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  • 4.26 miles
  • 11m 44s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. During this run, a recruiter from talent acquisition called and left a message wanting to do a phone screen. For the interview I already have set up for Friday. This is getting comical.

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.81 miles
  • -----

Late trainer ride.

Busy rest of the week on tap with work stuff, and this is supposed to be my peak week of Augusta 70.3 training. I have a work happy hour tonight that gosh I don't want to go to, but feel like I should show up. Going to grab a seltzer water, make an appearance and head home for a 2nd workout. Tomorrow (all day) and half of Thursday will be eaten up by a work event (good news is that I get to see my former boss from Oklahoma) - this includes a dinner tomorrow night. Makes for such a long day.

Then the most interesting news is that I have an interview scheduled for the lateral move Friday morning with the hiring manager, and now a SECOND interview with two other leaders scheduled for Monday morning. Interesting because apparently they told the other gal on our team who applied that they wouldn't be interviewing until after an October conference that the execs this person would be supporting is over (week of Oct. 21 at the earliest). So they told her that timeline, then scheduled an interview with me on Friday. I have no idea why they do things like this - it really pisses people off, confuses them and creates this culture of mistrust. Could they just be honest with the other gal and not waste her time if they know they're going to give the role to someone else (me)? If I were the boss, I would either be more vague about the timeline without saying "after Oct. 21" (because otherwise you're just lying) or be completely transparent and tell her there's a stronger candidate, but be patient because as a result of that move, another role will be opening up and we want you to consider that (they want her in my role). Why is that so hard for leaders?

  • 11m 13s
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  • 11m 07s /Mi

Treadmill after work. 97 degrees real temp outside.

  • Walking
  • 20m

Treadmill plus Ellie Mae walk

Update on my home manicure situation - it's AWESOME! I've been giving myself a gel manicure about every 7-10 days and I'm so glad I invested in the equipment. My DIY job doesn't stay as long as the salon's but I think part of that is because I hadn't been using a nail bed dehydrator/prep product (just got one) and I'm using a cheaper brand of polish. But I recently ordered a new color in the brand they use in salons (it was only $8 on Amazon?! I think it's from a line a few years back) and put it on last night. So pretty! I'll see if it stays on longer than the other brand. And I'm saving so much money from not dropping almost $40 at the salon each time 

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Not the run I was hoping for. I knew right away that this wasn't going to be good. Heavy fatigue and sleepiness, some nausea. All I wanted to do was close my eyes and lay down in the grass. I actually was closing my eyes for a few seconds at a time. Fought through running for the first 4 miles, then decided to just walk it in.

Not sure why I get these terrible runs every now and then. I haven't been sleeping well, so that may be part of it.

  • 3h 39m 29s
  • 56.20 miles
  • 15.36 Mi/hr

Atlanta Tri Club ride - but solo again. Really small group today, and none of my past riding partners were there. I was riding with a guy named Michael for the first 16 or 17 miles until the routes split, then I was really on my own. Weather was gorgeous, drivers were nice and I averaged above what I usually do on this route. All of the markings were re-marked and fresh - I think the annual century ride on those routes is coming up soon.

The chicken processing smell is still strong, but it comes and goes as you ride past the chicken farms. Bearable again with a lot of mouth breathing. I was able to keep up with my nutrition 100%, drinking my 3-hour bottle of Infinite (I don't start drinking it until 15 or 30 minutes in, which is why it works for a 3.5 hour ride perfectly). This was just really lovely. Only one chain drop.

  • 22m 37s
  • 2.01 miles
  • 11m 15s /Mi

Brick run - heat index 94 degrees. SHOCKED myself at my pace. Gosh if I could only run this pace for the 13 miles in a half ironman LOL! Very sunny and sweaty and I think I was the last athlete in, besides the guy doing 100 miles. Great morning.

So sleepy on the 75-minute drive home with heavy traffic. Fought the urge to immediately hit up a Chick Fil A - last time I did that, I had painful gas for the next 24 hours solid! Going to try and recreate their frosted lemonade tomorrow. It’s essentially a vanilla lemon milkshake and I have a bunch of lemons I need to use!

  • Walking
  • 10m

Ellie Mae

  • 57m 21s
  • 3000.00 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards

Apparently "late lunch on a Friday" is the busiest time slot at my pool! Holy moly I've never seen it this crowded. But I'm so spoiled. By crowded, I mean all six lanes had someone in them, and one lane had 2 people in it. I sat on a bench for awhile observing and to see if anyone would offer to share. Spent five minutes watching a lady aqua jogging, a guy floating on his back, a guy with a snorkel (not judging! just observing) and then a guy offered to share. Felt like high school swim team there were so many people in the pool. Got a lane to myself later but lesson learned to wait until my normal time at 5 p.m. I only went at lunch today because I took my boss up on her offer for me to work from home this afternoon since I had to come in on my normal WFH day yesterday for an in-person meeting. And the pool is on the way home.

Swim was OK. I was debating on doing 3,000 yd but once I got to 2,500 it seemed like I should just do the 3K. We've also reached the point in training where my right shoulder revolts a little bit.

  • 12m 16s
  • 1.00 miles
  • 12m 16s /Mi

After logging off work with Ellie Mae. Lots of people, dogs and distractions in the neighborhood!

Only two more big weekends before Augusta 70.3, then my travel extravaganza begins (Augusta, Charleston, Vegas, Vegas again, San Diego, London, Tallahassee, Tallahassee again, Paris - that's through February). Crossing my fingers that the new dog sitter works out. I've booked her through the Vegas trips so going to assess how it's working out after that. 

Above average heat forecasted for the weekend, 95 degrees real temps, so that's lovely (where is FALLLL?). Long workout plans are 55 mile ride + 2-mile brick run tomorrow, then 11-mile run Sunday. Next weekend is 60+2, then 12 miles. Taper after that. Going to work hard to remember my Base Salt.

Bike #1
  • 45m
  • 11.80 miles
  • 15.73 Mi/hr

Lunch spin bike

  • 11m 29s
  • 1.01 miles
  • 11m 23s /Mi

Lunch treadmill. Legs were unnecessarily tight.

Bike #2
  • 1h 15m
  • 19.86 miles
  • 15.89 Mi/hr

Trainer after work. A bit tough.

  • Walking
  • 12m

Ellie Mae

Got the standing desk equipment set up - it looks a bit clunky but I don't care, I get to stand to work! Our admin and I 'secretly' carried it over because involving facilities would have likely meant they would have repossessed it. She's going to order me a standing mat next week but for now I'm just taking off my heels. 

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  • 11m 41s /Mi

Treadmill after work, not the best, but done!

  • Walking
  • 08m

Ellie Mae

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