• 33m 09s
  • 6.46 miles
  • 11.69 Mi/hr

Roy and I biked out to dinner in heavy traffic, then I ran to the store to get some angel food cake for strawberry shortcake.

  • 1h 09m 15s
  • 6.09 miles
  • 11m 22s /Mi

What a SLOW pace! Still not feeling 100%, but much much better.

Barely slept last night at all. I had hoped that this would be gone by today. Usually pancreatitis only lasts a day and the next day I feel completely fine. Not this time! I've spent most of the day sleeping in the chair.

Worst part is, no dinner with my girls! :( I am SO disappointed! But I just don't feel good enough to drive and I can't eat anything.

  • Health data: Sick: 5
  • 2h 55m
  • 35.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Woke up feeling like CRAP today. But we had Merry Maids coming so we had to be out of the house for 4 hours. Our plan had been to ride the Centennial Trail into Snohomish and have lunch, but Roy suggested that instead we go out to Everett and see how I did on the Interurban Trail. I didn't want to ride, but at the same time I didn't want to sit in a coffee shop, I didn't want to go to a movie, nor did I want to shop. I really just wanted to go home and sleep.

Strangely, as soon as I got on the bike I felt better. Not great, but the aches and pains would go away and I could ride. But if I'd stop for more than 2 minutes, it would come back. Very odd. It must have been the focus. When we stopped for lunch I was miserable, but as soon as I was back on the bike I was okay. I can't say I "enjoyed" the ride because I had a hard time finding joy in it. But I'm glad we did it.

Sadly I had plans to run and swim with a group of ladies and I had to cancel that.

  • 1h 07m
  • 13.66 miles
  • 12.23 Mi/hr

Cool ride! Obviously in town, hence the pace. We biked out to the high school to pick up a CD (that wasn't there...oh well) then we were heading to Home Depot when Roy heard "Danger Zone" so we whipped over to the amphitheatre and listened to KENNY LOGGINS sing for about 20 minutes! He's warming up for tonight's concert. We wanted to go, but at $90 a ticket we couldn't justify it. (Instead we're going to see David Cross on Friday for $20 a ticket.)

Made it over to Home Depot, then went to Walmart. Can I just say Walmart makes me cranky? But they have a better grocery selection, particularly of organic foods and I needed eggs. But man it's like a parade of unhealthy people and their bratty children. I watched a kid about 4 throw a SCREAMING fit then grab his father's face and slap it hard. Two minutes later same kid is being fed Whoppers (candy) and as we were leaving with our McD's ice cream cones (earned, I would say) kid's being fed a double cheeseburger. And don't GET me started about that damn self checkout line!

Nice day, though. Traffic was uber heavy, but it feels like people around here are starting to "get it" when they see bikes. Bikes are for sharing the road with. Bikes are not for targeting or throwing things at. This whole gas crunch thing is really helping!

Tomorrow we're taking a ride out to Snohomish while the cleaning fairies make our house all sparkley!

  • 1h 16m 01s
  • 7.05 miles
  • 10m 47s /Mi

Slow run with Dash because the last two miles I was having to drag him! WTF? Dogs are supposed to LIKE to run, and he can certainly run further than seven miles! (Plus I'd run half a mile without him before heading home and grabbing him.) I think he just sometimes decides he's done. He runs with me, but I have a waist belt so I can run hands free, and I feel like a husky dragging a sled. He slows down just enough that he doesn't stop me, but I have to pull him. Treats don't work. I could give him a porterhouse steak with a good burgundy wine and he'd turn his nose up at it while out running. The second we hit the front porch, though, he'll take anything. He actually SPIT OUT cheese the other day! The boy LOVES cheese!

Other than that, it was a nice run. Did some trails including the Big Hill. Mostly it was street, though.

You know what I hate, though...besides almost getting mowed down by some bint in a mommy-van who was taking a free right on a red while I was in the crosswalk and somehow didn't see me in my bright pink shirt and bright blue skirt, people who change their children's diapers and throw them in the street. What? Do they think the diaper fairy is going to come along and pick it up? Do they REALLY think someone else wants to deal with their child's feces and urine? WTF? Selfish pigs! I ran over two of those today on my run. TWO! PIGS PIGS PIGS!

It just disgusts me.

Hell, I even picked up my dog's mess today, twice...and the second time I didn't notice the bag was ripped until I found myself with a hand full of warm poo. EW! Thank GOD I was only about 1/4 mile from the park so I could run back and wash my hands 37 times. I think Dash was laughing, too. Ingrate.

Made some entertainment acquisitions today:

-Country Sings Disney (Hey! I love Disney!)

-Mamma Mia Soundtrack (singing Mamma Mia right now...I loves me some Abba)

-Remastered copy of Billy Joel's The Stranger, one of my favorite albums of all time. I refuse to believe it is 30 years old, though. However, I am proud to say that I have been to EVERY Billy Joel concert in the Seattle area since 1985, including two times in one year when he passed back through and put on another concert, and the one he did with Elton John.

-Essential Guide to the X-Files Movie; DVD that has 8 episodes from seasons 1-6 that are supposed to prepare you to see the movie.


Also took the dogs to the dog park today and wore them out. I think Dash is in a coma somewhere after 7 miles of running and 2 hours at the dog park with LOTS of swimming and running and butt sniffing. I let Roy do the cleanup on this trip. :)

  • 1h 11m 25s
  • 7.02 miles
  • 10m 10s /Mi

Ran to the HS pool to meet a friend to swim. I carried my stuff in my trail running pack (just took out the water bladder). It was HOT to run in without the benefit of trees! Fortunately my wonderful husband decided to stop by and work in his classroom and offered to take my pack home after I finished my swim.

