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Treadmill after work and before meeting up with the Bumble tri guy.

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Lunch treadmill. Unreasonably hot for this being indoors.

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Trainer after work

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Interview update: Nothing was scheduled for today, but I have #5 tomorrow and #6 Thursday. These are with the two Senior Vice Presidents I'd be supporting. I guess I have to do them separately. Six freaking interviews with eight different people. You better believe I'm asking for a salary bump after all of this.

Bumble guy update: I looked back at his 'bio' last night and he has completely changed it from what it originally was. It now says that he's "Looking for friends, someone to have coffee or dinner with, or workout with. No long term relationships." To which I think... why are you even on a dating site? I struggle with the idea of only having casual relationships. 

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Sport #2
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Two developments in my otherwise boring life:

Had interview #4 this morning with two of the key stakeholders I'd be working with in the lateral move. It was much more structured, which I anticipated, and I feel like it went REALLY well. I prepared exactly right for this interview, and was able to showcase the things I wanted to. Now I have a 5th interview scheduled tomorrow with the head honcho, who luckily has told my leaders she loves me. Hoping this is the last.

In other news, over the weekend I matched on Bumble with a guy who is in my tri club! Who knew there were single, good looking guys in the club? He's also racing Augusta on Sunday, so hoping to get to know him better at one of the club meetups there. At this point in my life, I'm not sure I could care less about meeting potential dates whilst in spandex and covered in salt and sweat. This is who I am! LOL

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OK run, with the exception of fighting with my iPhone in the Spibelt. I gotta find a different solution because I stopped probably 15 times to adjust the bouncing. Temps still lower today but getting pretty concerned for the heat next weekend. At least I'm not doing Chattanooga full, which is the same day, and forecast is for high of 99 degrees there.

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Ellie Mae walk

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It was sooooo nice to sleep in on a Saturday morning (even though a neighbor's car alarm was going off at 5:30 a.m. when I would normally get up - haha!). Took my time waking up, ate a nice breakfast then got ready to ride out on the Silver Comet Trail. Temps right around 80 degrees for a ride that had me smiling and so happy the whole time. Near the end, I kept leap frogging with a father/daughter duo (daughter was maybe in middle school and decked out in a Zoot one piece tri kit) - they kept wanting to sprint to pass me after I'd pass them, so I just let up and soft pedaled behind them for the last couple of miles. This dropped my average pace to under 16 mph but no worries.

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Brick run - knees were cranky to start (standard) but then I felt like a million bucks. It's amazing what a 10-15 degree temperature drop does for me. Unfortunately, it looks like Augusta next weekend will be back in the 90s so I'm mentally preparing for a shuffle fest. The forecasted high is now 97 degrees because of course it is!

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Ellie Mae

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A glorious 78 degrees at 2 p.m. So refreshing.

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Nice, smooth swim.
Went straight to the pool from my hair cut, which was weird. My normal stylist had car issues so they called and asked if I'd prefer one of the owners cut my hair at my appointment or re-schedule - I kept the appointment. When I got there, she called me by the wrong name (not a huge deal but that annoys me) then when we sat and talked about my hair, she was adamant that she disagreed with my normal stylist about not putting layers in my hair. Then she did the whole "well you can KEEP it how it is, but blahblahblah" like almost pressuring me. Then when I explained (for the 3rd time) that I get a dry cut, she went and had a conversation with another stylist and handed me off to her. OKURRRRR! I was honestly glad to get rid of the owner lady, she was rubbing me entirely the wrong way. She was sure to tell me that I would be charged my normal stylists price, as opposed to this new stylist WHO CHARGES $96 FOR A HAIRCUT oh my goodness. So this new stylist was awesome and had the best energy, I loved her and the haircut she gave me. It took her about 5 minutes (dry cut!) but I was so happy with it. All that to say, I miss my gal in Wichita. She was the sister of a friend I new through I guy I used to date - but we had become friends and she was just so much easier to get a haircut from.

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Ellie Mae

Haven't been able to work from home in nearly a month, so don't feel bad about doing it today (my boss discourages us from WFH on Mondays or Fridays, because optics, all though my team mates do it ALL THE TIME). I had a really great working meeting yesterday with all of the people I'd be working with if I get this lateral move. The two executives (I'm writing their script for their big conference next month) and their two right hand women - who are also the two I have the interview with on Monday. Hoping that by getting this face time and a great meeting that it makes a difference. And after that meeting yesterday, I'm even more excited about working with them. They are just really great (and fun!) people. 

And I'm officially in taper for Augusta. My plan says 40 miles on the bike tomorrow but that seems excessive - I may just do 30. The tri club is out at Silk Sheets, but I'll probably just head to Silver Comet Trail to not have to drive so much. Going to be interesting racing solo again - I asked the Facebook group where to park race morning because start and finish are 1 mile apart. Sounds like the Marriott parking lot is the best choice and take the shuttle to swim start. I had an epiphany that Ironman is really missing out on monetizing a program like 'SOLO RACER VALET' for folks like me racing alone. It sucks so bad to have to gather the bike, all the gear, etc. and get it all to your car after such a long race. I would totally pay for a valet service to do this for me.

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With Ellie Mae

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Trainer - tough one!

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