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I am not very good at tapering.

I went to the All Comers Track and Field Meet today and was late. Because of the rain they whipped through the events so my two were DONE when I got there! Dang! So I decided to stay for the 10k. It was me and THREE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK KIDS! freaking way. I tell Roy "No, I'll just run home. This would be too embarrassing." So they come over to me and BEG me to run with them. I joked that they would pass me 17 times and would need to mock me and it would hurt my self esteem. They promised not to I said I'd run.

They passed me SIX TIMES! OMG the humiliation! But you know what, I do believe this was my fastest 10k yet. Lemme check...

Nope, the Dawg Dash was faster. Close, though! Ran in my new Gel Eveolutions, they felt good.

Sweet thing was, the boys came out and ran the last six laps with me. Isnt' that sweet? Nice kids! So while it was embarrassing, it was also really nice and I'm glad I did it.

It was a rainy, icky run twenty-six times around the track. I had to type that out because running TWENTY SIX times around a track kind of sucks. Running TWENTY SIX times around a track in the rain, sucks donkeys. Running TWENTY SIX TIMES around a track in the rain alone as the very last person sucks donkeys runny noses. was a good experience. My cheer section was awesome. Every lap I'd run by Roy and he'd do something new...he did the wave, he held up his cell phone and did the waving it in the air (it was dark by this point), he did cheers. It was SO cute. Every time the boys passed me they told me I was doing great. Every time I passed the girls who were timing they told me great job. I just listened to my podcast and marveled at how good it felt and how relatively fast I was going. I'm really glad I did it...even though I had a single spectator and came in dead last. LOL!

I had three awesome experiences today! First I went into Wamu to deposit some checks into my business account. Aside...I really REALLY like the people at Wamu. They have never been anything but the NICEST people to do business with. Anyhow, one lady was helping me and another was standing behind her and she noticed my business name and asked if I was a personal trainer. I said I was and we got to talking and she told me she'd love to hire me with a group of friends to do either a circuit training class (I have happened to have taught that before when our aerobics trainer didn't show a few times) or a walking class!

Then I was heading into Haggen and I saw a friend I RARELY see who is just the MOST awesome person in the world, Angie Cartmill. She told me that she'd been hearing from Janis about how great my 5k class is and she asked me to send her some flyers through inter-office mail because she knows her staff would be interested in a program after school! How perfect would that be?

Then I went into Run26 to check up on them coming to do a shoe seminar for me and they were SO nice. The guy who helped me moved my name to the top of the list of calls to return (boss has been on vacation) and they put out my miniature flyers I created. He said they have a lot of people who come in who want to run longer distances and he's sure there would be interest.

Of course nothing could come of any of it, but what a nice boost for my confidence! It was like I could hear myself talking like a professional person with a brain and part of me was like "Hee heee heeee! This is so cool!"

Someday I'll grow up I suppose...

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Watched August Rush while on the trainer. Why? Because this morning I got paranoid about biking outside and breaking my bike or myself before Troika. I just HATE the week before a race I'm nervous about. I spend the entire time stressing, second guessing myself, crying. Yes. Crying. Apparently there IS crying in triathlons because this morning I walked into the bedroom (I had been up a few hours and Roy was just getting up). He took one look at me and said "What's wrong?" and I burst into tears.

Can you say "Nutcase"?

He was going to go to the doctor for his knee but because I was so upset he said "We have to take care of you first." I felt like such an idiot. So we got most of my gear together. (Part of my tears were over forgetting something, like there is NOWHERE in Spokane I could buy something I forgot!)

Then we went to the computer and looked at the map. I had it in my head that there were some "big hills" but nope. The total gain looks minimal...well start to finish there isn't actually a gain. So then we looked up race reports and learned that it's hillier than it looks, but rollers. I can do rollers. I just don't want those mountains we've done. They kill my back. Rollers are good.

Then we looked at last year's results and saw the longest time recorded was 8:13 and I know I won't do that. Longest bike was just over four hours (my fear is being so bad on the bike I miss the cutoff), which is what I'd need to NOT miss the cutoff.

So I'm feeling slightly better as of the moment I'm typing this.

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Pathetic time. My legs felt like they were full of cement! No idea why.

On a good note, I have email confirmation of four more clients for tonight's 5k class! I also emailed out something to a bunch of people about the half marathon class. Plus I got a good nibble on that. I sincerely hope she isn't my ONLY nibble! I'm sure she won't be.

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Ran to the high school today to meet Roy to swim. I was running along Cedarcrest when, at the old tree farm, I saw a doe! She was SO beautiful! I just stood and STARED at her for the longest time. What a blessing!

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Roy and I met at the HS and we swam. He's considering a triathlon next year, but he doesn't swim. So our goal today was for him to just get comfortable in the water. He wanted to go in the middle pool (it's about 4.5 feet deep) but they had swim lessons so he had to go in the DEEP POOL! I know he was freaked out and didn't want to go in the deep end for awhile. I don't blame him. The first time I swam in a pool that was 12 feet deep I panicked too. I showed him some drills with the kickboard. He needs to stop holding his breath, so I gave him a breathing drill. He swam a half length towards me while I watched a few times. I'm no great shakes, but really all I think he needs is to get comfortable.

Got tons done today on the business. Went and posted flyers in areas. I have NO idea where to put them. Fred Meyers has community boards. I put one at EvCC and at our local library. Trying to think of where else. Also posted some online ads. Signed up on Anyone want to train for a half marathon?? Join me starting NEXT Saturday! It'll be fun! I can talk ANYONE through a long run.

I waver between feeling SO confident and being scared to death. I guess that must be normal!

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Had a lovely sweaty run with my girls, Lisa and Leslie today. It was fun! We talked and talked and talked some more and got some good miles in!

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Out to get ice cream and back. Worked ALL day and am paying for it today. My back is KILLING me! (Today being Monday.)

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