My former boss (the one who all but tried to get me fired earlier this year) just said this:
The process is that we don't always follow the process.

Think I'm going to be fine for the marathon, my left knee was just banged up from the 20-miler and then running on it through the week ignoring pain. Probably should have been icing it this whole time. Not sure how to handle my runs this week, maybe aqua jog (shudder)?

My butt muscles are feeling yesterday's power walk! 

Brian gets home this afternoon, happy happy happy! I only forgot to feed his dog twice, and also twice ignored her muddy play area outside and had to give her two baths, hilarious. 

  • 2h 16m 18s
  • 8.09 miles
  • -----

My left knee is buggered. I knew in the first minute I couldn't run 12 today so I walked an equivalent time. Tried to power walk, didn't feel very fast though. Enjoyed the perfect sunny day and tried not to get down about my knee.

  • 29m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards

Had a fun time just swimming and not stressing about time or pace or distance. No hot water in the showers made before and after chilly!

  • 57m 45s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 11m 33s /Mi

Went ahead and knocked this out as soon as I got home from work - not terrible! Super windy again but I stayed on an east/west path so all cross wind tonight.

  • Walking
  • 14m

Dog walking - turned on my Garmin to see how long my route was. It's .60 miles.

  • My phone service is being transferred to a (used) iPhone 5 today - finally. I feel slightly bad since it's the phone of a co-worker who got laid off. But it got transferred to me and my 4 was on AT&T which simply doesn't work at my house - sometimes in ONE room it does but for the most part I am clinging onto 1 bar or roaming at home. Or it will drop half of my calls, not sent texts, etc. Switching to Verizon plus get a newer-technology phone - dude is even going to load iOS7 for me. Got a sweet cover already - it's mint green with a vintage bike on it :)
  • Not sure what to do this weekend. I may or may not do my scheduled 5- mile run tonight. If my left knee is bad I will bag it in favor for being fresh for 12 miles on Sunday. Might swim some laps?
  • I am down 1.4 lbs from last week's weigh-in. Progress.

  • 1h 23m 28s
  • 7.03 miles
  • 11m 52s /Mi

Crazy windy tonight - enough that it blew my ear buds out of my ears a few times! Slow and sluggish and cranky knees still. Definitely time for a new pair of kicks.

Dog/house sitting at Brian's again and I forgot to feed his dog last night (2nd time I've done that) - oops! This dog is the complete opposite of mine when it comes to food. She could take or leave it, never whines or begs for it. I am just so used to a dog doing everything in its power to get food in his belly so I'm reminded 100x a day to feed him - but this one? Nothing. She went to bed in her crate at 9:30 like she was totally content! Gave her extra this morning. 

Here's an example of the two of them when I'm holding a treat. My dog is literally doing tricks and she is just looking at me LOL:

  • 47m 37s
  • 4.02 miles
  • 11m 50s /Mi

Oh my, the legs were not interested in moving tonight. Cranky everything - from lady time crankiness to headache to knees. All of it.

Don't think I've ever posted a bible verse anywhere before today, but this one really hits home in the final weeks of fundraising for Oasis.

Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.

Lots of my BT "family" have already donated (huge thanks!) - but I am still less than half way to my fundraising goal. Starting to get a little more nervous but have faith it will all work out. If you're interested in donating and finding out more about the orphans in Kenya the money will help, click here.

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