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Got out of work early and hit up the swim gym treadmill.

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Pretty ok swim! Water was super warm.

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Ellie Mae walk. Only one accident in the house so I think her tummy is on the mend.

Officially put my name in the hat for the lateral move after talking to the hiring Director this morning. She is actually a gal who was on my Ragnar Relay team a few years ago, I like her on a personal level. I'm not overly impressed with her as a leader (she got promoted last year), but she would be a step up from my current boss in terms of actually leading. They keep saying they want to "move fast" on this, but not holding my breath for anything before October. 

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After logging off of work - almost fell asleep but got my butt out the door. I forgot to look at my training plan but I know I'm off on my run volume this week. So I just ran for 40 minutes and called it good.

  • Walking
  • 10m

Poor Ellie Mae has some wicked diarrhea - likely from the anesthesia so I'm not terribly worried. But I was glad I was working from home today - she had 4 liquid pewps outside and one in the house while I was on my run. Going to make her some white rice tonight.

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Took Ellie Mae, she was bouncing off the walls and clearly back to her normal self!

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  • -----

Watching Big Brother.

This is technically a recovery week in my Augusta 70.3 training plan (the last one before peak/taper), and it's at a good time for a few reasons. First, this multi-day work summit is throwing me off a bit, and then TMI but I got a saddle sore after my ride Saturday. So I needed to give my nether regions a few days off. Going to attempt to sit on the trainer tonight because it's improved a lot, but I've never had one like that before. I ended up putting tea tree oil and then anti bacterial ointment over the top and that seems to have worked wonders.

Ellie Mae was still loopy this morning, but she ate her breakfast and was wagging her tail so I think she's on the mend from anesthesia and the anxiety meds. 

Also, work conversations have been continuing, and it seems fairly clear that I will get the lateral move I had been asked to consider. They said they could technically just slide me over without going through the formal process, but want to post it to give others a chance to throw their names in the hat. But the overwhelming notion is that the role is mine if I want it. The way they spoke also made it appear that it would put in motion a domino effect that would benefit Christina, which selfishly I want for her. Not that I"m making my decision based on that, but it's a super nice side effect for my friend.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is it appropriate to ask for a salary nudge for a lateral move??? I think the answer is "it doesn't hurt to ask" because I know for a fact it happens. I don't want to come off as greedy, but I also don't want to leave money on the table if it's a possibility - even if it's just  a few thousand bump. They may even do it on their own with an official offer, but if they don't, is that appropriate?

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9:08 p.m. run for pete's sake I did not want to do this! BUT I am committed to this run streak, so there you go.
Long day. Started with taking Ellie Mae to the vet for a dental super early, then an all day work summit plus dinner until 8 p.m. Luckily I was able to go and get Ellie Mae discharged before the dinner but it was a pain in the ass to have to then drive across town during rush hour for a super boring work dinner. I almost didn't even go, but I knew better. Also proud of myself for not drinking - that's part of what made the dinner fairly boring - but I'm in a "not drinking right now" phase because it's just not doing me any favors. It's been a month since I had a drink and I'm happy with the experiment and how I feel as a result.
Poor Ellie Mae was given anti-anxiety meds because she was such a hot mess after her (successful! no extractions or complications!) teeth cleaning. She was so out of it when I picked her up it was kind of sad/kind of funny. But I did get them to fill a prescription for it so I can potentially take her on a road trip at Christmas time and she won't be a hot mess for 5 hours in the car.

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Also did not want to do this, but walked on my home treadmill because I'm still trying to get in 30 minutes of movement every day in addition to the run streak.

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Sport #1
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Sport #2
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Friday afternoon, my boss asked me if I would consider moving into a recently-opened role - it would be a lateral move. My immediate reaction was no, and when asked why, I said because it wouldn't be as exciting of work or as much exposure to senior leaders. This is the role of the guy who was told another role was "absorbing" into his and he hasn't been happy for a long time - but especially since that happened.

She then asked me if it would make a difference if by doing this, I would be seen as more versatile and better positioned for a Director role. And my answer changed - of course I want that.

I had a long talk with my Dad yesterday, all though I kind of already knew how I felt. My Dad is so smart and so good at asking the right questions. I decided that I would express my interest after clarifying the scope of the role, with the intention that it would set me up for the future. I'd see it as a "challenge" to do well in a role that's quite frankly, challenging, but would absolutely be a stepping stone. My boss mentioned that her timeline for moving on/retiring is 2-3 years, and that would be my opportunity to move up.

So, we'll see. Everyone here is hyper focused on how the team is changing and what's in it for them personally, or how they're being overlooked. It's exhausting. We also had our graphic designer resign today. So the tally on our larger team is: 3 internal, 1 external, 1 digital = 5 people have all left in the last three months.

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So relieved I got this done.
We had a cool front move through so the high temps were in the 70s today (!). Knowing that, I didn’t feel I had to get started in the morning, and it was so nice. I enjoyed the first half of this run a bunch. I normally turn around at the 4-mile mark because the river walk boardwalk ends, but I needed another mile. The road went straight uphill in both directions so i picked one. LOL on me, it was a solid mile uphill (see elevation graph below) and I had to walk more than I intended.
I was also rationing water with the excuse that I wouldn’t need as much with temps 15 degrees cooler. WRONG. When I got to the only water fountain at mile 8, I ate a gel and literally chugged a bottle and a half of water. Jeez I guess I needed that. The last 2 miles I was on and off the struggle bus, but thankful I was able to get in a double digit run.

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Ellie Mae

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Solo ride on the Silver Comet Trail. The Tri club ride was actually out there today, but I just wanted to wake up naturally and not have a rushed morning. It was so nice. Had a solid headache for the first half, and the first 15 miles were crowded. But at my turn around, I was so grateful that I didn’t see a soul. I stopped and had a moment with the universe, and a prayer, and felt so peaceful. An uneventful, really nice ride.

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  • 1.02 miles
  • 11m 32s /Mi

Brick run. My right knee was feeling weird so just did a mile.

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