• 36m
  • 10.85 miles
  • 18.08 Mi/hr

Shakin' down the tri bike.

  • 15m
  • 1.70 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Est time and dist, transition run.

  • 18m 41s
  • 1050.00 yards
  • 01m 47s /100 yards

Easy peasy. Likely same effort that I'll put out on race day.

Ahhh...  Had a massage at lunch.  Fantastic!

Short bike and run tonight.

Okay.  Things are looking up.  Felt better yesterday afternoon, a bit worse in the evening, got a good nights sleep, and now feeling okay with only a little gut discomfort this morning.  Appetite is coming back too.  Woot.
Fuck. Me.

I'm sick.  Fine yesterday, at the wife's grandma's place on a lake a couple hours away.  In the car on the way home the tummy was not happy.  A bit of ice cream before bed helped.  But, woke up at 5:30 feeling pukey.  Got up, no pukey, but plenty from the other end.  It's almost noon and all I've had is a bottle of gatorade, a slice of toast, and half a Coke.  Feel tired and, what the fuck, where is all this number two coming from????

Don't know what it is.  Food poisoning?  Lori's grandma thought she was having side effects to some meds she is on.  Symptoms were headache (check), pukey and diahrrea (no and yes), and tired (check).  Did I get the flu or some crap?

I've been feeling confident the last week or two.  Now I am.  Freaking.  Out.

Glad it's a holiday today so I can just lounge all day.
  • 1h 06m 30s
  • 7.20 miles
  • 09m 14s /Mi

Felt pretty damn good for the first five, a bit tired for the last couple.

  • 2h 39m
  • 51.30 miles
  • 19.36 Mi/hr

And that will conclude the cycling part of the show!

Felt pretty good, but not uber strong today. Comfy on the bike. Need to adjust the rear derailleur a bit as it's not up shifting as fast as it should.

  • 40m
  • 2050.00 yards
  • 01m 57s /100 yards

OWS in Lake Michigan.

  • 1h 00m 57s
  • 21.27 miles
  • 20.94 Mi/hr

Shorter than I wanted but it was getting dark! Bike is in IM dress. Race wheels felt great, and did a solid effort for the middle 30 minutes.

Note to self:  Do not send important information before having coffee.  Sometimes I am so stoopid!
Biking tonight.

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