13.18 Mi/hr

Run #1
  • 40m
  • 2.90 miles
  • 13m 47s /Mi

Coaching...what a NIGHT! First I was anchor, which was fine. I'd already run 6 miles and my legs were feeling it from Sunday. I noticed one of my run/walkers walking. As I came up to her she was in the midst of an asthma attack (coming down from it), so I slowed and walked with her talking to her to make sure she was okay, and then stayed with her. I had one after the race on Sunday, so I totally felt her pain and panic. She agreed that, from now on, she would carry her rescue inhaler on every run. (please!)

We finished up and got back. I was standing outside with the ladies stretching, a few were inside, when someone called my name. Another lady wasn't feeling well, was disoriented and really woozy. So I go in and she's wobbling like a weeble. I get her to sit down and she goes out. Oh great! So I'm talking to her, "Are you with me? Hey! Are you with me?" She comes to for a few second, "Yes! I am with you. I'm fine!" and then *slump*

AIEEE! Called for someone to help me get her to the floor (I was afraid she was going to throw up and aspirate) and call 911. She was out 20-30 seconds, but as soon as we got her to the floor she started to come to. Insisted she didn't want 911, she was fine. They canceled, but then came anyhow (which I'm glad for). Then it was the argument, "I don't want to go to the hospital" "But you need to go." Thank the LORD one of our runners is a doctor. But her BP was really low, she was probably dehydrated (it was a warm run and she'd pushed herself to run further than she ever has in the past). Finally we talked her into going so she rode off in the ambulance.

We agreed afterwards that from now on, 911 is just plain policy. If someone goes out or down, no argument, no asking. That's the way it is.

I'm learning a lot of things on this internship! Oy vey!

I think she'll probably be fine, but better safe than sorry!

Then on the way home the check coolant light came on. Why? Because we just SPENT $1200 on the car, that's why! So I had to stop off and top it off. The temp gauge didn't go high, but it was losing coolant fast. so back to the shop it goes, and the drive was over an hour instead of 40 minutes.

I'm through with drama, okay? Thanks!

Run #2
  • 1h 01m 26s
  • 6.08 miles
  • 10m 06s /Mi

  • -----
  • 3.20 miles
  • -----

Walking all over Spokane in the morning. Walked to breakfast then all over Riverside Park. It was a beautiful morning.

  • Hiking
  • 1h 30m

Hiked in the Gingko Petrified Forest on the way home. We saw a dead snake, a lizard, and lots of pretty desert plants. It was a really nice diversion. Unfortunately we ended up sitting in traffic for over an hour. Not sure if we would have missed it or not if we hadn't stopped off.

Sadly our wonderful weekend was marred by the death of our wonderful collie, Madison. We came home to find she'd gone to sleep and just not woken up. I was upstairs and Roy went to let the dogs in from the kennel. (They have a big kennel with access to our basement, so nice and warm and dry and lots of room to play.) Dash and Murphy came up, but Maddie didn't. I heard sobbing coming from downstairs and ran outside to find him stumbling up the stairs crying.

She was such a beautiful, sweet, gentle girl. She'd look at you with these gorgeous chocolate eyes as if you were the most wonderful person in the entire world...and then she'd burp. The entire house was always covered with "tumble fur" from her blowing coat CONSTANTLY. She loved to play...for awhile, and then she got cranky and would go all "Cujo on your ass" at Dash. Poor Dude, he never quite got that when she was done playing, she was DONE.

Last weekend we took them all to the dog park, which is her MOST favorite place EVER. If you even mentioned "Dog Park" or even "Swog Mark" or "Log Snark" she would go INSANE! Because her hips were starting to bother her, we kept her on leash until we got out to the lake. On the lake she assumed her role of herding the rest of the dogs to try to control chaos. She'd run up and down the beach trying to get the dogs in the water out of the water, snapping at the dogs running around to "behave" and "stop running! It's dangerous!" and just having a HELL of a time. I'm so thankful we took them. Who knew it would be her last trip to the park?

Friday Roy and I were in the "used food store" and I saw a toy that I knew she'd love, so I told him "Maddie told me to get this for her." We brought it home and I enjoyed watching her and Dash play with it that night, until Dash performed a Squeak-ectomy on the poor thing. Even after that, she ran around with it's "shell" in her mouth, shaking it and trying to get Dash to tug on it for a good game of tug of war. Last night we buried her with that toy (or what was left of it), and planted a hydrangea over the top. The dogs got me the hydrangea for mother's day, so I thought it was fitting. (On a rather crass note, do you have any idea what a challenge it is to get a 90 pound collie up the stairs and then dig a grave deep enough to bury her in in the dark? Yeah. I'm sure the neighbors are STILL talking.)

Here is my beautiful girl. She's the one second from the front. The merle 'Sandy' colored collie at the Dog Park last week. (In fact, her first "acting" role was as Sandy in Roy's first play, "Annie.") She found two other collies and fell in with them like, "Hey! Kin!"

