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Felt pretty good.

 Wow, looks like I've been lazy!  Well, sorta.  Been taking care of stuff, like patching cracks in concrete stairs at rentals and painting the back door of my house.  Taking care of stuff can take care of most of your Sunday, ya know.  And a second coat of paint on the back door of my house can take care of some of your Monday night and installing a subwoofer in your new chariot can take care of the rest of your Monday night, though if you really try it is possible to cook and eat a frozen Mexican pizza while watching an episode of The Office on Hulu between painting and installing.

Just so you know.

Tonight, cyclocross practice.  Tomorrow afternoon, skipping out of work, a.k.a., the networking road ride from Transition.

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Grafton Cyclocross! First cross race ever was a blast. Warmed up and watched the masters race before mine. Race was just under 40 minutes and did a pretty good job of leaving it all out there but spreading the effort out. Almost puked at the end so I definitely gave it my all but it was all worth it as I passed three guys on the last lap but didn't get passed. Finished 35 out of 54. Happy with that for the first race. There were lots of guys in the class and on the first of six laps I was parking it in the corners waiting for people to get out of the way. I was passing people by late apexing and the stronger riders would get me back between corners but I was able to get ahead of weaker guys on the corners.

It was as fun as I hoped. Looking forward to doing more races this fall!

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Treddy warm up.

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Chest and back.

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Nobody else showed up so I did a couple loops of the park using trees as corners and doing some mount and dismount practice. Nailed a couple mounts, but also had one go wrong... Inner thigh will feel that tomorrow.

Got in a short workout this morning.  Again, don't get used to this.  And, don't tell anyone, but I enjoyed it. 

Didn't make it to cross last night, but hoping to tonight!

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