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Lookie there! Proud of myself for getting out of the house. Swimming was perfect and just what I needed.

Eh, no go on the guy last night. We didn't seem to click at all, and he just wasn't very interested in me. He was extremely casual, literally laid back in his chair with his arms crossed. Like he wasn't putting in much effort. He did ask some questions as we went back and forth, but was generally negative about most things (Do you like your job? Eh, it's OK, shrug. Do you like living in Atlanta? Not really, I'd like to move, shrug. He was an excessive shrugger.). And then started talking about politics a bit... which all though I agreed with his general comments, the way he brought it up and started calling names turned me off. He asked for the check before he was done with his drink and paid... then got up saying he was getting hot from the heat lamps and asked if I wanted him to walk me to my car. No buddy, I'm fine. 

This is going to sound arrogant, but I've NEVER been on a date where the guy wasn't interested in me or where he wanted to leave so badly. I guess I'm not everyone's cup of tea, LOL!

Oh goodness, my boss's boss (the woman who hired me) told me this morning that she has breast cancer. She is going to have a double mastectomy and will be out for most of the rest of the year. I hate news like this. 

Tour de Cure Atlanta just announced their 2019 event will be April 27, so I can do both that and Chattanooga! I have this wil idea that for my 10-year Tour anniversary, I want to raise $1,000. Think I can do it?! 

In other news, I am going on a Bumble date tonight. Mildly excited. I like the guy on paper and through messaging so far. It's not until 8 p.m. which made me audibly sigh a little, but it's not too far away from me so no 45-minute haul into the city or anything. 

Travel day back home.

Finally cooling off in Atlanta. Could have done some sort of exercise in the evening, but was fixated on the book I bought at the airport (Red Clocks)... from Amazon: "In an alarming peek into a dystopian future, a group of women navigates family and motherhood in an America that has outlawed abortion, in vitro fertilization, and adoption by single women. Each of the interwoven story lines is complex and heartbreaking in its own way, and overall it's a fascinating and unsettling exploration of the limits society can place on women's bodies."

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Conference in the morning, then I went to the Cuban restaurant I'd been to before for lunch and walked around Times Square for awhile. Worked for a bit in the hotel room before meeting up with Atlanta co-workers for dinner and Mean Girls show on Broadway. It was really great!

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Full day at the conference. Most of it was great, and I got to catch up with former co-workers. Had dinner with a handful of them, then walked around Times Square looking at all of the fake bags and wallets with Andi before we met up with her husband.

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Travel day to NYC. Walked about a mile each way to a place that had great gluten free wood fired pizza.

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