STILL SICK. This is a record length sickness for me.
I was up literally all night coughing. The second I would feel the Nyquil pulling me under, I would get a coughing attack. Had to get up multiple times to get water, make hot tea, get a cough drop, breathe. I don't know what to do.

Edit: I have an appointment in person with the PA tomorrow morning for both my cough and my dermatology medication. I actually like the PA better than the doc so this worked out well. I am going to kindly request some codeine. 

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Still coughing intensely. Started antibiotics last night and switched from Delsym to Nyquil/Dayquil. And I KNEW the doc would get me in there somehow. She denied my referral request for my annual dermatologist appointment, which was to be today. Requested that I "follow up" with her instead. So dumb. I would much rather see a specialist that SHE REFERRED me to, than her - who could not begin to treat my skin issues years ago. 

Down on the scale again (125.4) - to my goal weight, without any exercise for a week. Yay?

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Called the doc and they are sending out a prescription for an antibiotic (without seeing me!). I was hoping for codine but maybe they are seeing something going around that needs antibiotics. I just want to stop coughing. 

In better news, I am down on the scale (126.6) even with eating comfort carbs last week. This makes me happy.
Also I figured out how to curl my shorter hair into "waves" - I like!


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Deep and intense cough last night and this morning. Took Delsym and a melatonin and the coughing still kept me up till midnight. Got up and made some hot tea and sucked on a cough drop and finally got some sleep. Going to go to the doc if it's still this bad tomorrow.

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Going to the WSU basketball game at 1:00 then plan on just chilling the rest of the day. It's mainly just throat and cough, not much nasal stuff. But it sucks.

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SICK. I laid in bed till around 8:00 this morning then decided to come into work. I feel like crap, but not crappy enough to spend the whole day in bed. 

I ordered a bunch of Christmas presents on Cyber Monday and have only received one thing. I looked at the shipping and tracking information and it appears it was ALL delivered on Dec. 5 or 6. Thinking the packages got stolen off my porch while I was house-sitting at Brian's that week. Going to have to call the stores and see what I can do. 

Update. what a mess.
Package #1 - showed delivered to my front porch Dec. 6 by US Postal Service. They want me to call the post office to see if they somehow still have it but if they don't I will have to re-purchase. Thinking of just buying in person so I don't have to deal with it. Already invested 35 minutes on hold for this gift. 
Package #2 - showed delivered to front porch Dec. 6 by FedEx. They are shipping out a replacement, not sure if I am paying again - I did not think to ask at the time.
Package #3 - showed delivered to front porch Dec. 6 by UPS and is now out of stock so they are refunding my credit card. 

Since it was THREE different carriers I can't blame them. It appears someone stole the packages from my front porch last Friday. I hope they enjoy their assortment of apparel ranging from womens petite size 4 to mens XL! I love Christmas so much! 

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Sick today - winter cold type of stuff. Slept about 14 hours last night and hung out in bed all morning. Took a bunch of medicine and a long shower and felt good enough to come into work for the afternoon. 

Wow looking at my logs, EXACTLY one year ago I was also sick. Same day/week in December. Creepy weird!

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