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Quads, hammies, and calves on machines.

  • Walking
  • 27m

So. When I was benching on Tuesday I popped something in my shoulder. Actually feels like it is my collar bone. But it popped while lifting and has been hurting ever since. Got on the tread mill to run, and wouldn't you know it, the motion of running hurts my friggin' shoulder. So I power walked like a wuss for two miles. Crap! Hope I can ride a bike this weekend... Last CX race of the year is Sunday!

Yesterday's free time was dedicated to work on the kitchen!  Almost done with the floor.  Looks soooo much better!

Headed to the Y after work and then out for beers and pizza.

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Warm up.

  • 20m


Progress!  From this:

To this so far:

Should have the floor done and the cabinet doors on by the end of the week.  Last step will be painting the walls.  They are primed and the trim is painted but we haven't decided on color yet.  The dining room is red so don't want to go too crazy.  I'm thinking light yellow but Lori isn't sold on it.  Any suggestions?

Fun weekend.  Planned to go to the Y tonight but left my nicely packed gym bag at home...  

Looks like I'm going to the Bucks game tonight instead of working on the kitchen.  
  • Mountain Bike
  • 2h 00m

Two solid hours of riding at Chrystal Ridge. Good times!

Great weekend.  Relaxing evenings at home, had a blast a Saturday's cyclocross race and mountain biking today.  Got a bunch done on the kitchen remodel too.  Excited that the dishes are going back in the cupboards and the food back in the pantry tonight.  To celebrate, I made some yellow fin tuna steaks crusted in sesame seeds with a salad for dinner.  Yum!

  • Cyclocross
  • 1h 30m

Awesome day for cross! Warm enough in the middle of November to ride in a jersey and shorts! Rode over from home as a warm up and the race ended up being about 40 minutes. Ended up 23/43. Not quite the top half I wanted but I rode hard and am happy. Fun course with a hard run up, some fast single track, and a few good corners. Having a blast with cross.

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