• 38m
  • 3.53 miles
  • 10m 46s /Mi

Ugh. No power. Legs feel dead. Energy low. Walked a bunch.

Rest is key between now and Sunday. No joke.

Hola.  Woke up with gunky sinuses today.  Wonder if it is from the lake on Saturday.  Probably not as that would be a delayed onset...  After last night's crappy bike ride hoping for a good swim / run brick at lunch today.

Of note--on Sunday's century I had some knee pain just above and behind my right kneecap.  No big deal.  Didn't think about it until about 13 miles into last night's ride.  Hope whatever it is will settle down before Racine on Sunday.  I stopped to stretch mid ride last night and that helped.


Rather dull tour stage yesterday.  I avoided the interwebz pages that would have info on the finish as I was waiting to watch until after working out.  I went to Wheel & Sprocket's web site in the afternoon to see if there were any used cross bikes on the classifieds and their stoopid cycling news thing says "******** WINS STAGE 10."  Bitches.  Name blocked in case any of you are a day behind.  I was pissed!  Oh well.

In food news:

When we were up in Bayfield, WI a few weeks ago there was a complimentary jar of apple butter from The Bayfield Apple Company in our condo.  SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD!  I just finished it this morning.  May have to track down more.  Why is it so good?  Well:

Bayfield Sugar Free Apple Butter

Ingredients: Apples, touch of cinnamon Calories: 10 -- Total Carbs: 2

Natural apple fructose is the only sweetener; no artificer sweeteners are used. Apple meal is cooked in a bath of apple fructose and pureed. The puree is then cooked in apple cider that has been concentrated by boiling. (The cider is made at our orchard and only contains the juice of pressed apples.)

Info here:

  • 1h 25m
  • 24.80 miles
  • 17.51 Mi/hr

Weak sauce! Didn't really want to ride but promised myself I would get five minutes in and see how it went from there. Felt lame but okay at five minutes and went downhill from there... There's days like this in IM training, I know. Going to try to get some extra sleep tonight.

Dear Friend,

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I took this action because I believe this crisis couldn\'t be more urgent.
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Tri Wis Lannon ride tonight.

I have been watching the TdF and am just in awe of these guys.  If you haven't seen Fabian Cancellera's descent to catch up to the peloton after his second flat last week you should really watch it.  On the Versus broadcast you could hear the squealing of tires on the team cars in a couple corners.  Absolutely amazing (and crazy!).  Too bad he dropped out of the lead on that stage, but this ride sure showed off his descending skills and willingness to take risks!

Feeling pretty good after the weekends workouts.  Could get on the bike today no problem, but I think I'm going to take a rest day.  It is a rest week, after all!  I was running low on sleep for a few days there but got a solid eight hours last night.  Going to try to do the same tonight.  Fortunately didn't need to run to one of the properties last night, but I'm going to use my off evening to take care of a few lawn / plumbing things that need attention at the rentals.   

By the way, did you know that you can be a RACC star???  Learn more here:
  • 5h 26m
  • 103.70 miles
  • 19.09 Mi/hr

Logged some miles on the tri bike for the Heatstroke 100 in Burlington with Lori and John. Fun to explore some new roads, but overall I give the event a rating of meh, primarily due to the finish festivities consisting of an igloo cooler full of water. Yeah, exciting isn't it? Had to go directly to get a burrito so I wouldn't try to eat my own thigh or something.

Warm up the first 20 or so, did a few good efforts in the middle. Easy the last 20 miles.

Some good workouts this weekend, and some excitement as well.  Friday night Lori was out of town so I was home all by myself.  I watched the Thurs and Friday TdF stages in their entirety and sat on my ass.  It was wonderful.  Saturday Lori was going straight to the lake so I hitched a ride with my bro and sis in law along with my two nieces and nephew.  And their dog.  We are cruising down the highway about 70 mph and BOOM!  Felt like we had hit something big and sounds like it is being dragged under the van.  Think of the sound of hitting a full size tire laying in the road and then being dragged under a car.  That's what it sounded like.  John manages to get the van to the side of the highway with big clouds of smoke around us, and he and I climb out to see what we hit.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  But, one of the front tires had locked up.  Totally freaky.  Fortunately, we were caravaning with my sister in law's sister in law, and my sister in laws parents.  (Is there an easier way to identify those family relationships?)  We loaded the kids, dog, and sister in law into the other two cars and John and I waited for the tow truck and another bro in law to pick us up.  Some research on the interwebz says that these vans (Honda Odyssey) ocassionally blow up their differential causing both front wheels to lock up at highway speeds.  How the f is this not a recall?  Very dangerous.

So, that was the excitement for the morning Saturday.  The afternoon was swim/run and celebrate grandma's 92nd and niece's 4th birthdays.  Got home around 11:30 as we had to drive a bit extra to drop off the newly-without-van family at home.  Which leads me to...

Got up at the extra early butt crack of dawn this morning because we now had to pick up the bro in law on the way to the ride today.  Had a good ride, dropped Lori and bro in law at Qdoba and went to get gas.  While getting gas, I washed the 193,072 bugs off the windshield from the drive back home, and then drove off.  Without taking the focking gas nozzle out of the car.  I dropped f bombs in front of a couple 12 year old girls when I got out of the car.  Oops.  Walk in, tell lady behind the counter I just tried to drive away with their gas pump, talk to manager, he says don't worry about it, that's why they are break away now.  Whew!

Proceed to bro in laws house to eat burrito and watch todays rather uneventful TdF.  Drive home.  Call from tenant saying she can't get into the garage and is waiting for the other tenant in the duplex to get home and see if together they can't figure it out.  It is 9:10 p.m. and I want to go to bed but have to wait to see if I need to go break into the garage so they can get to work in the a.m.

So that's my weekend.

  • 45m
  • 5.11 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Post swim run w/ Lori.

  • 30m
  • 1650.00 yards
  • 01m 49s /100 yards

OWS! In Waupaca for the day with Lori's fam. Went across Spencer Lake and back with Lori and John.

REST DAY!  I'm kinda excited about it too.  Been up late the last few nights--Wed watching TdF, last night enjoying beer and chili post Bastille storming.  Good times.  Going to try to leave work a bit early today and then watch yesterday and today's tour stages, and go to bed early.  Tomorrow going to be in Waupaca and will get a nice OWS and run in.  Sunday long ride.  Good times!

Hey, have you visited yet???

Rocking RACC gear near the finish of Horribly Hilly this year:
  • 57m
  • 4.10 miles
  • 13m 54s /Mi

1 mile wu at 9:20
48 minute 5k with three beers along the way!

That's what storming the bastille is all about.

  • 36m
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 01m 43s /100 yards

100 cd

Pushed a decent pace, felt good in the water.

So.  I'm racing with a purpose this year, to help in the fight against childhood cancer.  Many of you know cancer has impacted my family--I lost my dad to it and my mom is a survivor.  Cancer has impacted many of us as adults, and the worst is when a child suffers from it.  Please help me in my fight and give to Racers Against Childhood Cancer.  My goal is lofty--because if I raise enough funds Janus will contribute as well.  Wouldn't that be cool?  Here's my fund raising page:

Please help, even if it is $5 or $10.  Of course, if you want to be a RACC star bigger donations are welcome!

Storming the Bastille tonight.  Maybe a swim at lunch.  As much as I love the bike, happy to have a day off from it.

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