• 1h 14m 36s
  • 17.66 miles
  • 14.20 Mi/hr

Biked around M'ville and then to Starbucks...I loves me some Starbucks! Two times in one day!

Then later on biked to the track meet.

Run #1
  • 07m 46s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 07m 46s /Mi

Okay, I wish it would do a correct pace and not a decimal pace. So I ran a 7:46 mile on the miler and came in 6th. I could have pushed a bit harder and done fifth but it was a Joggers Mile and if you ran it within 30 seconds of your estimated pace, you got a free t-shirt. I estimated an 8:30 min mile. So I slowed down at the end hoping to make an 8. Duh! Set a record in my age group because I was the only one so far in the history of this meet IN my age group!

Run #2
  • 03m 41s
  • 0.50 miles
  • 07m 22s /Mi

Woot!! My first track meet! Went to the All Comers Track Meet tonight and ran the 800 and the mile. The 800 was by accident. I thought it was the mile. LOL! So I just ran both. (Duh) Awesome time!!

Run #3
  • 1h 22m
  • 8.09 miles
  • 10m 08s /Mi

Ran to Starbucks and had breakfast, then ran to the bank to fix something. After the bank Roy rode home and I continued on to make it 8 miles. It was freezing when we started, but HOT when I finished!

  • 1h 40m 09s
  • 23.71 miles
  • 14.20 Mi/hr

Roy and I parked at the Everett Mall and biked out to downtown Lynnwood. I went ahead of him and really focused on full circles, and tried to keep my HR at at least 70%. I felt like I really pushed it, even if the speed doesn't look like it. It felt good. Did have to stop and take a call from my insurance company.

Run #1
  • 31m 03s
  • 1.75 miles
  • 17m 44s /Mi

Coaching! All my people who showed up were walkers who want to run, so we did walk/brisk walk tonight. I was sure hoping for more people, but some chickened out so I had only three. Two more are supposed to come next week, so five is good. I was just hoping for a few more.

But it's all good! We have to start somewhere. So now I have three running clients and three online clients!

Run #2
  • 34m 04s
  • 3.44 miles
  • 09m 54s /Mi

Ran around the neighborhood. Nothin' special.

  • 1h 00m
  • 6.10 miles
  • 09m 50s /Mi

Ran to Starbucks this morning. My back is KILLING me lately, but running actually seems to help. I start out feeling wonky, but do better by the time I get about half mile into it.

Saw Patty at the coffee shop. She is the person who hired me for my first teaching job and I LOVE her! She's just a neat, vivacious lady!

  • 45m

Did a full body strength workout with Roy. I'm not loving it, because the lower body stuff is kind of weenie, but then I watch him struggle with it and I know I shouldn't increase it quite yet. I think I'll change it up next week to working more with bands.

  • 1h 20m
  • 8.06 miles
  • 09m 56s /Mi
  • 51m 52s
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 02m 28s /100 yards

  • 25m 29s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 08m 13s /Mi
  • 18m 21s
  • 800.00 yards
  • 02m 17s /100 yards

  • 4h 04m
  • 57.49 miles
  • 14.14 Mi/hr

I had actually hoped to do the full 70, but the flat tire nixed that because I just didn't have time for the entire route. It was hilly but BEAUTIFUL. And by hilly I mean f'ing hilly made me want to cry a few times at the end hilly. But I survived!

Had serious back spasms the last 10 miles. I hope that doesn't happen on Troika! I mean they were KILLING me (hence the desire to cry on the hills...getting out of the seat was painful).

  • 42m
  • 4.02 miles
  • 10m 27s /Mi

I was supposed to run 30 minutes but didn't realize 15 was up until I heard the second mile beep on my Garmin. My legs felt great, so I'm feeling confident about finishing Troika without issues.

  • 48m 52s
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 02m 20s /100 yards

Swam in the lake today in a triangle fashion trying to get in a full 1.2 miles. Paused a little to tread water a bit and check in with Roy. feeling good on the time (for me). Wish I were faster, but if wishes were horses it would be a really interesting triathlon.

  • 20m

Worked through the strength routine I was going to take my first client through. Of course she bagged out on me the morning we were supposed to meet. Thanks for that! Very nice. Oh well...I didn't want to take on anyone south of Lynnwood anyhow, but it was disappointing. (Not to mention, I put a LOT of time into setting up for her.)

  • Wii Fit
  • 20m

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