• 1h 46m 53s
  • 25.68 miles
  • 14.42 Mi/hr

First ride outdoors this year! Drove to the Silver Comet Trail to ease into things. Going at 2:30 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon is a very congested time. So much stoppage and slowing down, but it was nice to see so many people on the trail. I also forgot to re-engage auto-pause on my Garmin, so this includes some stoppage time.

Irritated that my gears and shifting is wonky again. Only a few gears in the big chain ring were "smooth" - everything else was slipping or rattling like crazy. I guess I will take it back to the shop for the 3rd? 4th? time in less than a year for these same issues. It kind of makes me just want to get a new bike, but that's silly.

  • 12m 58s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 12m 50s /Mi

After getting home and changing - with Ellie Mae. SOOOO many people and dogs out - even on my "less congested" route. She is less barky when she's running, but we had to stop twice to say hello to other dogs. One was a black lab mixed with something short like dachshund or corgie. Such a weird looking dog haha!

  • 1h 00m 59s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 12m 12s /Mi

Good run! Sunny and 68 degrees. The plan I wrote for myself had me in recovery this week, so only a 3-mile Run today, but that was a little too conservative.

  • 31m 11s
  • 1600.00 yards
  • 01m 57s /100 yards

Crowded pool. Guy in the next lane kept coming over to my lane to hang out on the wall, then go back to his lane and swim. Then the staff was vacuuming the pool (only in my lane??) and I kept swimming in to the equipment cord. Finally someone in the middle lane left and I wasted no time snagging that lane.

  • Walking
  • 11m

  • 30m 08s
  • 2.55 miles
  • 11m 49s /Mi

Lunch run - feeling GREAT this week!

  • Walking
  • 14m

Didn’t get to leave work early so moving the swim to tomorrow. Ellie Mae walk was a hot mess. 2 poop bag stations were out of bags, and she pooped right in front of one of them. Walked to a 3rd station then back to pick up the poop. Then we walked by a very still, statue-esque 100 lb bloodhound. Literally the second it’s owner said “he won’t do anything” the dog lunged and went towards Ellie Mae. The owner had to run up and get the bloodhound because she wasn’t even holding the leash. Everyone was fine, but it was Wildly irritating.

Worked late last night and had a 7:30 meeting this morning  but I am overly caffeinated so it's all good. Going to use that as an excuse to slip out a little early and head to the pool. 

In other news, Christina decided to come to the Lady Gaga concert in Las Vegas with me, yay! She also wants to do a beach vacation in June, and because of her MS, she's anxious about traveling alone - she's asked if I wanted to go with her. I could probably do a long weekend in June, since that would be a re-set training time in between my 70.3s.

This is going to sound weird, but I'm mildly concerned about the optics of going on two vacations this year with a co-worker - everyone knows we're good friends, but my concern is that my next career move will likely be to the role of her boss (even if she gets promoted). I just don't want the people making decisions to use that against me; the dynamic of being friends with your boss/direct reports is sticky sometimes.

  • 45m
  • 11.88 miles
  • 15.84 Mi/hr

Headache-y trainer ride.

  • 30m 07s
  • 2.54 miles
  • 11m 51s /Mi

Good lord how many times am I going to forget my socks?!

  • Walking
  • 12m

Ellie Mae

These earrings I've got on today are FIRE! They've been on my Rocksbox wish list for months, and I finally got them. Kate Spade has some questionable jewelry at times, but these are perfect. I will be returning them next week as they cost $88 to keep 

Run over lunch and a spin at home tonight. Starting dem two-a-days.

  • 30m 35s
  • 2.53 miles
  • 12m 05s /Mi

Felt great tonight! Temps in the 60s and sunny - so nice.

Sport #1
  • T25
  • 25m

Speed 1.0 - one of my favs!

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 15m

With Ellie Mae

Glorious work from home day today -- I literally slept until almost 9 a.m. and gosh that is just so nice to wake up naturally, not have to rush, not get dressed or put on makeup - aahhh. Love spending the day snuggled up with Ellie Mae, too, she's so stinking sweet!

Southwest Airlines finally released their October schedule, so I went ahead and booked a flight to Las Vegas to go to the Lady Gaga jazz/piano concert on Oct. 20! Southwest was a few hundred bucks less than Delta (plus they have free ticket changes), and those are the only two airlines I'm flying these days. Paid way too much for a single Gaga ticket but it will be a total bucket list experience for me. This may be in lieu of a Europe trip this year, but #WorthIt. 

  • 11m 41s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 11m 34s /Mi

Lunch treadmill run. Feeling better today. I never use this as an excuse, but I was seriously PMS-ing over the weekend and yesterday, so my crankiness (and bloat) makes sense. I actually felt GREAT today! Spinning on the trainer tonight.

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.45 miles
  • -----


  • Walking
  • 26m

Incline treadmill + Ellie Mae walk

Saw today that my (parent) company is sponsoring VeloCity Atlanta, which has some great route options, on May 4. If I join through Team Cox, the $125 registration fee is waived . It looks like this is a fundraising ride and the recommended amount is based on which route you do. But doesn't look like the amount is "required?" A bit confused on that. But my plan calls for a 4-hour ride that weekend (peak training week before Chatt 70.3) so I'm going to do the 62-mile route. It's the weekend after Tour de Cure so back-to-back weekend events, but it will certainly get me my miles and elevation.

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