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  • 2h 00m

Walked 10+ miles per my Garmin.

Today was the day I had a ticket for the London Eye, so I decided to do that first. It was pretty neat. After that, I looked at the London Pass app (I had purchased a 3-day pass) to see what was close by, and decided to hop on a River Thames boat tour. I sat in the open air section on the top so I could see better - and it was cool! I only took it one way, because I saw that stop was close to The Shard and I wanted to do that.

Went to the top of The Shard (70-something floors), which was neat and had great views of the city. Then I finally grabbed some food and roamed around Borough Market before heading back to the hotel. On the way back I stopped in a department store that seemed popular - Primark? It was like a way better version of H&M. I had very limited room to bring back extra stuff (carry on only) but I did buy a black wool coat, a work top and work skirt. The coat was only 20 pounds ($26!) and I have been meaning to get a black coat this winter. It's PERFECT. For dinner that night I walked to Chinatown and ate some fantastic Pad Thai. 

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Overnight flight from Toronto to London wasn't bad at all. My knees started hurting for some reason, so had to stand up a few times. And props to Air Canada - I must have checked "gluten free" when I was buying my ticket because I was specifically given special gluten free meals and snacks! I was so impressed!

I decided NOT to do the Heathrow Express train because I didn't realize it was so expensive. It's much faster and a NICE train, but since I hadn't bought the fare in advance it was going to be 25 pounds each way, as opposed to 5-ish on the regular Tube. So I did the regular Tube and didn't have to transfer lines, so that was easy.

Was able to check into the hotel almost right when I got there (10:30 a.m.) so that was great. Took a couple hours nap then got ready for the food tour! Food tour was AMAZING. Five restaurants with a great, enthusiastic guide and four other Americans. The food was both eclectic (tacos, dim sum) and traditional (meat pie) - with cocktails included. Was happy and full at the end.

I ended up hanging out with two of the gals from the tour afterwards - we split a bottle of wine then they invited me to a meet up with one of their co-workers (they work for Visa) who was celebrating his birthday. We hopped in a black cab and went to this SUPER SWANKY bar where we were all woefully under dressed. But no one seems to care much there. We met up with the friend and chatted with a few of his friends for awhile, then everyone was dispersing so I walked back to the hotel. Wonderful start to the trip.

Partial travel day to London.

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  • 09m

Here's a dose of cuteness for ya - after two failed attempts, on my third try I finally found Christmas pajamas that fit Ellie Mae. One pair was too short for her long body (by far), and one pair was too long and too big, even though I had measured her before purchasing online. These are from Target and they have a ton of super cute options. I almost couldn't pick. I can't get over how cute she is in these!

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  • 06m

Same as yesterday - just taking a little break.

Having a kind of funny but hot mess type of day. This morning, I went to take the lid off a can of hair spray that has been under my sink for awhile. Apparently it had leaked out the top (?) and liquid, sticky hairspray that had collected in the cap flew everywhere. On me, on the floor, on my sweater. Was running too late to go and change, hoping it would dry clear, but I have splotchy hair spray on me all day. Then, I spilled coffee all over some papers at a work event first thing this morning - always a great start. Then at Target over lunch, I was trying to use a $15 off $75 purchase coupon and it wouldn't be accepted by the computer. An associate spent literally 10 minutes reading off the fine print trying to determine what I had purchased that would void the coupon (no Disney, Barbie, Playstation, GoPro, etc.) but I was clean! After telling me he didn't know why I couldn't use the coupon and shrugging his shoulders, he read the date and it's not good until TOMORROW. Are you kidding me?! I felt a little bad about voicing my annoyance at the associate, but he was absolutely not pleasant or helpful either, so I guess it goes both ways. Happy holidays! LOL

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Only a super short dog walk today. Total laziness for once.

Stopped myself from getting an Instant Pot on this Cyber Monday - it's super on sale through our company points website. But I realized that I don't really ever wish I had one for cooking stuff from frozen - and I really love the process of cooking on a stove top. I did try to get a Ring Doorbell on that site but they were sold out by the time I tried to add to cart. The only thing I did buy (not on the company site) was 2 bottles of a new makeup foundation I'm in love with - Crunchi brand. It's "safer" with no harsh chemicals and actually looks great. On sale for $33 instead of $48 today. That's it! 

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Trainer watching the Ironman Kona program on NBC. Got me all excited for that red carpet...

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  • 14m

Ellie Mae walk

Moved into the deep cleaning phase today on the house. Spent a lot of time on floors and baseboards, bathrooms, washed kitchen floor mats, washed dog blankets, mopped all the flooring and the stairs, dusted all the things. Fixed a fingernail that tore a little bit and the gel polish had to be re-done (still standing by my investment of gel manicure equipment - SO much better and cheaper than the nail salon!).

Then I started packing for London (I leave Thursday). Just doing a carry-on as I'm only exploring for four full days. I won't need that many clothes. Weather is in the 40s and 50s, so going for athleisure with leggings, jeans and sweaters. Will wear a puffer jacket and carry an umbrella everywhere. All the clothes I pulled are black and grey, super simple and not trying to stand out. Getting excited!

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