 The Collie Crew

  • 4h 39m 12s
  • 26.23 miles
  • 10m 38s /Mi

Lap 1: 00m 10s, 0.00 miles, 59m 24s /mile
Lap 2: 05m 00s, 0.55 miles, 09m 10s /mile
Lap 3: 01m 00s, 0.08 miles, 12m 10s /mile
Lap 4: 05m 00s, 0.56 miles, 08m 53s /mile
Lap 5: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 15m 10s /mile
Lap 6: 05m 00s, 0.55 miles, 09m 04s /mile
Lap 7: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 13m 46s /mile
Lap 8: 05m 00s, 0.54 miles, 09m 20s /mile
Lap 9: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 15m 43s /mile
Lap 10: 05m 00s, 0.54 miles, 09m 11s /mile
Lap 11: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 14m 46s /mile
Lap 12: 05m 00s, 0.51 miles, 09m 52s /mile
Lap 13: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 13m 21s /mile
Lap 14: 05m 00s, 0.52 miles, 09m 42s /mile
Lap 15: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 14m 25s /mile
Lap 16: 05m 00s, 0.53 miles, 09m 29s /mile
Lap 17: 01m 00s, 0.11 miles, 09m 10s /mile
Lap 18: 05m 00s, 0.50 miles, 10m 01s /mile
Lap 19: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 13m 58s /mile
Lap 20: 05m 00s, 0.51 miles, 09m 48s /mile
Lap 21: 01m 00s, 0.08 miles, 13m 11s /mile
Lap 22: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 08s /mile
Lap 23: 01m 00s, 0.08 miles, 13m 03s /mile
Lap 24: 05m 00s, 0.51 miles, 09m 44s /mile
Lap 25: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 14m 26s /mile
Lap 26: 05m 00s, 0.51 miles, 09m 51s /mile
Lap 27: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 15m 17s /mile
Lap 28: 05m 00s, 0.47 miles, 10m 32s /mile
Lap 29: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 20s /mile
Lap 30: 05m 00s, 0.50 miles, 10m 01s /mile
Lap 31: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 15m 59s /mile
Lap 32: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 10s /mile
Lap 33: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 06s /mile
Lap 34: 05m 00s, 0.42 miles, 12m 01s /mile
Lap 35: 01m 00s, 0.09 miles, 11m 44s /mile
Lap 36: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 08s /mile
Lap 37: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 18m 17s /mile
Lap 38: 05m 00s, 0.47 miles, 10m 36s /mile
Lap 39: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 18m 22s /mile
Lap 40: 05m 00s, 0.47 miles, 10m 38s /mile
Lap 41: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 15m 43s /mile
Lap 42: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 09s /mile
Lap 43: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 17m 02s /mile
Lap 44: 05m 00s, 0.46 miles, 10m 48s /mile
Lap 45: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 07s /mile
Lap 46: 05m 00s, 0.50 miles, 10m 03s /mile
Lap 47: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 26s /mile
Lap 48: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 18s /mile
Lap 49: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 15m 02s /mile
Lap 50: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 11s /mile
Lap 51: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 15m 43s /mile
Lap 52: 05m 00s, 0.44 miles, 11m 28s /mile
Lap 53: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 47s /mile
Lap 54: 05m 00s, 0.45 miles, 11m 02s /mile
Lap 55: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 46s /mile
Lap 56: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 13s /mile
Lap 57: 01m 00s, 0.07 miles, 14m 52s /mile
Lap 58: 05m 00s, 0.43 miles, 11m 31s /mile
Lap 59: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 18s /mile
Lap 60: 05m 00s, 0.46 miles, 10m 46s /mile
Lap 61: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 15m 48s /mile
Lap 62: 05m 00s, 0.48 miles, 10m 28s /mile
Lap 63: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 42s /mile
Lap 64: 05m 00s, 0.46 miles, 10m 52s /mile
Lap 65: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 28s /mile
Lap 66: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 15s /mile
Lap 67: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 17m 29s /mile
Lap 68: 05m 00s, 0.40 miles, 12m 34s /mile
Lap 69: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 40s /mile
Lap 70: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 18s /mile
Lap 71: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 15m 49s /mile
Lap 72: 05m 00s, 0.47 miles, 10m 40s /mile
Lap 73: 01m 00s, 0.06 miles, 16m 08s /mile
Lap 74: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 18s /mile
Lap 75: 01m 00s, 0.09 miles, 11m 40s /mile
Lap 76: 05m 00s, 0.50 miles, 09m 59s /mile
Lap 77: 01m 00s, 0.09 miles, 11m 38s /mile
Lap 78: 05m 00s, 0.47 miles, 10m 44s /mile
Lap 79: 01m 00s, 0.10 miles, 10m 29s /mile
Lap 80: 05m 00s, 0.46 miles, 10m 55s /mile
Lap 81: 01m 00s, 0.08 miles, 12m 52s /mile
Lap 82: 05m 00s, 0.44 miles, 11m 23s /mile
Lap 83: 01m 00s, 0.10 miles, 10m 01s /mile
Lap 84: 05m 00s, 0.43 miles, 11m 34s /mile
Lap 85: 01m 00s, 0.10 miles, 10m 32s /mile
Lap 86: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 13s /mile
Lap 87: 01m 00s, 0.10 miles, 10m 28s /mile
Lap 88: 05m 00s, 0.49 miles, 10m 07s /mile
Lap 89: 01m 00s, 0.10 miles, 09m 56s /mile
Lap 90: 05m 00s, 0.52 miles, 09m 34s /mile
Lap 91: 01m 00s, 0.11 miles, 08m 56s /mile
Lap 92: 10m 14s, 1.04 miles, 09m 48s /mile
Lap 93: 04m 49s, 0.04 miles, 1h 51m 25s /mile

