I may have mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating.  I love riding my bike.  Yesterday I got home from work and was crabby.  Had planned on swimming but the idea of fighting with a wet suit and putting my face in the water was not appealing.  Cycling, however, sounded like some good therapy to distance myself from work.

Met up with Casey and Greg, a couple of the Tri Wis guys I regularly ride with, and headed out despite storms on the radar.  Went north almost to Thiensville when it started raining pretty good.  Consulted Greg's iPhone under a tree to confirm we were riding into what appeared to be a radish on the radar (we interpreted that to be the worst of the storms) so headed back to the north shore.  We were out of the rain but still surrounded by crap and looking to spend some more time on the bike.  So, we dropped down Beach Road to Lake Michigan and rode end to along the lake oogling the mansions before coming back up the hill and heading toward home.  It was darketey dark and just starting to rain again by the time I rolled up to the house.  Quick change and then headed to Hooligans for some nachos and a burger and beer.  Fantastic Monday night.  Casey is moving to Berkeley this week to go back to school for his JD and masters of public policy.  Gonna miss that guy.  He's entertaining people.

Hitting up the Brewers game tonight with about 30 peeps to send Casey off to Cali with a bang.  We'll be the drunk obnoxious ones in the cheap seats with nary a clue as to what is actually going on in the game.
  • 2h 17m 30s
  • 39.70 miles
  • 17.32 Mi/hr

Fun ride! Some rain. Some dry. Some lightning. Almost epic.

  • 27m 58s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 09m 19s /Mi

Crappy ass lunchtime run. Under caloried.

Rough day for Fatty.  http://www.fatcyclist.com/

I hate cancer.  I can relate to his post today.  When my dad was dying we used a swab to wet his mouth.  One of the last things he said to me was suggesting that I take the print of the Mona Lisa that hangs on the mantle in the living room, turn it sideways, and shake it.  He's been gone over nine years and I still ponder that request.  I've never actually done what he asked.  Maybe I should.

  • 2h 45m
  • 45.00 miles
  • 16.36 Mi/hr

Estimated. Warmed up. Got my ass kicked up and down in a crit. Then went for a leisurely ride. What a great weekend!

  • 1h 02m
  • 18.56 miles
  • 17.96 Mi/hr

A cruise to make sure the legs still worked. Easy 30 minutes, then a couple of one minute efforts to blow the gunk out of the legs. Feel a bit tired but hoping to be firing on all cylinders for the WFB crit tomorrow.

Watched the women's 3/4 and men's Masters races at Humboldt park this morning.  Going to watch the pro 1/2 race at Downer tonight!

  • 28m 48s
  • 3.06 miles
  • -----

Weak sauce, I know. 70% chance I'm doing the Humboldt crit tomorrow morning so I kept it short and easy.

Good morning, Thursday.  Sooper busy afternoon on deck at work.  Going to tri to get out to the pool at lunch.  Long-ish run tonight.  Not up for the full 130 minutes, maybe 90 or so.


Awesome tour action the last couple days.  Contador is a stud.  I think his move yesterday just didn't go as planned.  Still makes it easy to hold a grudge against the guy as it really does seem like he all about him and not so much about the team.  Lance clearly still has it.  Yesterday he looked like a spring that was wound up and wanted to release the energy but couldn't due to tactics.
  • 1h 00m
  • 5.25 miles
  • -----

1 wu

  • 5
  • 1.5
    2 x 400 all out
  • 75 cd

  • Ints were all at 8mm pace on the dot. 400's were mucho faster than I thought I was able to do. Right around 1.25's. They were sooper hard.

    A bit muscle sore today from Racine but overall feel good. Once I got warmed up I was feeling pretty strong.

    • 1h 00m
    • 5.25 yards
    • -----
    Good times at Cedarburg last night.  I love bike racing! 

    Track workout tonight.  Possible swim at lunch.

    Do you read Fat Cyclist?  If not, you should.  Fuck cancer.  This is just heart breaking.



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