• 30m 38s
  • 2.50 miles
  • 12m 15s /Mi

After a volunteer morning with my work team, lunch and a nap! In between rain storms, perfect temps at 60 degrees.

  • Walking
  • 13m

With Ellie Mae

  • 45m
  • 11.92 miles
  • 15.89 Mi/hr

First ride with the new position and new saddle. Crazy odd feeling. Sitting up so high! Which I think I can get used to, but not sure about the saddle. Definitely painful, but maybe because I didn’t use any chamois cream or body glide? I’ll try that next time. Things were pretty red and angry though.

  • 30m 05s
  • 2.57 miles
  • 11m 42s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Felt super fresh today. It's a recovery week!

  • Walking
  • 14m

A two poop walk with Ellie Mae! Lol

I survived my TWO social outings last night - always good to catch up with my buddy from Kansas, and the date was good. I got caught up in traffic (I should know better) and unintentionally made him wait, but what are you gonna do. We sat outside and chatted for about 2 hours. Probably would have stayed longer, but I was worried about Ellie Mae not having a potty break for 12 hours (and I put her on new food this week. She was fine BTW). I'm not looking for things to be wrong, but one of the not great things is this guy lives 50 miles away from me - literally 50 miles. I feel bad that both times we've gone out, he's driven to my neighborhood, but honestly... I'm not chomping at the bit to drive out to his. Maybe next time I'll suggest we meet in the middle and do something in the city.

BIKE IS READY so I will pick her up tonight. Excited about the new position and new saddle and whatnot. Planning to ride in Cartersville Sunday to test it outdoors.

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.70 miles
  • -----

Bike is still in the shop, so I hit up a lunch time spin class. This instructor loves to just sprint for an entire song, or stand for an entire song. No drills (except for up/down for an entire song), no build or recover, it's weird. And he sings/raps to the songs like he's at a karaoke bar. Karaoke is one of my least favorite things in the world, so this was not a treat.

  • 12m 11s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 12m 11s /Mi

Treadmill after spin class. Wanted to get everything in over lunch as I'm doing TWO SOCIAL THINGS TONIGHT (SEND HELP!). Going to a quick happy hour after work with a Kansas buddy who is here for training, and then meeting up with that Bumble guy from the other week.

  • 31m 22s
  • 2.51 miles
  • 12m 29s /Mi

The most gorgeous spring day.

Sport #1
  • T25
  • 25m

Gamma rip’t up.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 13m

Ellie Mae

  • 12m 48s
  • 1.02 miles
  • 12m 33s /Mi

With Ellie Mae

  • T25
  • 25m

Beta speed

Photos from Saturday night! It was a “hot pink party” for a local charity, so the dress code was cocktail with a splash of pink. Hilariously, there were 3 ladies in my dress and 3 ladies in Christina’s dress! My dress group got a photo LOL! Great minds I guess!

  • 1h 44m 10s
  • 8.00 miles
  • 13m 01s /Mi

Didn’t feel my best after staying out very late last night. But the important thing is that I got this done! Warm and sunny until it rained for the last mile.

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