  • -----
  • 2.00 miles
  • -----

Walked out to dinner to Spaghetti Factory then downtown Spokane. It was a beautiful night! Had to pick up some ear buds, even though they aren't allowed in the race (bite me CDA marathon, I'm bringing them anyhow). I forgot mine. I usually don't listen unless I hit a wall and need something to let me get into my own head. Otherwise I'd rather just talk to others. Also needed a knee strap. I couldn't find my good one Friday night.

Expo was "meh". I think there were five tables in all, and you couldn't get to any of them. Route looks scary. Not as in "hard" but as in "you run around in circles in neighborhoods and may be lost forever" scary. Let's hope not, Idaho is nice and all, but I'd miss my dogs.

Feeling relatively good. Nervous, but good.

  • 1h 08m
  • 2600.00 yards
  • 02m 37s /100 yards

Hmmm, somehow I'd thought that with all the drills I've been doing the last six months, my first long distance swim would be faster. I'm really kind of depressed about that time! I checked my watch at 1800 and saw I'd done a mile in 45 minutes. That's NO better than before! WTF? Why in the hell am I killing myself off with these damned drills if I am never going to get any faster? Yes, I did have to stop a few times (to move over a lane, negotiate sharing a lane, fix my swim cap), but even if that amounted to an entire minute...

I guess if I look at it from when I first started swimming and my astounding 40 minute half miles, I've improved dramatically. But not so much in the last year.

Oh well, I can swim LONGER. That's something.


Well, now that I look at the pace, it is under a 2:45/100 which is what I was doing about six months ago. Still...

  • 1h 16m 17s
  • 4.07 miles
  • 18m 44s /Mi

Just a lovely "walk" with my man, who is very slow due to his knee brace. But it was nice nevertheless.

I'm stressing about Sunday because, well, because I'm me. If I weren't stressing about Sunday I'd either not be me, or I'd not be running in a marathon Sunday. So there you go.

My knees are bothering and and my quads were tight at the end of 4 miles. Just as I'm thinking, "Oh man, if my legs feel like THIS after 4 miles, what will they feel like after 20?" maniacally in my head, Roy suggests that after the expo we go to Silverwood tomorrow.


Maybe after the marathon. I don't mind gimping around AFTER the marathon, but I told him I'd honestly not enjoy myself ONE bit if we went tomorrow. I'd be analyzing every twinge of pain.

Lap 1: 18m 49s, 1.00 miles, 18m 49s /mile
Lap 2: 18m 32s, 1.00 miles, 18m 32s /mile
Lap 3: 18m 26s, 1.00 miles, 18m 26s /mile
Lap 4: 19m 03s, 1.00 miles, 19m 03s /mile
Lap 5: 01m 27s, 0.07 miles, 21m 07s /mile

  • -----
  • 5.13 miles
  • -----

Have to check my time on this one. I know it was under 10 min mile. Ran from work to the mall to meet Roy to go see Indiana Jones. AWESOME movie!

  • 1h 27m
  • 16.95 miles
  • 11.69 Mi/hr

So I set out at 5:30 this morning to ride to work. Why? Because my car is being held hostage by the repair dude for over $1000. Thankfully she SHOULD be done today and all completely better. I hope so. We're driving to Coeur d'Alene on Saturday.

It's dry out, and dreary. Note to self: Must get clear or yellow glasses for early morning rides.

I cross the bridges, not walking this time because the wind wasn't threatening to kill me. All was well. I got into Everett, the skies opened and POURED on me! ARGH!!! It is SUPPOSED to be a nice day today. Didn't the skies read the weather report? Apparently not!

By the time I got to work I was soaked except my top (my top layer was wet, but it holds the water surprisingly well. I could feel water sloshing in my shoes every time I had to stop. But it's one more scary rain ride that did not kill me! Yay! I'm actually getting to the point of "'s raining. It is what it is."

I guess what Bear says about getting better and more confident on the bike is right. "Ride lots." The more I ride, the more I find myself relaxing into the ride. (I still like running better.)

Not sure if I'm riding home or not. The car should be loosed from her tethers today and Roy will get her. He wants to see Indiana Jones. He had tickets to see it at midnight (for both of us, is he insane??) but because the car had to stay overnight, we missed it. So I might just run out to the mall and pick Dulcy up on the way home.

She's a good bike. Is it wrong, though, that last night I was dreaming of not getting a new car next year, but instead getting a new bike? Shhhh, don't tell her that. I don't even know if I want to continue to do long distance triathlons, but I do know I want to ride more.

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