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It was interesting catching up with a college friend last night. Her husband is the new GM for the Atlanta Hawks, and they moved here last summer from Oakland (he was with the Warriors previously). She is still a down to earth person, but we live vastly different lives I'll just put it that way!

Despite the team losing, it was fun to roll with her and get the VIP treatment. Valet parking in player/family garage, private entrance under the arena, pre-game and half time in the private lounge with all the free food and drink, great seats, the whole thing. We ran out of things to talk about multiple times, but still nice to see a friendly face from my past. Since I had to leave work a little bit early to make it to her house (in Buckhead. So freaking fancy) and didn't get home till 11, I'm so glad my week of TOO MANY SOCIAL THINGS is over and I can rest until Sunday. 

Quick 2-mile run (WITH MY NEW GARMIN) tonight, packet pick up tomorrow.

Super tired today - stayed out too late with my friend Javier who was in town from Vegas. I'm too old for this!

I am a little embarrassed about how much I just spent on one ticket to the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert in August... I had a pre-sale code but was stuck in a meeting this morning  so when I got online, there was only ONE pre-sale ticket option left in the nosebleeds, 300-level, 24th row (It's like signing up for an Ironman 10 years ago!). I thought, OK, I can watch Beyonce from the nosebleeds in Mercedes Benz Stadium - but by the time I clicked purchase, they were gone. So I bought a verified re-sale ticket in the 100-level , bit of a splurge, and not sure if the prices are totally inflated today or if that will be the norm. But I am not going to let Beyonce come to my city and not see her! Bucket list! OMG I'm so excited! 

Also, hallelujah. Sunday's forecast has shifted and it's looking like cloudy skies early, followed by partial clearing, high near 70. Rain won't come till early evening. 

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Outdoors, 50ish degrees. Not a great day at work. Having issues with - of all people - my former VP from Oklahoma. She's completely going around a process me and my team have set up and it's so frustrating. Because she knows exactly what she's doing, but she can do it because there's no reporting structure from her team to our team. It's even more irritating since she was the one preaching how the Atlanta team needed someone like me to re-do and organize all of the processes, but when I did, she ignored them.

Had a mild freak out when a super shady drunk guy crossed the street and fell into step directly behind me as I was walking up a hill right before my turnaround. When I kind of glanced back at him, he started talking jibberish about racing me up the hill and was like "come on, come on, let's go!" Luckily that was right at my turnaround but after my day today I was not in the mood.

RACE WEEK! And the forecast is showing rain. Of course. It rains Every. Freaking. Weekend. In. Atlanta. I'll definitely be doing gear check with dry clothes for afterwards.

I really just want to chill out this week, but I am going to dinner with a friend who is in town tomorrow night, then to the Hawks game with my college sorority sister Thursday. I guess I can relax Friday and Saturday before the marathon on Sunday. The introvert in me is pissed I made so many plans this week.

YAY ordered a new Garmin today when I saw that the 735XT comes in black and coral. I had been eyeing this one, and got some birthday money, plus it took over an hour to sync my old unit last night and that frustrated me to no end. Arrives Thursday.


Travel day back to Atlanta with my parents.

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Great, FLAT run before the rain started. Ran from the VRBO condo we rented to Orange Beach and back. MY PACE!

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Cool down walk on the beach.

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