• 1h 36m 41s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 07m 23s /Mi

Great weekend, The Flying Pig Half Marathon is wonderful..well except for the 1 mile hill climb at (I think) at Mile 10...wonderful view of the river..I need to train hills that is for wasn't going up that got me its the going down that killed my calves...I'll get the race report up soon.  Finished 3rd Overall in the Pump and Run Half Marathon, 1st in my age group in the PNR.  Got 50 reps of 65% of my body weight and did 33 curls with 40%? of my body weight. My Half Marathon was 1:36:41 with a 100 minute deduction for my 50 reps.  I felt great the whole way through had to ease up downhill at mile 9 on the way down to finished because of calf cramps.  No complaints, but I do have to figure out the calf happens in every race I've done in the last couple of years.  Here are my splits:

Mile 1---7:55  Mile 2---7:22  Mile 3---7:22  Mile 4---7:11   Mile 5---7:16   Mile 6---7:17  Mile 7---7:48   Mile 8---7:33  Mile 9---7:01  Mile 10---7:47   Mile 11---7:05   Mile 12---7:05   Mile 13---7:17  0.1 Miles---0:37   7:23 Average

21st in Age Group.

  • 10m

50 x 65% of BW Bench
33 x 40% of BW Curls

  • 38m 30s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 09m 38s /Mi
OK..I'm has been the most hectic week and a half around the Craig household.  This always seems to happen in April and May...The L'ville Cup Soccer Tournament was fun.  The boys went 1-1-1 and should have been 2-1 and in the Championship Game, played asleep the first game and tied, that really cost them.  Then the soccer coach got into it with the our Soccer Board and it's a big mess..I've been dealing with that all week..everybody calling about things...talking and having meetings all week with the parents and board..silly..they are 10-11 year old boys!!!!! Let's get on with it...Then running RT to soccer practice/baseball practice and picking up HH at gymnastics..oh yeah we've had some baseball games and a flute concert in there..I guess I need some cheese with that whine...did I mention work, haha, the end of the month blues trying to get things done and in before the end of the month.....Promise after the Flying Pig Half Marathon this weekend I will get back to dutifully inspiring and working out!!! Promise! Thanks for the inspires!! I do really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!

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  • 6.30 miles
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