• 2h 00m 25s
  • 10.01 miles
  • 12m 02s /Mi

I went back to bed after seeing that the ride was cancelled and that was so nice. Good sleep. Got up, ate a sandwich and suited up for my long run. Muggy from the storms and in the 80s, but the sun was shining.

This was a SUPER run, and I was surprised with it being my 4th day in a row running. Legs were a bit tired at the beginning but then adjusted. The forecast called for another round of storms so I decided to stay on the Riverwalk - the flat path just a mile or so from my house - in case I needed to run back home in a storm. Lots of people and dogs out and I couldn't believe my miles were coming in under 12 minutes! This made me so happy.

In the last couple of miles, I started to think about how the run will be in Chattanooga. I know the hills are going to be challenging, but I think it's going to be one big party. SO many of my people are going to be there: my Mom and Dad (Dad just got his plane ticket yea!), my sister, my OG Ironbuddy Linda (and Dave!), my new friends in the Atlanta Tri Club (20 racers including my riding buddy, plus a huge contingency of cheerleaders), BT friends, and a bunch of people from Wichita are doing this race. I just have a feeling seeing so many familiar faces on the run is going to propel me forward. I can't wait.

Ride cancelled this morning. Planning on meeting Michele tomorrow for a make-up ride.

  • 45m 02s
  • 3.63 miles
  • 12m 25s /Mi

Lunch treadmill run (3:1) - felt GREAT today! Two in a row?!
I don't know why I didn't make this correlation earlier, but when my feet hurt so bad on the treadmill, it's my freaking SOCKS. The last couple of treaddie runs, I have worn my thinnest running socks and low and behold... no pain. Socks don't seem to affect my outdoor runs, but definitely indoors. Why didn't I realize this sooner?

Weather is looking terribly "iffy" for a long ride tomorrow morning. Been asking in the FB group about go/no-go calls for weather, and it sounds like they will post in FB and send a text if you made a reservation (which I always do) if it's cancelled, but no indication of when. I'm trying to avoid driving an hour away just for them to cancel the ride. But if the ride happens (chance of storms down to 40% now during the morning), Michele and I are planning 70 miles. Then again, weather pending, I'm going to pop over to Red Top for a swim on the way home (I purchased an annual State Park pass last week, I'm gonna use it by gosh!). Which means I'm going to have to pack a pic-a-nic lunch, beverages, etc. in a cooler.

  • 45m 07s
  • 3.74 miles
  • 12m 04s /Mi

Lunch run from home. Worked hard and felt GREAT today! I even ran more up the last hill before home than I ever have before. Yay me!

I will say it again... working from home is such a luxury to not have to scramble to get ready and fight traffic. And I'm able to run outdoors from home, shower and be back online in less than an hour over lunch. I haven't been able to find a good day to do it every week, so that makes it even more of a treat.

  • 1h 20m
  • 21.20 miles
  • 15.90 Mi/hr

Trainer time - still feeling good! Iron-hunger struck today. Couldn't keep full. V hungry.

Tracy DeSoto of DeSoto sports is a gem. We emailed back and forth probably 5 times about the hole in my shorts. We talked about the possibility of a seamstress repairing it, but based on the photos she was leery of anything holding (the hole goes beyond the stitching/seam and into the fabric). Then she sent me a code for 30% off anything I buy from their site in the next 7 days. What personable and customer-friendly service. I'll be ordering my new pair of 400-mile shorts this afternoon.  I remain a big fan!

  • 45m 06s
  • 3.55 miles
  • 12m 42s /Mi

I had plans to run over lunch, but driving into the city and chatting with the tri club guy took way longer than I anticipated. Did this at the pool gym on a treadmill after work. Figured if I was in the pool building, I'd have much less chance of bailing on the swim. Had to poop the whole time.

  • 58m 31s
  • 3200.00 yards
  • 01m 50s /100 yards

Hungry. Should have had more of a snack after work. Loosely followed the masters workout on the white board. Lots of 50s and lots of pull. Stomach growling at the end.

Feel like I have a little support group Wednesday nights at the pool now. I've been going a bit later to avoid the annoying coach who coaches two ladies very loudly, and now I swim every Wednesday with a Dad and his son (maybe 7 years old?) they are adorable. And then every week another under-10 girl gets in and her mom sits in a lawn chair and watches/coaches her. Then after about 30 minutes, Dad joins (I think he is working out). These kids are beasts! They work so hard and are so cute.

For this being my 5th IM training cycle, I feel like I'm spending a lot of money lately. The Roka Skin Swim was kind of a splurge, but I have been sufficiently scared that I won't have enough time on the bike so feel like I need free speed on the swim. That was $175 since the $150 one was sold out. I had bought a new between-the-aerobars bottle (one that lays on the bars instead of dips down) on closeout last year, but didn't realize it didn't come with a mount. So had to buy one ($25). Had to get new running shoes ($100) and new inserts ($60) recently. A couple of new pairs of running shorts since mine were all 10 years old and thread bare ($30 x2). My DeSoto 400-mile shorts have a hole in them (likely a $160 replacement, currently emailing with Tracy DeSoto - they don't even make this variety anymore  they were the "high rise" kind that had the option to fold over for "low rise" - I prefer the high rise). And today I'm going to pick up some tri club branded gear - at the very least a run singlet, which will probably be $40, and a $25 hat/visor, etc. (update - spent $100 on a run top, a pre-race cotton tank and a hat - couldn't bring myself to spend another $200 on a full tri kit).

