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Tried a 4:1 interval tonight.

Looking at my marathon training plan and trying to figure out how to get back on track. I've only missed one long run (but cut the one before that short), and originally had a half marathon on the plan for this weekend. But I've also missed 6 other runs between Christmas and being sick. Maybe I should try for 10 miles this weekend and see how I feel?

Also, I saw something I shouldn't have today on my bosses desk while I was waiting for her. It was a printed out org chart of our department, with an arrow going from one of my peers to the spot that my buddy is soon vacating. The spot that I was thinking about asking if exceptions could be made to the 12-month rule. It was clear there was a conversation, probably between my boss and our VP, and they are eyeing this particular gal to move over to that role (which I'm not sure how I feel about that... I don't think she is highly skilled in the first place - she's a very "slow" worker and just doesn't seem to grasp a lot of things that I think are common sense for someone in our roles, she is an "interrupter" which is a work pet peeve of mine, and has a huge ego - but I digress) - it would be a lateral move for her. So, while I was planning on broaching the topic again with my boss today, it seemed like a sign that it was not the right timing. I already told her I was interested in the role long-term, so more questions and asking for an exception doesn't feel like the right thing to do - especially knowing how my boss handles those types of conversations. She gets visibly irritated, which is kind of dis-heartening when employees on her own team don't feel they can come to her for career advice or conversations. All part of the game, I suppose.

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Easing back into this.

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Topping off my steps.

Booked my trip to Punta Cana since we finalized our meeting dates late yesterday. Adults-only, all-inclusive property, but part of a larger resort with 5 or 6 properties to go in between. Reviews on TripAdvisor are stellar, and they provide free airport transfer. Used points for most of my airfare, so that was a bonus. Can I go now??

Also researching lap pools because Ironman. There is a LA Fitness just around the corner from work that I need to go visit. It's $25/month, which seems incredibly affordable compared to the other "clubs" I'm researching online (at $150/month?!). Even if it's kind of shitty, I'm only going to be going 1-2x per week until September...

Running tonight!

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Adrienne video - just trying to move a little and get out of my fog once and for all. Will try to run tomorrow.

Been having tummy issues - not sure if it was the antibiotics (I stopped taking them) or something else. With eating strict Whole30, I'm at a loss for what it would be, besides my possibly dramatic increase in macadamia nuts. Maybe that's a sign I was over-doing it. They are so good though.

In other news, my work buddy, whose job I reallyreallyREALLY want some day, announced he is leaving the company. Not super surprised at the news, but the timing moreso. I immediately told my boss that I was super interested in that job (long-term), knowing I am not eligible to apply for it right now as you have to be in your role for a full year before applying to something else. Right away, she said I would be good at the job and that she would "keep that in mind." Hmm. The good news is that this guy is my WorkBFF Christina's boss -- she will be thrilled to see him go, and I'm not far behind that sentiment. I love this guy as a person, but as a co-worker he really sucked. Should never have been in that role in the first place, and it showed in his skill set, performance, results, everything.

In other OTHER news, I am about to pull the trigger on a beach vacation in May. Just waiting to finalize some meeting dates at work that I will need to be around for. Looking at Dominican Republic instead of a big cruise or Europe vacay this year. With going to New York next month, then IM training and IMCHOO, then the holidays, I think a 5-day all inclusive beach trip sounds about right for this year.

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Still feeling foggy. Stayed up to watch the national championship game last night. Rough morning for my fellow Georgians... school is back in session (there was ZERO ice yesterday, by the way), traffic is back full force (saw some lovely road rage on the way to work - full on roll-the-window-down-and-flip-off-the-person-behind-them-yelling-and-screaming) and the home team lost last night in overtime. Oooof. Being extra gentle with everyone today.

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Before bed

I'M AT WORK! Feeling human. Not 100%, but enough to get going and out the door. 

Atlanta metro schools cancelled today because of a threat of freezing rain. Half of the team is "working from home" to avoid the treacherous road conditions. Co-workers (who are here) declaring "if it starts raining I'm leaving immediately!" Yet at 10 a.m. not a drop has fallen from the sky. Atlantans are so freaking dramatic! Even our corporate business continuity folks sent and email Friday warning that everyone needed to take their laptops home and be prepared to work from home Monday. Come on. Even if we had freezing rain (forecast last night was less than 0.1 inch)... deal with it like the rest of the country? 

The city is also hosting the National Championship football game tonight, complete with a presidential visit, which everyone suspects is the real reason for no school... trying to control traffic. But the president doesn't land until 6 p.m...  Everyone is all hyped and drama-queen-ing it today. I'm just over here trying to blow my nose without anyone hearing, haha.

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Seeing the light today. Getting better. Still on the couch but can breathe. Did laundry and cleaned the house a little. 

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Pretty awful with everything in my head and sinuses now. Not sure the antibiotics are doing anything. Not coughing at the moment so stopped taking those meds. Picked up some Alka Seltzer Plus tonight in hopes it will help me sleep. 

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