Good morning, Thursday.  Sooper busy afternoon on deck at work.  Going to tri to get out to the pool at lunch.  Long-ish run tonight.  Not up for the full 130 minutes, maybe 90 or so.


Awesome tour action the last couple days.  Contador is a stud.  I think his move yesterday just didn't go as planned.  Still makes it easy to hold a grudge against the guy as it really does seem like he all about him and not so much about the team.  Lance clearly still has it.  Yesterday he looked like a spring that was wound up and wanted to release the energy but couldn't due to tactics.
  • 1h 00m
  • 5.25 miles
  • -----

1 wu

  • 5
  • 1.5
    2 x 400 all out
  • 75 cd

  • Ints were all at 8mm pace on the dot. 400's were mucho faster than I thought I was able to do. Right around 1.25's. They were sooper hard.

    A bit muscle sore today from Racine but overall feel good. Once I got warmed up I was feeling pretty strong.

    • 1h 00m
    • 5.25 yards
    • -----
    Good times at Cedarburg last night.  I love bike racing! 

    Track workout tonight.  Possible swim at lunch.

    Do you read Fat Cyclist?  If not, you should.  Fuck cancer.  This is just heart breaking.


    • 1h 15m
    • 21.40 miles
    • 17.12 Mi/hr

    Biking up to Cedarburg, where Lori met us.

    Beers, pizza, hitched a ride home with Lori.

    Wowzers.  I musta been tired.  Got home from the bike/DQ/pizza ride around 8:30 and had a headache.  Took a couple advil and laid down to let it go to work.  Got up at 11:30 for a snack, brush teeth and back to bed.  Up at 6:30 feeling like a million bucks.  Except for the sore legs...  Sleep is goooooood.

    Rriding up to Cedarburg to watch the Super Week crit tonight. 

    • 1h 04m 30s
    • 18.30 miles
    • 17.02 Mi/hr

    Recovery ride. Primary purpose: Go to Dairy Queen. Mmmmm, strawberry cheesquake Blizzard...

    Legs are sore.

    • 12m
    • 600.00 yards
    • 02m /100 yards

    Easy recovery swim.

    But the hot tub after the swim was the hightlight!

    RR is up:

    Good times (literally and figuratively!). 

    • 2h 27m 27s
    • 56.00 miles
    • 22.79 Mi/hr
    • 2h 01m 13s
    • 13.10 miles
    • 09m 15s /Mi
    • 27m 25s
    • 2112.00 yards
    • 01m 18s /100 yards
    My Racine time starts with a 4.  Hells yes!  More later, unless I'm sleeping on the couch, stuffing my face, or watching the tour.

    Yo.  Still suffering from the summer cold.  Hoping a good nights rest tonight helps.  If I feel like I do now on Sunday, the goal will be to just finish.  If I feel better, sub 5:30.


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