I realize I chose every one of these decisions, and to race in the first place, but hoping that is the last of the big purchases for awhile. The other, slightly-less-but-still-annoying new cost is gas to drive to ride and swim. Each time I go up to Cartersville to ride or Red Top to OWS it's a minimum of 2 hours of driving. 

  • 1h 15m
  • 19.60 miles
  • 15.68 Mi/hr

Trainer after work

The drama situation came up in my 1:1 with my boss today, and she told me that things were either going to change with this guy or he wouldn't be working here anymore. We had a good discussion on the specific issue that was going on yesterday and how to help the team manage those things better going forward. The biggest point I tried to drive home with her was that we need to be working better as a team, not get personally offended if someone disagrees or gives feedback, and above all be mature and professional. She mentioned more than once how much she appreciated my maturity and how I've handled all of this. She's in a tough place trying to manage a 40-year-old man child on her team. I don't envy her. 

  • Yoga
  • 21m

There is SO much drama going on in my work team - with the guy who isn't nice to me (because he can't take feedback and acts like a child). There was a big blow up Friday afternoon between him and our boss, and Christina got the details and shared with me. I could hear the argument going on from behind the closed door and was shocked he was raising his voice at his own boss so brazenly. Nearly yelling. I have zero clue how this guy still has a job. Zero. 

I have always patted myself on the back for not getting involved in work drama, but I am totally sucked into this situation because it is DIRECTLY affecting me and my job. I also feel very strongly that good bosses 1) give second chances, but 2) know when to part ways with an employee. I am starting to lose hope that this guy will ever be shown the door and we will have to deal with him for the rest of our careers here. I have a feeling after Friday's blow up, our bosses boss getting back from vacation today and the fact that this guy tried to make a childish point by CLEARING OUT HIS ENTIRE OFFICE (that was CHOCK FULL of movie memorabilia - it was inferred that this obsession was affecting his reputation, which is not untrue) will jump start conversations. 

  • 4h 25m 28s
  • 64.02 miles
  • 14.47 Mi/hr

3,090 feet of climbing.

What a great ride! First, I was actually in bed at 8:30 p.m. last night, but my neighbors were having a loud yard-game type of party and they didn't go inside till around 10. Then I couldn't fall asleep! Got probably 5 hours, and was worried about this.

Up at 5 a.m., out the door before 6, and at the ride start right at 7 a.m. (exactly a 1-hour drive, bleh). Hung out with Michele and a bunch of tri club folks before the start - very laid back and fun atmosphere. Weather was 100% overcast and threatening to rain.

Off we went - I stuck with a pack of 5 or 6 people for the entire first leg, until the first SAG stop at mile 20. I had planned to stop at each station and re-fill the one water bottle I had on me (the other cage was Infinite - had a user error installing my new aerobottle last night). Actually used the restroom at this first stop and noticed that my beloved DeSoto 400 Mile shorts have developed a HOLE in the inner thigh where the stitching came unravled. DANG, these were my race shorts!! Michele told me that there was like 1 pair of size Small tri club branded DeSoto 400 mile shorts left, and I may buy them, but I want to email DeSoto to see if they will send me another pair. This is (I think!) the 2nd season I've trained/raced in these! Also, fun fact about this event, it is open to roller bladers/skaters. There were about 5 skaters I saw at the start, and the fast one passed me before mile 10. PASSED me. Going up a hill. Is there a professional circuit for ultra rollerbladers or something??

The next SAG station was mile 34, then the last at mile 50 - which is where the start was. My route was a 50-mile loop, then a 14-mile loop. Since it was so overcast, I didn't wear my sunglasses AT ALL until mile 50 when the sun started peeking out. Most of the ride was very drippy and wet with the fog, humidity and barely spitting mist in the air. The last 14-mile loop I was all on my own, but this course is advertised as the "best marked course you'll ever ride or your money back" - ha! And it was true. SUCH well marked turns, even with 5 different distances going on at the same time. They even had double X marks if you missed a turn so you'd know.

Finished up with pretty much full sun and feeling awfuly proud that I conquered 3,000 feet of climbing. Still not loving or used to all of the hills, but it's getting better each time.

Nutrition: 3 servings Infinite, 2 GF Honey Stinger waffles

  • 20m 02s
  • 1.61 miles
  • 12m 26s /Mi

Re-filled my water, changed into my running shoes and headed out. Full sun, hot, 95ish degrees. Quads protested loudly for the first half mile, then settled down. Of course this little stretch was hilly haha, and I only walked a little bit. My plan said 30 minutes, but I decided that was a typo :)

Back at home base, I towelled off, washed my hands and decided to stay and eat the BBQ lunch they were cooking. I had a hamburger patty, a hot dog, a little bag of chips and a Coke. So good. Then I grabbed another little bag of chips and another Coke for the road. Very worried about the drive home, but with my chips, Coke and the waffle I planned to eat right before the start but forgot, it kept me busy enough to not fall asleep.

However, my contacts kept fogging over and I could hardly see clearly at all. My eyes get irritated on rides sometimes and they start producing gunk afterwards. I think this was exasperated since I didn't wear sunglasses today.

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