• 28m
  • 1280.16 meters
  • -----

200 WU

Set #1: 5x100's. Each 100 will be done as 50 free with your hands in fists, followed by a 50 Free with hands normal. The fist drill will teach you to get the most out of your body rotation to get you through the water most efficiently.

Set #2: 5x100's (again!). Each 100 will be done as 50 Finger Tip Drag (drag finger tips on arm recovery) followed by 50 Free. This drill will help you get your elbows out of the water. Don't forget to slice your hands in around your goggle line (or a little in front).

200 CD

I'm 30 now. Good birthday I guess. Lots of work at Tom's lakehouse. Not very relaxing, but still able to get some easy workouts in.

OK, what's up with my Garmin settings? It says I burned 628 calories yesterday in a 3 mile run. That can't be right. BTW, I like it so far. Just need to figure out the multisport function before Sunday.

  • Health data: RHR: 48 Hours slept: 6
  • 25m 47s
  • 3.06 miles
  • 08m 26s /Mi

Maiden voyage of the Garmin. Easy run with Tom after breakfast. Had eaten about a dozen sausage balls and 2 cinnamon rolls an hour to hour and a half earlier, so this was never going to be more than an easy run.

Mile 1 - 8:34
Mile 2 - 8:24
Mile 3 - 8:22
Leftovers - 0:27

  • 1h 04m 02s
  • 13.11 miles
  • 12.28 Mi/hr

Easy ride with Shannon.

Happy birthday to me.

  • 2h 03m 26s
  • 35.10 miles
  • 17.06 Mi/hr

Temp in the mid 70s

Atlanta to Queen City to Bloomburg to Bright Star to the outskirts of Doddridge and back.

Same nutrition plan as HHH - Gel slurps at :15 and :45, Salt pill at :30. Had a 400 cal bottle of HEED. Probably drank half of it.

Dog count : 1
Deer count : 2
Idiot count: 0

  • 39m 55s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 07m 59s /Mi

Brick run

T2: 1:37

Out: 19:12
Back: 20:43

No sloshing in the stomach. Good thing. Had to find a bathroom downtown while I was running on my way out. In case anyone is wondering, the EZ Mart in downtown Atlanta TX does NOT have public restrooms.

Eased up on the second half. Went out faster than I should have. Be nice to have that problem in 8 days...

  • Health data: RHR: 48 Hours slept: 6

Rest day today. Going to be a busy weekend. Heading to Mom and Dad's tonight. Helping move furniture all day Saturday and (oldest brother) Tom's new lake house over by Mt Vernon. Sunday hopefully will be watersports, but it may just be mud sports depending on the lake level. Then it's back home on Monday.

Planned workouts:

  • Saturday - 35 mile ride, 5 mile brick run
  • Sunday - 20-25 mile easy ride with Shannon
  • Monday - 20-25 mile easy ride solo

Oh, and there's something about a birthday of mine on Sunday in a couple of days. Still a couple of shopping days left...

  • Health data: RHR: 56 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 47m
  • 2011.68 meters
  • -----

WARM UP: 400 yards

Set #1: 5x100's. First 50 is Shark Fin drill, second 50 is done as follows: Start as if you are doing shark fin drill, but instead of bringing the hand back after making the shark fin, slice the hand forward (right about at the goggle line) and at the same time, rotate the hips to the other side, and swivel your head to face up position, arm extended. When doing this drill, one arm should be moving forward while the other one moves back. You should never end up with both arms out in front of you. Take a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

Set #2: 12x50's. First 25 is a repeat of the drill you did in Set #1. The second 25 is as follows: Start as you are doing the drill in Set #1. Instead of rolling to face up, roll your hips to 90 degrees, pause and repeat in the other direction, rolling to face up on the side you started. Now you have completed a "double switch."

Set #3: 7x100's. First 50 is a "triple switch". Just add one more switch to the last drill. Second 50 is freestyle, focus on your hand entering in near your goggle line (or a little above that point).

Starting to do bad things. Getting ants in my pants about Prairieman. I told myself I would set no goals other than finish, but last night I caught myself looking at last year's results. I need a kick in the butt or something to remind myself that I'm just doing it to do it, not to meet some arbitrary time goal.

  • Health data: RHR: 52 Hours slept: 6.5
  • 1h 04m 21s
  • 7.72 miles
  • 08m 20s /Mi

Home to park: 21:52 (8:13 pace)
Lap 1: 9:47 (8:09 pace)
Lap 2: 9:50 (8:12 pace)
Park to home 22:51 (8:35 pace)

Able to keep a good pace throughout. A little harder than I'm supposed to go, but it just felt so good out there.

I didn't plan on doing any long runs this week, but HOLY CRAP! It was only 64 degrees this morning. No way was I going to miss a chance to do some running in this weather. It was awesome out there. Almost needed a shirt and some mittens. High today is only supposed to be 90. Wow.

Estimated calories burned: 1131

  • Health data: RHR: 56 Hours slept: 5.5

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