• 26m 30s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 08m 17s /Mi

Solid treddy run. Felt great!

  • 25m

Chest, shoulders, core.

This just in:  I'm signed up for Iceman Cometh next weekend.  27 mile point-to-point mountain bike race from Kalkaska to Traverse City, Michigan.

It's gonna hurt! Lori is in too, and we are going up with a bunch of super bikers so it will be a blast.

Oh, and I'm picking up a fancy new mountain bike tonight!  Super deal on a 2009 Superfly.  It was bought, returned when the buyer found out the Superfly 100 was coming out.  The wheels were used on a different bike at the shop and replaced with 2010 wheels.  Discounted deep as it is the end of the season, 2010 models are on the showroom floor, the economy sucks, and the bike is no longer factory spec (but definately no worse than original!!!).  This means that there will be no more bike purchases for at least a few years, and in the words of Tripletsmom, there will be no Christmas this year.

  • 28m 11s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Lunchtime treddy.

  • 25m

Guns and core

  • 27m 50s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 08m 42s /Mi

Lunchtime treddy.

  • 20m


Forecast for the rest of the week:

Kitchen remodeling > working out
  • 1h 43m
  • 29.90 miles
  • 17.42 Mi/hr

FANTASTIC day for a ride! Got out on the road bikes before settling in to an afternoon of of working on giving the kitchen a facelift.

Post ride tore out the old kitchen countertop, put a second coat of paint on the ceiling and all of the cabinets, and removed a cabinet where the new dishwasher will go.  Also went to Menards to buy a new base cabinet which will go between the stove and fridge. Hope to have the whole project done by the end of next weekend but that will be a push!

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