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With Ellie Mae

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Trainer - tough one!

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Lunch treadmill. Felt eerily comfortable. Weird to have a 100% good run - it happens I guess!

  • Walking
  • 15m

Ellie Mae, a bit longer tonight as the temps are in the 80s! After a high of 98 yesterday. Come on, falllllll!

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  • 11m 43s /Mi

RUN STREAK DAY 300!!! (also streak day 300 of 30-minutes-of-movement but that doesn't have the same ring). Grateful that I've been able to do this for 300 consecutive days. Going for 365, then who knows!
Run was pretty good. Slathered my left Achilles with Vaseline ointment and that kept the rubbing at bay.

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  • -----

Trainer after work.

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Ellie Mae

I've made a deal with myself that if I registered for Wisconsin, I need to lose 10 pounds. Like, I just have to. I'm pretty sure that's why I've been struggling more this year is that I put on 5-10 pounds since Chattanooga and never took it off. Been lazy about eating and because my other hobby is to cook and bake, I do just that and then eat everything I make. Time for more self control if I want to do well next year. No need to be dragging the equivalent of a 10-pound dumbbell up those hills!

Also considering my bike situation. I have a mild itch to get a new bike, but that seems sort of ridiculous when I have a perfectly fine bike? I think it's all of the chain dropping that's giving me heartburn when I think about all of the shifting and hill work in Wisconsin. My other, probably much more reasonable option, is to get new components on my current bike - and ones that give me more gears to work with. I don't have a reference for how much that would cost, but when you get close to $800 or $1,000 does it just make more sense to get a new bike and sell the old one?
EDIT: I've had my current Trek Speed Concept for almost 6 years. 

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Can’t figure out why my left shoe is rubbing so hard on my heel all of the sudden. Started bleeding on this quick mile!

Sport #1
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Ellie Mae

Sport #2
  • Yoga
  • 18m

Had interview #3 this morning, a panel of sorts with my boss and our department boss. It was again, fairly casual, with "when you get in this role" language, big smiles, etc. I have interview #4 scheduled for a week from today with two leaders in the area I would be supporting. That one won't be as casual, but I'm confident I can do well. 

Alsoooooo just a minor detail, I registered for Ironman Wisconsin 2020 this afternoon - EEEEEEK! Linda and I hatched a plan at IMCHOO last year for 2020 to be the year we get back to Madison, commemorating 10 years of Ironman right where it all started for both of us - bringing it full circle. For me, it will likely be putting a bow on 140.6 as my last full distance race for awhile. For giggles, I present Linda and I at the finish line in 2010.

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Determined to get double digits in today. Scrambled to find a solution for my new iPhone - it's the 8 Plus, so much larger than my other one. It doesn't fit in my handheld water bottle pocket. Dug out my Nathan vest, but the bladder had black mold growing in the tube and no way to remove it to clean it, so had to toss that and go forward with the handheld bottle (which also meant staying close to the water fountain on the River Walk). Remembered I had a Spibelt that's stretchy, so I shoved the phone in there and it barely fit. It bounced around more than I'd like, but it worked in the end.

First half I was feeling pretty good. Started fading and had to take breaks in the 2nd half. It got hotter and sunnier, which contributed. Had a hot spot/blister form on my left Achilles. Sweat 3-4 pounds off while drinking FIVE bottles of water. FIIIIIIVE. Did a gel around mile 8. Took two salt licks every two miles. Did that help? No idea. Walked extra in the last two miles. But I did it.

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Ellie Mae

  • 4h 10m 50s
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Tri club ride solo - again. At least when I ride at the same time as other people I know i can get help if I need it. A team mate crashed super early on the ride so everyone was stopped for her. Decided I cannot help with 20 others hovering so I went on. Did the 48 mile loop first, then stopped at the tent in the parking lot to refill water. Tired but headed back out for the 14 mile loop. My hot foot flared significantly on the last loop. I had to stop for multiple minutes to get blood flowing again. It was extra painful today.

Chicken processing season must be coming to an end... only had to mouth breathe a few times. 2 dropped chains. At the gas station my bike was parked next to an identical bike, and I asked the owner if she had shifting/chain issues - nope. She looked at my components and recommended upgrading. Hmmm.

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  • 11m 25s /Mi

Brick run. Probably would have done 2 miles if I wasn’t trying to be on time for the swim. Temps a teeeeeny but cooler today.

  • 44m 29s
  • 2010.14 yards
  • 02m 13s /100 yards

Tri club swim at Red Top Mountain State Park 10 miles down the road from the bike ride. Swam the long route out to “the rocks” and back. Did some breast stroking and meandering trying to sight, a bit slower than I would have liked. Wore my Roka swim skin to test for Augusta. It’s great.

  • 1h 00m 02s
  • 5.14 miles
  • 11m 41s /Mi

Treadmill after work. This was one I missed earlier in the week. Shifting my normal Friday night swim to OWS tomorrow after my long ride.

  • Walking
  • 08m

Ellie Mae

Had my first in-person interview with the hiring manager this morning. It was just as expected - fairly short and very comfortable. I have my second interview with our department leaders (my current bosses) Monday, then she mentioned there would be a third with two of the directors in the organizations I'd support. Then potentially a fourth with the executives - but that one would be when they had narrowed candidates down to one, and more like a "meet and greet" rather than an interview. So with the phone screening, that would be five interviews for a lateral move they asked me to consider - when for other people on our team they simply announce they are "sliding" them into a new role. Kind of blows my mind.

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