• 5h 26m
  • 26.20 miles
  • 12m 26s /Mi

Just a long training run to get out my frustrations. ;)

  • 31m
  • 3.10 miles
  • 10m /Mi

  • 1h 01m
  • 5.32 miles
  • 11m 28s /Mi

Sometimes I take my dogs on “dog runs.” On a dog run, the dog gets to choose our path. So today I let Wiley decide where we were going. He started with just our regular four mile loop around the neighborhood. I thought “How boring, Wiley” but as we were rounding mile three he pulled us off into the neighborhoods. It was quite nice, although he was more distractable than usual. (I think it might have been the fact that when we ran together the same path the other day and it smelled completely different without snow.) We even ran off on a little trail…but were stopped by an impromptu “river” that had popped up. I thought about jumping it, but I had my iPod, phone, and my little digital recorder…and thought better of it.

  • 30m

Did a workout with two clients. Had a great time! We laughed a LOT and then they paid me. I love being a trainer.

  • 46m 39s
  • 4.23 miles
  • 11m 02s /Mi

  • 1h 42m 07s
  • 8.25 miles
  • 12m 23s /Mi

Wiley and I went for a run! I think his little paws were pretty cold, though. He wasn't enjoying it as much towards the end. We did stop at Starbucks and he got his very own Hawaiian Bagel!

  • 1h 25m 23s
  • 7.04 miles
  • 12m 08s /Mi

Thank heavens we're getting some melting! Still challenging to run in, but there's more road to be in so not as dangerous. Yesterday on my run a teenager thought it would be funny to aim at me with her car. She nearly lost control and I was so scared I almost cried. Unfortunately the little wench hadn't cleared the snow from her license plate or I'd have called 911.

  • 1h 32m 18s
  • 6.52 miles
  • 14m 10s /Mi

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