• 31m 19s
  • 2.30 miles
  • 13m 37s /Mi

Longer test run. I could feel my ankle every step so took it way easy. Pine cones everywhere lol! Did a mile out and back, then ran Ellie Mae up to the mailbox before walking back. Nice to be outside even though it wasn’t quite 50 degrees.

  • Walking
  • 10m

Back from the mail box plus a little extra.

  • 33m 23s
  • 1700.00 yards
  • 01m 58s /100 yards

Friday night swimming.. and my ankle is markedly better! I was able to do normal swimming and didn’t have to only pull the whole time. Whoop!

Had some mild pain in my ankle all night - not sure if I pushed too hard on the trainer or if that's part of the normal healing process. The bruising on the side of the ankle is almost gone, but had a blue blob spread onto the top of my foot this week - weird. Walking 95% normal now - just going down stairs are a little slow still. Planning on a more substantial run tomorrow but not sure how far I should push it. 2-3 miles?

Had my 2019 performance review this morning - heavy contributions from my former boss and then a bit from my new boss. Ended up with a "superior" rating, which is a step above "successful" - which will likely mean a better than average raise come March. My new boss is so great - she mentioned that since she knows how I prefer to receive praise, she included quips from an email one of my new senior stakeholders sent when I was interviewing for the role. It was so neat to see the things she had said about me. It's really nice to have a leader who pays attention to those kids of things and flexes her leadership style. What a concept 

Last random-ness for the day - nerdy nerd nerd style. Here's the volume graph for my IMWI training plan. I think it's in a good place - thoughts?

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.57 miles
  • -----

Trainer after logging off of work. Heart rate got high at the end - maxed at 161!

  • Walking
  • 09m

Ellie Mae

Turns out that I do need to travel next week after all - but only for one night now and not the whole week. Scrambling to find a dog sitter at the last minute. I would have paid for one night of my normal gal, but she is booked already. I think I found someone - we have a meet and greet scheduled for Saturday. It will be nice to have another choice - all though she is still $40/night. I'm willing to pay that if she doesn't raise her prices every other month.

My co-worker mentioned she boards her dog for $36/night, which doesn't include 1:1 time or extra walks, plus she has to drive back and forth to the facility (which in ATL probably means an hour of driving round trip - twice). So I think $40 is in line with fair market pricing, especially when Ellie Mae gets to stay home and gets 1:1 attention. 

OMG now I'm not going. This back and forth stuff drives me batty. They got it covered with people who were already going to be there. Cancelled the dog sitter meet and greet - she probably thinks I'm such a flake.

  • 05m 52s
  • 0.50 miles
  • 11m 44s /Mi

Trying so hard not to push it. Just a little test - ginger, cautious running. Felt good. Ankle is tight and complains if I move it to the side too much. But this was just fine.

Sport #1
  • Walking
  • 20m


Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 08m

Ellie Mae. She got into a barking match with a chocolate lab lol

Last night since it was so cold, I super gingerly jogged a few steps with Ellie Mae on her walk. THUMBS UP! I don't want to go running 10 miles today or anything (still a twinge of pain here and there), but I did bring my workout clothes and will try a lil' something over lunch. 

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.34 miles
  • -----

Trainer before bed. Feeling stronger.

  • Walking
  • 06m

Brisk dog walk. It’s cold here.

  • 15m

Upper body seated

  • Walking
  • 15m

Bundled up in the 30 degree wind chill for a leisurely but longer walk. Covered more than 1/2 mile with just a twinge of pain in the ankle.

Removed the Tallahassee half marathon from my planned races ^, sad face. Stupid pine cone. Sad to not be running, but I gotta be smart and keep my eyes on September.

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