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Running out the drama of the day.
Heat index was 93 when I got home from work, so I made and ate dinner first. It was still 90 when I headed out, but i needed to beat the sunset and be back in time for Big Brother :) Felt sluggish this late at night, but got it done.

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Ellie Mae


This morning, my problem team-mate at work unexpectedly stormed out of the office with his belongings without saying a word to anyone. Our admin saw him leaving with an awful look on his face (which TBH is not unusual), but it prompted her to ask if everything was ok. He responded something like "no comment" and continued out the door. We had a 10 a.m. meeting scheduled - no show. Both Christina and our boss have texted him multiple times - no response. 

Part of me is trying so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he had explosive diarrhea, pooped his pants and had to leave in an emergency fashion? Maybe one of his parents had an accident and he had to rush out to help (they've been in bad health)? 

But my gut is telling me he snapped and walked off the job. I don't think he's the type of person who would 'snap' in a violent way, but I'm deeply concerned about his mental well-being if he resorted to this and going radio silent. I mean, think of all of the implications of walking off of your job (paycheck, insurance, references, reputation to start). I'll update later with developments.

OMG HE QUIT! He finally texted Christina back and said he got sick of everything and left his badge at security on the way out. He also wrote what sounds like a very detailed email to all our department leadership and copied HR, citing how poorly he was treated and that HE NEVER WANTED TO SEE THEM AGAIN, etc. I'm not sure how seriously HR takes comments from disgruntled employees, but still. They're going to have to deal with the fact that one of their employees literally snapped and walked off the job. Looks pretty bad on our team. And I"m worried about how our immediate boss is going to handle everything. She does not handle change well at all, let alone immediate and drastic change like this.

Internally (I would NEVER say this out loud), I'm relieved. Relieved for me, because I no longer have to work with a man-child who can't take constructive criticism, who is wildly immature, wildly petty, complains nonstop and has zero idea how to work on a professional team. And I'm relieved for him that he doesn't have to torture himself anymore coming to a job he clearly hated for years. While I'm anticipating I'm going to have to pick up a bunch of his work load in the interim, I'm SO RELIEVED. This is going to make my life so much better.

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Lunch treadmill. Briefly thought about running outdoors but the heat index was already at 90.

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Tough trainer ride

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Ellie Mae

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Hot and tired.

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Ellie Mae

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Ok run. The sun came out halfway through and I melted.
This was technically a step-back week in training so a tiny bit shorter run.

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Sanity walk with Ellie Mae. I’m physically ill from the double mass shootings over the weekend. My stomach is turning and I feel the same way I did when the Parkland shooting happened last year and so many kids my nephews ages died. Horrified, helpless. I’ve peacefully protested, I’ve marched, I’ve supported and voted for politicians who want to pass gun laws, I’ve prayed. What else can I do?

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Tri club ride! Lucky that I woke up on my own just 5 minutes after my alarm was supposed to go off (I had set it wrong) and was able to get out the door by 6:15 a.m. Super thankful another gal wanted to ride 45 miles at my pace! My new friend Amy!
We had SUCH a great ride. Did the 31-mile loop first, stopped at the parking lot to refill water, then headed back out for the 15-mile loop. LOVELY weather, appropriate amount of conversation (lol sometimes people feel the need to fill the air... I don’t!) and so glad for the company.
AND MARK THIS DAY IN HISTORY... I had zero dropped chains! Omg! Victory!

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Brick run, another great one!

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Ellie Mae

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Treadmill before swimming

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Ok swim. Still feeling slow.

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Quick walk with Ellie Mae

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Lunch trainer - 2nd work from home Thursday in a row! I upped my FTP on Trainer Road because I was feeling like I could be working harder. Definitely worked hard today!

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After work mile with Ellie Mae.

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