The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 11m 10s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 11m 04s /Mi

Treadmill at the swim gym

  • 27m 17s
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 01m 49s /100 yards

Did some speed work tonight so my average pace was fast!

  • 35m 06s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 11m 42s /Mi

Busy day, with stuff over lunch and all the way into tonight - we're celebrating Christina's promotion at a little happy hour tonight. So I did this at like 10:45 a.m. in the work gym. Felt good once I got going!

My ‘word’ for 2019 was “movement” – an idea that began last Thanksgiving when I decided to do a 40-day run streak until New Year’s Day. I had no idea I would keep going for an entire year – but I did! For the past 365 consecutive days, I’ve ran at least one mile every. single. day. I also extended my goal to include at least 30 minutes of daily movement (adding in swimming, biking, walking or yoga), but that just doesn’t have the same ring as a run streak.
What did my run streak look like? I ran in 12 cities, 7 states, 3 countries and on a cruise ship in the middle of an ocean. I ran in the morning, on my lunch break, after work and past my bed time. I ran in crisp sunshine, pitch dark, 100+ degree heat and pouring rain. Over roads, trails, treadmills and finish lines, I covered 908.49 miles (you better believe I did the math). I ran when it was the only thing I wanted to do, and I ran when it was the last thing I wanted to do. But I ran.
My final goal is to continue into next week to complete a Thanksgiving-to-Thanksgiving run streak. I thought about continuing on, but I’m proud and content with what I’ve done. Cheers to unrelenting consistency, and more so, a complete rest day soon.

  • 49m 04s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 12m 14s /Mi

Switched my work from home day this week so I headed out the door right before 5 p.m. I listened in on a work call for most of this (that ran until 5:30), knowing I wouldn't have to talk or contribute. Crisp weather as the sun set - 58 degrees when I finished.

  • Walking
  • 10m

Ellie Mae - ran for a little bit with her to get some energy out.

Ordered one last thing for my London trip today. I'm such a sucker for ads and recommendations. This one wasn't an ad, but in a blog article from Scott's Cheap Flights (where I find my under $500 round trip flights to Europe!) about gifts for travelers. In their walking shoes section, I patted myself on the back for already having Rothys shoes, but then there was a recommendation for this waterproof sneaker and I remembered that it rains a ton in London, and my Rothys are probably not going to cut it for cold, wet conditions. So naturally I immediately ordered a pair. They're cute enough and hopefully comfy enough that I'm planning on wearing them 90% of my trip!

  • 34m 29s
  • 3.01 miles
  • 11m 28s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Trying to will my running shoes to hang on until Black Friday. For some reason, this pair of Asics started developing holes by my pinkie toes (both feet) a number of weeks ago. Usually I get worn holes on the top by my big toe area, and near the end of their life, so this is new. And EARLY for this much wear and tear. I just hit 200 miles on this pair today!

  • Walking
  • 10m

Ellie Mae walk

Doing the math in anticipation of run streak day 365 (Thursday) - you'll have to wait until then to see my total mileage and other statistics . Still can't believe I've kept this going for an entire year! I've thought about continuing, but have decided I'm content and proud of what I've accomplished. And I need some true rest days in this off season leading up to the start of IM training. 

  • 11m 36s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 11m 29s /Mi

Treadmill after work

  • Yoga
  • 22m

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.68 miles
  • -----


  • 12m 46s
  • 1.04 miles
  • 12m 17s /Mi

Brick run outdoors. Tired legs!

  • 2h 05m 24s
  • 10.04 miles
  • 12m 29s /Mi

Garmin didn’t transfer this so entering manually.
Good last long run before the thanksgiving race. 64 degrees and sunny. Left IT band was tight and both quads tight for most of this. Seemed to even out by the end. Felt good to hit double digits.

Also, and this is a serious request, can someone at Ironman Wisconsin next year bring a Bluetooth speaker and blast “Hey look ma I made it” by Panic at the Disco in my last mile? I’ve been playing this song as I turn into my neighborhood on my long runs (so the red carpet in my head!) and it makes me so happy! And then I have a delirious dance party in my kitchen imagining I just crossed the IM finish line. It’s the perfect song.

  • Walking
  • 10m

Cool down with Ellie Mae

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