• 35m 02s
  • 3.01 miles
  • 11m 38s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Felt pretty OK!

  • Walking
  • 11m

Ellie Mae

  • 11m 33s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 11m 26s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Feeling ready for the run streak to be done. Today is run streak day 348, so not much longer to go. Not sure if I will stop at 365 or continue on to make it a Thanksgiving-to-Thanksgiving streak. That would be 372 days (Thanksgiving was "early" last year). I had a wild thought to just keep going, but not sure if I want to.

  • Walking
  • 20m

Incline treadmill, Ellie Mae

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.67 miles
  • 15.67 Mi/hr

Super sweaty on the trainer.

  • 12m 37s
  • 1.04 miles
  • 12m 07s /Mi

Quick mile after the trainer.

  • Walking
  • 13m

Ellie Mae

  • 1h 37m 37s
  • 8.02 miles
  • 12m 10s /Mi

Nice long run! 55 degrees and sunny. New bladder for my hydration pack worked well.

  • Walking
  • 16m

Cool down with Ellie Mae

  • 11m 29s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 11m 23s /Mi

Treadmill before swimming

  • 23m 05s
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards

Look at me, I swam! Had to laugh when the sign said the pool heater was broken; water temp 81 degrees. This pool is usually around 84. Felt so good!

I'm down exactly 2 pounds since last Friday - win! Measuring and weighing and logging everything that goes into my mouth is certainly tedious, but man it sure works for me. First goal is 7 more pounds down, then I'll re-assess. 

Caved and turned on the heater last night. It was 34 degrees this morning, and I 100% welcome this weather! I always hated cold weather as a kid, but in terms of running outdoors, it's so much better on my body. 8-mile long run this weekend, and I got a new bladder for my hydration pack so I won't have to stick to the River Walk for the water fountain (which might be shut down anyway due to the weather). This one came with a hangar to dry it out and a cleaning package - genius. 

Aaaand finally went ahead and purchased my London sight-seeing stuff. I had been putting that off, but bought my tickets for a Soho evening food tour the night I arrive (get in early morning, hoping to take a nap as soon as I can check in to the hotel), the London Pass (3-day) so I don't have to decide which attractions I want to see right now, a pre-loaded Oyster card (public transportation) and since the London Eye was not included in the London Pass, I got a fast track ticket for that because that's the one thing I 100% want to do. I also should be receiving today a universal power adapter and a PacSafe fanny pack thing for traveling (cut-resistant, RFID-blocking, sits flat under clothes and can hold passport, cards, money, etc.). I think I'm done!

  • 34m 42s
  • 3.03 miles
  • 11m 27s /Mi

It rained all day, but there was a break just after 4 p.m. so I jetted outdoors for my run! Cold front moving through so temps in the low 50s and windy. SUPER proud of my speed on my normal hilly route, especially my middle mile (ok flat but still) coming in at 10:47!

  • Walking
  • 05m

Cold and wet with Ellie Mae. She gets so dirty and wet on her belly, even on short walks.

By coincidence, I'm working from home today AND it's Halloween. Which is a stroke of sheer luck because #traffic. And it's raining so #doubletraffic. And i'ts Halloween so #tripletraffic.  I have no idea why, but the second sprinkles fall from the sky, Atlanta drivers lose their collective minds on the road. Accidents everywhere, immediate dead standstills on every highway and side street, it's insane. I'm incredibly happy to be in my PJs snuggling Ellie Mae all day while everyone else scrambles to get on and off the roads for trick or treating. 

And speaking of my sassy sausage, I waited too long to look for a Halloween costume, so she's a Chipotle burrito LOL! Maybe I'll get something on clearance this weekend for next year.

  • 46m 50s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 11m 41s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Legs felt way better than yesterday, but I over-heated again.

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