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  • 12m 50s /Mi

Outdoors, 50ish degrees. Not a great day at work. Having issues with - of all people - my former VP from Oklahoma. She's completely going around a process me and my team have set up and it's so frustrating. Because she knows exactly what she's doing, but she can do it because there's no reporting structure from her team to our team. It's even more irritating since she was the one preaching how the Atlanta team needed someone like me to re-do and organize all of the processes, but when I did, she ignored them.

Had a mild freak out when a super shady drunk guy crossed the street and fell into step directly behind me as I was walking up a hill right before my turnaround. When I kind of glanced back at him, he started talking jibberish about racing me up the hill and was like "come on, come on, let's go!" Luckily that was right at my turnaround but after my day today I was not in the mood.

RACE WEEK! And the forecast is showing rain. Of course. It rains Every. Freaking. Weekend. In. Atlanta. I'll definitely be doing gear check with dry clothes for afterwards.

I really just want to chill out this week, but I am going to dinner with a friend who is in town tomorrow night, then to the Hawks game with my college sorority sister Thursday. I guess I can relax Friday and Saturday before the marathon on Sunday. The introvert in me is pissed I made so many plans this week.

YAY ordered a new Garmin today when I saw that the 735XT comes in black and coral. I had been eyeing this one, and got some birthday money, plus it took over an hour to sync my old unit last night and that frustrated me to no end. Arrives Thursday.


Travel day back to Atlanta with my parents.

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Great, FLAT run before the rain started. Ran from the VRBO condo we rented to Orange Beach and back. MY PACE!

  • Walking
  • 15m

Cool down walk on the beach.

Family day watching my oldest nephew in an indoor drum line show - very cool - he's so talented!

Heading to Pensacola tonight for a little family relaxation weekend. My parents are flying into Atlanta and taking the train to my workplace, which is great. But I got scheduled for a meeting with our President right when they are supposed to be getting here. Trying to figure out logistics but it will all work out.

8 mile run tomorrow, then it's race week!

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  • 12m 30s /Mi

Treadmill at work (I know, I just said I shouldn't be doing that anymore but it's like 35 degrees here!) since I also had to stop by Target on the way home. Makes more sense to run first, then do Target before getting into traffic.

Felt pretty good tonight! Have a bit of tightness all in my right leg, but that's fairly normal for the treadmill.

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  • 3.01 miles
  • 12m 22s /Mi

Outdoors run tonight - but mostly because I forgot a hair tie at home LOL! I noticed last week it was not dark till after 6:30 or so, so no good excuses to be on a treadmill anymore. Except for the whole waiting out Atlanta traffic by running right after work in the building I work in thing.

A good run. Still hilly, still cold, still bundled up in legit winter gear - gloves and everything. But it felt good to be outside.

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