Sport #1
  • Walking
  • 15m

Walking Bentley after work - super nice evening.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 54m

For steps on the treadmill. Watched the latest episode of the Kardashians. I loosely follow Khloe and Kourtney on social media because I love to see their personal trainer workouts, but don't watch the show very often. I was interested in this one though, because it was on Kim's robbery in Paris. It was fascinating to see someone who is typically portrayed with "first world problems" to the max - recount a life changing experience. So interesting to me.

Lots of home wins over the weekend. I found my bedroom paint and touched up the sealed cracks. Went to Sherwin Williams and bought some more living room paint, touched up drywall repair. Also at the paint store I color matched the kitchen paint and re-painted the RED dining room the kitchen neutral. One coat Saturday, another Sunday. Went to Home Depot for lamps, light bulbs, house plants and mulch. Laid mulch in four different areas front and back. Rearranged living room furniture. Put together new tabletop lamps. Changed out low light bulbs in the office (not sure I love the LED blue lighting but I'm going to live with it for a bit, it's definitely brighter). Did laundry, grocery shopped, watered grass seed. Watched my team win it's first game and lose it's second 

Noticed my hot water heater is leaking a little bit so need to get that fixed or replaced this week. I feel like just as I get a good chunk of my list gone, something else pops up. But I'm determined to make this house as sell-able as I can.

  • Home Improvement
  • 1h 00m

Sport #1
  • Home Improvement
  • 2h 00m
Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 15m

Lost my two "race toenails" last night - the ones that blistered at the cuticles and were swollen and bruised for two weeks - lovely! One of them still had a piece that wasn't ready to come off on the edge so I had to cut around it and it hurt. I might have to put some Skin Shield on both of them to keep them protected. 

ALL THREE of the Kansas teams play at the same time tonight in March Madness so I'll be watching probably from home - 100% not interested in going to a bar and fighting the crowds. Eddy invited me over again this year but his group drinks so much and get so obnoxious I just don't want to deal with it. Plus if I'm home, I can ideally do some stuff around the house while the games are going on in the background.

I stopped by a store called At Home last night at the suggestion of my co-workers - AMAZING. Such affordable and cute home stuff. I got three throw pillows for my couches, two outside planters, a 5x7 indoor/outdoor rug for the sun room and some cute succulent decorations for the sun room coffee table for $115. Definitely going back there to get lamps for the living room, but I want to get the furniture arrangement settled so I know where I need what kind of lighting.

ALSO I DO NOT NEED A NEW ROOF!!!!! Roofing company recommended $375 in light repairs, but no hail damage or anything horrible like I was anticipating. It would have been nice to list a house with a "brand new roof in 2017" but that also saves me a $1,000 insurance deductible. Realtor said don't worry about fixing it, so yay.

So glad my realtor came over last night, I now have a long list of mostly small-ish stuff to do - and I probably need a new roof. The good news if that I can run the roof cost through insurance and only pay a deductible. She's going to have her guy come out and look at my roof in the next few days.

Other stuff like I need to paint the dining room a neutral color which I suspected. It's a deep, vibrant, Asian-inspired RED and I love it. But the room is small and I need to brighten it up. And she wants me to completely flip the furniture arrangement in the living room - which may mean having to have the cable re-run to the other side of the house. Surprisingly, she changed her mind after seeing my 2nd bedroom/office and said it looks good as-is and I don't need to bring in a bed to stage it as a bedroom. Junk hauling and cleaning are also on the list of course, like deep deep cleaning and polishing all of the wood. I will be busy this weekend and beyond, that's for sure.

WHEWWWWW deep breaths. Phone screening went incredibly well. At the end of the conversation, she said she is going to recommend moving me forward in the process. SHE brought up relocation assistance and asked if that was something I needed, so I didn't have to ask the question. I asked how that worked and she said it's something they will definitely take into consideration with a package offer so I'm slightly relieved on that front, not knowing what it is but knowing the answer wasn't an immediate 'no'. She even asked if I had a house to sell in Wichita, which I wasn't expecting her to ask that detailed of information but now they know and can take that into consideration. 

House exterior painting will be finished today, realtor doing a walk through tonight.
Interior projects were finished up yesterday and they look fantastic. I just need to re-purchase the living room paint to touch up the repaired drywall area, and locate the bedroom paint to go over some cracks they sealed up. Feeling really good.

  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

For steps, but didn't quite make it to 10K.

Initial phone screening scheduled for tomorrow morning. It's "just" with the internal recruiter to get me through to an in-person interview, but I have to prepare all the things I want to say that will get me there.

The initial email questionnaire is already asking about desired salary and I'm not sure what to put. I know cost of living is more (roughly 15% according to online cost of living comparisons), plus it's a step up in title and responsibility. I don't want to throw out a number too high that will eliminate me, but I fear that if I throw out a number too low they'll just offer that and say "it's what you asked for" as an excuse for not offering more. I need to ask my boss her advice on that.

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