• 45m
  • 2500.00 yards
  • 01m 48s /100 yards

Lunchtime swim.
5x500 20s rest

Felt good but not sooper energetic or clean in the water today.

Howdy gang.  Fun weekend.  Drove up to Sault Ste. Marie Friday night, stayed with Lori's great aunt in Michigan about a mile from the crossing into Canada.  Had breakfast with her on Saturday morning, headed over to Canada, eh, for a wedding and reception, then back across the border late Saturday night.  Had to limit my intake of good Canadian beer, eh, so I wouldn't get hassled at the border.  More time hanging with family Sunday morning and then back in the car to head home.  Mowed the lawn for the first time this year (way overdue) last night.  Love the smell of fresh cut grass.

Going to do an easy bike and/or walk tonight.  Going to see the ART guy tomorrow to get help with my shin.  I had some ache type pain just sitting in the car yesterday.  This concerns me.  At this point I'm expecting to bail on the GB half mary this weekend.  Bummer.

  • 41m
  • 2350.00 yards
  • 01m 44s /100 yards

100 kick
250 easy

Lunchy schimmy, as my friend David Jesse Raphael would say.

Headed to Sault Ste. Marie this afternoon for a wedding tomorrow.  There is a chance I'll swim before we leave but not sure I'll have time.  Not taking bikes and I can't run so it is looking like a nice rest weekend.

I've got a purchase closing this afternoon that I have been working on since February.  I will party down when I can finally stop thinking about this deal!  Fortunately I like the client and realtor I am working with so that has made it easier to take.

  • 2h 28m
  • 43.70 miles
  • 17.72 Mi/hr

Started off with the Tri Wisconsin ride from the north shore Wheel and Sprocket and went a bit further. Fantastic early summer night. Included a pit stop at Baskin Robbins for a sugar cone of Baseball Nut ice cream:

A summer favorite since 1961, this homerun combines Vanilla-flavored ice cream loaded with cashews and a black raspberry ribbon.

Well hello there campers!  Yes, another busy day at work here.  This morning I did manage to get a card in the mail to my mom for mothers day.  Plan to do the Tri Wisconsin north shore ride tonight.  Only concern is that I may get stuck in the office, in which case I'll do a solo ride a little bit later.

Made an appointment with an active release therapist for next week.  Going to get some help with the shin splints and also with some pain I've got in the joints of my big toes.  I suspect that most of my issues are a result of being lazy in the off season and then jumping in full force.  Looking forward to getting some advice on how to deal with this stuff most effectively.  Going to see Steve Wittemann at Pro Release.  He has a nice alphabet soup after his name, but more importantly, sgoehner highly recommended him.

Have a fantastic day, m'kay?

  • Walking
  • 25m

Went for a walk so at least I had some activity today.

In a seminar most of the day today.  Not sure if I'll get a workout in.

In the first hour of the seminar it was clear that it wasn't going to be useful so I bailed and came to the office.  Been stressing out much of the day.  I do hope that someday I can retire and live a life of luxury without the stress of work!

  • 1h 52m 47s
  • 37.47 miles
  • 19.93 Mi/hr

Hammerfest! So. Much. Fun. Rides like this make me want to be a roadie. This course has some good hills in it. Nothing sooper long or brutally steep, but there are quite a few and they are spread throughout the route. Hung on with the front group and had a blast.

We hit 35.5 miles at 1:45 so we were over 20 for the average before cooling down.

Busy day of work will be followed by the Tri Wis Lannon group ride.

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