• 1h 04m
  • 6.50 miles
  • 09m 51s /Mi

Ran along Lake Superior in the UP. Est. distance.

Susan died yesterday.  Go give Fat Cyclist some support.

This is great.  I'm not Jewish, but I will be perusing this site from time to time:

Off to the U P and Lake Superior for the weekend with Lori's family.  Going to get in a long swim and long ride, probably a medium run.  And a bunch of beer and sitting on the beach. 
  • 2h 10m 01s
  • 12.23 miles
  • 10m 38s /Mi

Well, I have been slacking on the runs, and here's the proof! Gotta get more run miles in over the next four weeks. This was a pretty steady effort until about a mile from the end. Then I hit bonk town, complete with a growling hungry tummy.

Took 32 oz Gatorade Endurance in. Should have eaten a bit of solid food before hitting the road.

Overall felt okay. Legs were tired toward the end and did I mention I was hungry?

  • 1h 44m
  • 36.50 miles
  • 21.06 Mi/hr

Stats from memory, I think they are good though. Wasn't totally feeling it tonight. Rode the second half with Rosshole, good to chat a bit and push each other a bit.

  • 25m
  • 2.50 miles
  • 10m /Mi

POEM. Gotta map it later.

Tons of yard work and house stuff done yesterday, followed up by jumping on a pontoon boat and cruising the river with friends and beers.  So, no long run.  Oops!

Was going to run longer this a.m. but couldn't haul my ass out of bed. 

Golf / work today. 

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