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Jock jams a la 1997 for the play list tonight! Fun! Except when on the first song the yoga instructor from the next room came in and told us to turn the music down hahaa! Whoomp there it is!

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Quick mile after spin class

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Tunnels - long route

I forgot to feed Baron last night - again. After Bentley's 4:30 a.m. feeding (don't ask) Baron's stomach was gurgling and growling so loud I couldn't go back to sleep. Then it hit me that I never fed her dinner. Poor baby, she is such a sweet dog she didn't even care. I felt so bad, and couldn't sleep due to the noise, so I got up and fed her right then. She also did not want to go back to her crate so we had a slumber party in the bed. Silly dog.

Unrelated, I made these low-carb Red Lobster-type biscuits yesterday. Super delish. I think my palate is overly sensitive to coconut... I could tell there was coconut flour in the recipe (only 2Tbs for the whole batch) but if I hadn't made it myself I wonder if I would have noticed. These would be insane with some bacon and chives inside.

Gratitude Day 18: Life's little surprises. Found out Brian is getting back from Dubai a day early!

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Treadmill due to 30-40mph sustained winds. SUSTAINED! Crap is flying everywhere outside. Not a bad run though, feel like each time these get a little easier.

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Dog walking

Gratitude Day 17: My Mom. The epitome of a wonderful human being. Compassionate, selfless, fiercely loyal. Beautiful inside and out. My hero. I will happily admit that I'm a mama's girl, without reservation. Here we are at the game yesterday!

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Extreme Ride - this used to be Heidi's class but not any more. Still loved it. A few too many breaks for me but great music and great sets. NO jumps haha!

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Super brisk walking with my Mom to and from the arena

Girls. If you have not discovered E.L.F. cosmetics at Target I'm telling you to check them out next time you are there! SUPER cheap makeup and skin care and it's good stuff. Like - $2 eyeshadow quads, $1 blushes/bronzers, that kind of thing. Even makeup brushes for $2 and $3. My favorite eyeshadows are E.L.F. now, and I was able to experiment with bronzer (was SO scared of it) without breaking the bank. Yesterday I bought a makeup primer - some sort of serum that you put on before your makeup to prevent the makeup from falling into your wrinkles and such (I've seen super pricey alternative brands) and it is amazing. It cost $3. Get some! Even if you don't like something you buy you're only out a few bucks per experiment. I have loved every product i've bought. 

Gratitude Day 16: College basketball! I don't know where my love for college basketball developed (never played or anything) but boy do I love watching it. It helps when your team is good, but even when they aren't, I'm still glued to the TV for March Madness every year. Heading out to see the game with my Mom in a few. Go Shox :)

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Quick treadmill run

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Gratitude Day 15: Cooking and baking! My parents let me experiment in the kitchen to my little heart's desire growing up - I made a lot of really bad baked goods as I was trying to make things without flour. But my love for making things in the kitchen has grown into a hobby that relaxes me and one I crave. Tonight I made a lovely low-carb pizza (crust involved eggs, cream cheese, cream and parmesan cheese) and topped it with a topping combination from my favorite local pizza joint - the White Delight. Alfredo sauce, onion, green pepper, chicken and bacon. And more cheese. So good and fulfilling!

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Treadmill run/walk. Had no desire to do this but made myself since I ate some Snickers :)

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Throwback Thursday! It's winter - and my sister and I have been preparing since childhood. I think I am laughing because we feel like Ralphie and Randy from the Christmas Story movie - this get-up was hand-knitted by some family member and we were forced to model everything for a photo. Also I am not sure if I was rocking a modified mullet or it's just the hat making my hair look like that. 

Gratitude Day 14: My SEEEEESTER (see above! Also BrendaK here on BT)! While other girlfriends come and go throughout my life, she will always be my constant. My friend. My family. Life could not have given me a better sister. 

Decided at the last minute to skip spin class so I could spend a few extra hours with Brian before he leaves for Dubai for a week. Totally worth it.

Gratitude Day 13: Good sleep in a comfy bed. Aaaah.

Wooo-eee tired today. Last night it was supposed to be just me and Brian but Preston was really upset he wasn't going to the game (the MIDNIGHT to TWO A-M game on a SCHOOL NIGHT to be clear). Brian felt so bad that he wrangled another ticket with ours  - tickets that had been upgraded to floor seats behind the bench - and picked him up. No biggie, this kid is a trooper and loves basketball. He'll be fine.

We left at half time.

I was a little frustrated since we had such rock star seats and the game was CLOSE at half time! But in the end it was the right balance for the three of us. Stayed up to watch the end of the game on TV and didn't get to sleep till 3 a.m. 

Gratitude Day 12: Coffee.

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