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Lunch treadmill.

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Quick dog walk tonight since I got home so late.

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Officially on a half marathon training plan for the Thanksgiving Day race, but I've gotta get back to running over lunch. Too hectic to fight traffic, get home, walk Ellie Mae, feed Ellie Mae, then suit up for a run before the sun goes down. Lovely evening tonight.

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Ellie Mae

Booked my London hotel finally - decided to stay in Soho. Also planning something to do each day, but don't want every minute scheduled. For anyone who has been to London, how does this look?

Day 1 - Flight arrives in the morning, find hotel, nap, then an evening Soho food tour
Day 2 - Combo tour (morning): Tower of London, river boat ride, Buckingham Palace with Changing of the Guard, rest of the day free
Day 3 - London Eye and Sky Garden (no set times)
Day 4 - Westminster Abbey (no set time)
Day 5 - Flight departs 9 a.m.

Other things I'd like to do in the not-scheduled time are just walking around some of the famous streets and parks, eating fish and chips in a pub, shopping... I might catch a local play. Definitely not a museum person.

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With Ellie Mae

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New week and trying to forget about all of the bonus money that has been taken away from me. My boss Laura is back in town today, so wanted to check in on how I was feeling about it since she wasn't able to have the conversation with me last week. I was very honest in that it doesn't feel good and isn't in line with how our company typically "aligns" - and the general chatter is "what will they take away next?" She was so much more empathetic than our boss Amy was. Amy acted surprised that I was upset and acted surprised when I mentioned even though it was a bonus, yes everyone "expects" it as there has never, ever been a year when bonuses aren't paid out at more than 100%. At my last job, I never expected a bonus because there were multiple years when we got zero bonus, zero cost of living raises. But here, it's totally different, so yes I am surprised. I still love this company, but honestly, now I love it a little less.

Anyway, today is my official start date for my new role. I'm head's down getting ready for the leadership summit in Las Vegas next week, so the transition will be nice and slow. I'm excited to be working for my new leader (Christine). It will be a nice change.

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One way mile

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Then I walked back + Ellie Mae walk

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Easing back into running. Of course the high is only 80 today (both here and in Augusta).

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92 degrees and dark at 7:30 pm.
Mad at the world and just wanted to get this over with.

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Ellie Mae

Wow today had been pretty shitty at work. Completely bombarded with meeting after meeting after meeting, and I know this is going to sound totally first-world-problem, but was informed that they are taking away our 2nd bonus from everyone at the Senior Manager level (me). Senior Manager is the first level eligible for this bonus, so it was a big deal when I was promoted in 2017. Our parent company is trying to "align" and "make things more even" across all our divisions, and this was a discrepancy in how our other companies handled bonuses. I'll still get a regular bonus, and get the 2nd bonus payout for the next three years as they are awarded one year, then "pay out" 2 years later (I've gotten awards in '17, '18 and '19, so will get payouts in '20, '21 and '22). But no more awards going forward. Just for my level only. I'm a little shocked because normally our company "aligns" by being more generous, not less. For perspective, this bonus is 10-15% of my salary.

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