• 34m 02s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 11m 20s /Mi

Much better tonight! Rained on me the last mile, storms coming.

Wow just 12 days of super low carb and I'm down 6 pounds. My body is so carb sensitive.
I am wearing my previously-too-tight black dress pants today and I feel fab!

Black coffee
Double BBQ cheeseburger protein style
Diet cherry coke, atkins M&Ms (ick, might be done with both of those)
Sharp cheddar cheese snack
Chicken/steak/asparagus/onion/pepper kabobs
Salad w/ chipotle ranch dressing
Crystal Light

  • 37m 31s
  • 3.01 miles
  • 12m 27s /Mi

Really, really off kilter tonight. Headache, weird stomach, heavy and tight legs, super high heart rate and sweat rate. Not my night.

Tummy issues last night kept me from running. Too much franks red hot sauce I guess. THIS WEEK! Ugh.

Last night I went to a info session on Start2Finish, a training program for the fall marathon I'm registered for. Basically for $100 you get to 5 plans to choose from, structured/supported group long runs every Saturday, multiple clinics, tech shirt, and a $50 voucher to the running store. So really you're only out $50. 

In the past I've had trouble motivating myself for the long run each week, and I think this group will get me there this time around, as well as getting it out of the way early Saturday mornings. Plus they have so many other social runs each week... ice cream run Wednesdays, beer run Thursdays, track workout Tuesdays... really hoping to meet some people who run my pace and I can make friends with. High hopes!

Black coffee
Colby Jack cheese block, mixed nuts, Atkins bar (I had a mandatory training from 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. with NO LUNCH PROVIDED - strange)
Diet Dr Pepper
Pepperoni, celery/peanut butter, jolly rancher
Peanut butter/egg/coconut flour thing

Super weird eating day. 

Last night I had to be at home from 5-7 p.m. since that was my cable technician's time frame to come out (my TV cable was having issues) and they straight up did not show. I still had work to complete and had stopped my progress to come home specifically for this and was kind of mad. Of course as soon as I got in the car to head to work they called me apologizing. Then I had to wait for nearly an hour while they fixed the hack job of the first guy's installation. Then I was at work till just after 9 p.m. Not an ideal situation but I know that was a one-off thing and won't be a pattern.

I'm also trying to get my KS 70.3 registration changed from individual to relay. Heidi said she could probably find 2 others to do it with me. But no one has responded to my email or phone call. Dang.

Black coffee
Buffalo chicken salad leftovers
Atkins bar, cheese, pepperoni, nuts, jolly rancher (whoa)
Diet Dr Pepper
Chicken salad from Mexican restaurant

Coffee w/ one creamer (3 carbs) and 2 fake sugars. Needed something more than black coffee today.
Leftover chili
Diet Dr Pepper 
Diet Cherry Coke
Mixed nuts, chopotle cheese
Buffalo chicken salad: grilled chicken, celery, red onion, green onion, zucchini, greek yogurt, franks red hot sauce

Black coffee
River Fest food court: BBQ brisket meat (super light on sauce), pickle, hot polish sausage, Diet Pepsi
Homemade chili: ground beef, red onion, orange pepper, chili beans, tomatoes, chipotle gouda cheese
Atkins bar

  • 1h 12m 43s
  • 6.10 miles
  • 11m 55s /Mi

Run/walk and clearly I'm not ready for the heat yet! Only 84 degrees and my heart rate was skyrocketing. I was wheezing and dizzy in spots. Drank 40 oz water. Welcome to summer running I guess!

Re-thinking only taking a day off of work for Florida in July. Originally I skipped out on the 10-day Disney vacay with Brian's family because I am just not a Disney girl, nor do I have much vacation with a new job. They *really* wanted me to come for part of it, so they moved their beach and water park days to the front end so I could go out Friday, do the beach Saturday, waterpark Sunday and come home late Sunday night while they do Disney/Universal/Epcot for the next 6 days. VERY excited about all of this, but with the added stress of the new job and new-found realization that my body and mind need to decompress... I'm kicking myself a bit for not at least doing Disney one or two days, if nothing else just to relax a few more days. I think it would cost a few hundred bucks to change my plane ticket, but it might be worth looking into.

Black coffee
Egg, peanut butter, vanilla, splenda, coconut flour 
1 jolly rancher (during run) - new go to? 5.6 carbs per piece of candy but way better than a gel (25 carbs) and gives me a little push. Plus it lasts for like 10 minutes. 
1oz chocolate roasted almonds, Diet Dr Pepper
Chipotle gouda cheese
Homemade burgers (2 patties, no bread)! Ground beef, egg, red onion, zucchini, seasoning, cheddar cheese. 

  • 1h 28m 28s
  • 22.10 miles
  • 14.99 Mi/hr

Super tough today, I had nothing in me. I suspect it's the low-carb week I had, but I'm okay with that trade off since I'm down 4.4 pounds in 5 days. Yip.

  • Yard Work
  • 28m

Mowing the front.

Super tired today. I was up at 8 or 9, then fell back asleep till NOON... NOOOOOON! Guessing it's a combination of super low-carb eating, but more that I've been expending SO MUCH energy at work. All day, every day, for 9-10 hours. I got extremely stressed and panicky yesterday, cried in the bathroom and went home for lunch and just sat on the couch in silence for 20 minutes (this is my introvert tendency to a TEE). There was so much going on, the volume and the immediacy of so many things really got to me. I think my body really needed/needs to decompress - I'm still tired. I now understand why people take really long vacations.

Diet Dr Pepper
Egg white, peanut butter, splenda, vanilla, coconut flour concoction. Yummy.
Sharp cheddar cheese
2 jolly ranchers
Grilled chicken salad, ranch, bbq
Atkins bar

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