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Shana's lunch spin class - 90s throw down edition. I don't love Dave Matthews Band or Pearl Jam, but the other songs were fun (Will Smith, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc.). Took it a little easy knowing I have a long run tomorrow.

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After spin class.

Totally on a whim yesterday, I submitted an application to adopt an older dachshund in Tallahassee. My sister sent me the post, and my heart strings about broke. She's 8 years old, so obviously you go into that knowing you only have a few years. But sounds like she's house trained and crate trained and loves to snuggle. I'm trying not to get my hopes up TOO much, because I know how stingy people who make adoption decisions can be, but look at her! My heart.

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Logged out right at 5 pm so I could get a treadmill. It worked! Legs a bit tired tonight.

While I'm not doing Whole30 this round 100% by the books, I'm eating 100% compliant ingredients and today I was able to wear a sweater that I wasn't comfortable wearing over the holidays. It's a White House lightweight sweater and a bit "fitted," so the pounds around my stomach stuck out and didn't look good a month ago. But today, it looks great!

Having done three rounds of following every rule (except weighing myself... I feel strongly that seeing my weight every few days is a motivator for me personally and I know W30 is not a weight-loss program, etc.), I felt like this time I could bend a little bit on the non-ingredient things. So I'm not eating three meals a day. I did that a couple of days at the start, and it is just not the way I'm wired. I can't even drink coffee first thing in the morning. And I'm chewing gum (GASP!). Since gum has (sugar free) sweetener in it, it's a no-no on the program, but it's not a trigger for me. It actually helps me run better when I chew it on the treadmill. So... all that to say that a few of the more arbitrary rules of the program have not hindered my progress with this round. I'll weigh myself tomorrow, but so far I'm down 4-5 pounds since Jan. 1. 

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I was able to get outdoors right after I logged off from home at 5 p.m. today, so this was a real treat. 50 degrees at the start, temp definitely dropped during and my hands were pretty cold at the end. But a clear sky and beautiful sunset. It was lovely.

Needed this work-from-home day. Monday and Tuesday were a challenge. Both days have been filled with an enormous volume of tasks, details, projects, emails and interruptions. Normally I don't get phased by people popping in or IMing me, but this week there's been a wild uptick. Literally couldn't spend a continuous 10 minutes working on any one thing due to all of the interruptions.

Also running into a few "pick your battles" moments, which irritate me. I grasp the notion of picking your battles, but it's frustrating when the ones you let go aren't necessarily your decision and will end up reflecting poorly on you (ME). There was one instance yesterday, it's actually Christina's project but I've helped a lot, and I encouraged her to push back when she was told that "the train already left the station." I said it has absolutely not left the station (literally we hadn't published yet) and we should be able to raise our hands and say hey, this is not our best work, we can and should do better. This was after our boss 100% agreed with our assessment, but only changed her tune after her boss was very dismissive of everything. Christina ended up pushing back, and they're going to re-visit it. Why does it have to be that difficult?

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Had to wait for a treadmill again, even though I didn’t get down to the gym till after 6 pm. So many people huffing and puffing hot air everywhere!

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Had to wait for a treadmill.

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Long run. Waited for it to warm up to the forecasted 48 degrees but it never did. 42 ish and spitting rain. Again. Dreary and fog sitting on the river, which was actually really neat. Remembering my gloves made this a good run.

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