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It's been awhile since I did such a hefty lunchtime run. Felt good on the treadmill today, probably because I was inside with no hills, ha! I do love freeing up my evenings - big plans to make a potato/kielbasa soup tonight. I KNOW! I'm one of those crazy people who makes soups in the blazing heat of summer. Soup is so good and so cheap though.

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  • 08m

Ellie Mae

Feeling mildly guilty about deciding to (probably) not go home for Thanksgiving this year. I've got a bunch of travel, both work and personal, coming up and honestly don't want to pay $400 to go home for 48 hours - especially when we'll all see each other a month later at Christmas. Here's what I've got coming up:

  • Augusta 70.3/Charleston (Sept 28 - Oct. 2)
  • Vegas work trip (Oct. 13 - 17)
  • Vegas personal trip (Oct. 19 - 22)
  • San Diego work trip (Nov. 6 - 8)
  • London personal trip (Dec. 5 - 10)

I've already paid for dog sitting for the first trip, but I just saw that my (new) gal upped her rate from $35 to $40 per night. So the remaining travel is going to cost me $560 + Rover fees. (I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog).

I'd honestly really like to run the Thanksgiving Day half marathon here in Atlanta. My sister and fam are considering coming here just to do something different, so maybe finding a restaurant open on Thanksgiving? Or if they don't come here, honestly just make a really nice dinner for myself or head to a friend's dinner (I've already been invited to a big solo-people-friendsgiving dinner by Jon).  I'm not the type of person to get bent out of shape about family traditions, but it's hard for my mom and grandma. 

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Ok after a long and draining day at work. Was considering doing my also-scheduled spin, but ended up talking to my mom for an hour and a half. Think I’ll make it up with spin class Friday.

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Ellie Mae

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Treadmill after work and after a long convo with Christina. Another person on our team is leaving. It hasn’t been announced yet but he told her. Albeit he’s going to our parent company, but it’s been clear he hasn’t been happy for awhile like all the others. I like this guy a lot... super smart, talented, creative, etc. but our leaders can’t lead a team whatsoever. This will be employee #3 of our 8 person team to leave in the last 3 months. I also have inside info that a 4th person is interviewing at our parent company, plus Christina is interviewing elsewhere as well. Sigh. Feels like I'm on a sinking ship.

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Long walk with Ellie Mae

It just occurred to me that I should be using my Base Salt for long runs. Why haven't I been doing this?! 

And just trying to get through tomorrow, work-wise, when we have our semi-annual event for the top 300 executives. My boss is now in the stage of triple confirming very basic things, and while I appreciate the attention to detail, it's a bit draining to explain things like "no, the calendar invite didn't only go out to 50 people; you have to expand the distribution list that says "XXX list" and the other 300 will appear."

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Bit of a run fail today. Supposed to be 9 miles. Started off nauseous and with a super high heart rate. Tried to push through because this was the same situation last week, and I was able to then. But not today. After 2 miles, I conceded and let myself walk the rest of the way - and honestly it felt SO much better. Not too bent out of shape about this.

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Ellie Mae

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  • 14.66 Mi/hr

Tri club ride with my buddy from last week, Chris. This time we were out on the "Silk Sheets" routes, which are an hour+ drive the other direction from the other normal tri club routes. Beautiful morning, even shivering a bit at the start with the temps just below 70. But it warmed up swiftly, and without a cloud in the sky.

I was super grateful Chris was there today, because of course no one else was riding my pace and the route is NOT marked well. We stopped a lot in the first half trying to figure out where to go. He had grabbed a printed map which helped immensely.

This route is a bit hillier than the other, my Garmin logged 2,200 feet of climbing compared to 1,800 last week. Chris's Garmin logged 2,700 feet - who knows. It was certainly hilly though. I didn't drop my chain until mile 48 today - semi victory there. And I intentionally rode ahead of Chris the whole time so I could go a bit faster than last week without getting caught up in conversations where I'd feel like I had to slow down. Good compromise.

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  • 11m 54s /Mi

Brick run - Chris decided to go with me even though I warned him I'm slow! And you had to run hills in either direction from where everyone parked, so walked up some of those. Steamy out by this time - 93 degrees actual temp. Thank goodness for the tri club's ice water coolers - so refreshing.

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  • 3.00 miles
  • 11m 59s /Mi

Lunch run - outdoors from home, and the other half of yesterday's run. Warm (heat index 93) but I felt really good. Surprised myself with my pace on the hills. I think mid-day is just when I have the most energy, especially with shorter runs.

  • 45m 08s
  • 2400.00 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

Finally, a good swim! Felt fairly strong and steady the whole time. I've gotten into the 400/300/200 (pull)/100 ladders lately.

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Quick walk with Ellie Mae

We've now entered the phase of event planning and presentation prep where I have an executive asking for, and I quote, "cooler looking circles" on his slide. Sir, I've gotcha. Slapped on a gradient outline in your brand colors, changed the primary color, added a drop shadow, bolded that text. Your circles are now the coolest on the block! 

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.10 miles
  • -----

Spin bike over lunch - making up for the hour I missed yesterday. My work from home day shifted to tomorrow since I had a meeting with our COO this morning. Watched last night's episode of Big Brother on my phone during this.

  • 30m 04s
  • 2.66 miles
  • 11m 18s /Mi

Forgot to hang up my workout clothes after my lunch spin, so had to do this in damp gear. Decided to cut my 65 minute run into half today, half tomorrow. Didn't feel overly peppy tonight, and didn't want to get home after 7 again.

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  • 14m

Walking Ellie Mae while talking to my sweet grandma on the phone. She randomly sent me a dress in the mail without a note, so I had to know what the story was. Turns out, she was just cleaning things out and thought it looked like something I would wear. It's definitely vintage - sleeveless and floor length. I need to try it on, but gaaaah she is so sweet. Said she remembered wearing it in Jamaica on vacation (probably in the 70s!) and feeling so beautiful in it. <3

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