Swam 1.5 miles and then went out to lunch. Ran home from lunch (turkey pesto baguette at Sbux) in the warmth of the sun. A bit too warm for a run, but I am NOT complaining!

  • 1h 10m 21s
  • 2700.00 yards
  • 02m 37s /100 yards

Swam laps at the HS pool. Actually was doing a much better time than indicated, but must have slowed down at the end. It's all good, though. I was able to get my 1.2 mile goal in less than an hour, and that's with turning every 25 yards and no wetsuit, so I should be able to hit that in my triathlon. I sure hope so!

  • 27m 33s
  • 5.53 miles
  • 12.04 Mi/hr

Wow! Look at that DISTANCE!

Actually yesterday was day one of the Tour de France Challenge I do every year for the last three years. I challenge myself to ride my bike at least once a day for every day of the Tour. I figure if those guys can bike UP the damned French Alps, I can bike to the store or to a movie...which is what we did. We biked to see Wall-E again. I swear it was even BETTER the second time! And while I thought I hadn't fallen asleep when I saw the midnight showing, apparently I did. But it was so worth seeing again, I'd actually see it AGAIN again!

  • 1h 00m 57s
  • 6.15 miles
  • 09m 55s /Mi

Ran to Starbucks this morning. Actually laid in bed until almost 7:30 (which is completely unlike me) thinking "Should I run? I biked a lot yesterday. I should take a day off. No, I should run because I only ran three miles yesterday. Yeah, but I biked a lot yesterday. Maybe my legs would like a break. But you BIKED a lot, you did not RUN a lot, so your legs will be fine to run." THEN I got up and ran to Starbucks, the longer way for a total of six miles. Enjoyed a scone, some coffee, the paper, and Roy's company. He drove because his leg hurts and his bike tire was flat, so it was a solo run and kind of nice. I listened to NPR's Most Emailed Stories on the way, and then Wait Wait Don't Tell Me that was recorded in Seattle. Curses on the man's soul because he did not find out that they were going to be in Seattle until the day after! I was denied of Peter Sagal, Paula Poundstone, Adam Felber, and Paul Provenza...and the great Karl Cassell. Sigh...

Run went well. My brain was right. My legs were fine to run.

Oh and I would LOVE to know what apartment the kids down the street live in. I so wanted to knock on their door this morning, wake the family up and say "Hey, why don't you send those boys out here to clean up the street. I'll be happy to help" (adding in my head "you worthless excuses for parents...") They left a HUGE mess. Now we aren't the Rockefellers, but we live on a "nice street" with one set of kind of icky but not TOO bad apartments, and two OBVIOUS rental houses (lawn mower meet renters, renters meet lawn mower). It's SO frustrating to try to keep a relatively nice looking yard and have the dirt down the street living in squallor with 37 dead cars on the lawn. The house across the street...beautiful, the house next to that...emaculate...our house "Okay" but nice. (We don't hire a lawn service, but a lot of our neighbor's do.) Our neighbor keeps her yard very nice. We have a bike path on both sides and a separate running path on one side. So this morning I bike past where the little miscreants spent the last three days blowing things up and wow, imagine that...the little buttheads didn't clean up after themselves. Apparently they felt the cleaning fairies would come and do it for them! *grumble*

  • Pilates
  • 50m

Okay wow. I've never done pilates. I put on one of the Netflix on demand videos and went into the "Studio" (I'm trying names for my home gym) and thought I'd just do one of the five segments. Did all five and holy CRAP! The arms one with the weights...jay-sus! Let me see if I can find the title...Rapid Solution: 10 Minute Power Pilates. It was good!

Holy crap...I just read that Troika has a 5 hour bike cutoff (from the start of the swim). I mean I THINK I can make that, but I'm not positive I can. I emailed the director to ask if I don't make it, can I still run unofficially. I will be DEVASTATED if I have given up this much time and effort to not even get a medal. :(

I should have signed up for Barb's with no cutoff. If I do get DQed, I will still do the distance even if I have to jump on the trail myself (it's not like they can keep me from running on a public trail) and I will buy my own damned medal.

I just have to set up a good race plan. It's like I know I can do it if I am careful with the swim (no freak out, no moments of panic), and work on my transition (need to practice that more), and stay steady on the bike. I need a lighter bike. I could do better with a lighter bike. Oh well. Go to happy place. Calm blue ocean.  

  • 3h 44m 01s
  • 52.44 miles
  • 14.05 Mi/hr

I was not looking forward to today, for some reason. It was raining when we left, and I hadn't been on my bike in a week. My legs were wasn't ready for a 65 mile ride.

But it actually went okay. We all stopped at Marymoor and Cheryl suggested that 50 was more than enough for me consider I ran a marathon last weekend. I agreed. Not because I was tired, but because I knew hills were a-comin' and while I really wanted to do 65 miles by this point, I wasn't sure I was too keen on 40 miles of hills. My knees just do not love hills.

Good call because at about mile 48 I tweaked something. Nothing major, but just enough that taking off at the stoplights was painful.

Strangely, as soon as I started to run all the pain went away! So it obviously isn't anything serious. I just haven't trained on hills like I should and the combination of hills and distance gets me.

Run #1
  • 44m 44s
  • 2.07 miles
  • 21m 37s /Mi

Poor Roy. His knee hurts SO bad. I think he really does have a soft tissue or cartilage injury. I hope it's nothing serious.

Run #2
  • 33m 17s
  • 3.27 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

Pretty good pace for a brick run. Surprisingly I felt great! I might have even been able to run faster if the lake weren't so congested. Roy came with me today (even though he didn't want to, and I told him he didn't have to), so when I called to tell him that I was only doing 50 miles he suggested I ride to him at Greenlake so we could see the milk carton races. Perfect! I ran around the lake and he hobbled over to Subway where we met and had lunch, then walked back around the lake.

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