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NEWS TIME! I got the call from HR this afternoon with the job offer! Ya'll know I was going to ask for a little salary bump, even though they indicated they usually keep people level for lateral moves. But to my surprise, they offered me ABOVE what I was going to ask for. I was going to ask for 5%, and it ended up being a little above 6% and I just about cried. I was expecting to have to fight for 2-3%.  Based on the conversation, it sounds like my soon-to-be-boss advocated for bumping me up to this number when she didn't have to. So happy to have this process completed. I officially transition on Oct. 7. 

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Met up with the Bumble triathlete last night. I figured why not, it's taper week (I'm bored) and if nothing else can make a new friend. Nice guy, we had a lot to talk about. And the funniest thing EVER is when we were explaning where we live and work, we slowly realized that WE LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD! Hahahaaaa he literally lives in the apartment complex that connects to my townhome community. Too funny. 

Interview #6 this afternoon, and I am so not impressed by our talent acquisition team. Yesterday afternoon, I got a voice mail from the lady I've been working with saying that Amy was ready to move forward with an offer, so please call her back. (which I thought, odd, because I still have another interview on the books - but yay!). I did, left a message. Then I missed her 2nd call and her voicemail says she mistakenly dialed my number and that call wasn't for me! OMG! What if I would have answered the phone the first time and she was going to present an offer for a role I didn't even apply for? Based on her voicemails, she was calling to offer someone the role of MANAGER, internal communications, who my boss's boss Amy is hiring. And I'm applying for SENIOR MANAGER, internal communications, with another hiring manager. Yes it's confusing but if you are in charge of hiring, you should probably make offers to the right people!

Update: Interview was great. We had a comfortable conversation and made a few interesting connections. Including that we're both introverts, which is one of the things I love about this company, that they see value in introverts, and introverts can be great leaders here (some companies heavily cater to a certain personality trait for leaders). When I was describing this part of me, he said "wow it's like you just described ME". And we chatted about college basketball at the end when he saw I graduated from Wichita State. Now I can breathe easy and wait for an offer. My guess is that it will come when I'm on vacation next week, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because that's how things work! 

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Treadmill after work and before meeting up with the Bumble tri guy.

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Lunch treadmill. Unreasonably hot for this being indoors.

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Interview update: Nothing was scheduled for today, but I have #5 tomorrow and #6 Thursday. These are with the two Senior Vice Presidents I'd be supporting. I guess I have to do them separately. Six freaking interviews with eight different people. You better believe I'm asking for a salary bump after all of this.

Bumble guy update: I looked back at his 'bio' last night and he has completely changed it from what it originally was. It now says that he's "Looking for friends, someone to have coffee or dinner with, or workout with. No long term relationships." To which I think... why are you even on a dating site? I struggle with the idea of only having casual relationships. 

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Two developments in my otherwise boring life:

Had interview #4 this morning with two of the key stakeholders I'd be working with in the lateral move. It was much more structured, which I anticipated, and I feel like it went REALLY well. I prepared exactly right for this interview, and was able to showcase the things I wanted to. Now I have a 5th interview scheduled tomorrow with the head honcho, who luckily has told my leaders she loves me. Hoping this is the last.

In other news, over the weekend I matched on Bumble with a guy who is in my tri club! Who knew there were single, good looking guys in the club? He's also racing Augusta on Sunday, so hoping to get to know him better at one of the club meetups there. At this point in my life, I'm not sure I could care less about meeting potential dates whilst in spandex and covered in salt and sweat. This is who I am! LOL

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OK run, with the exception of fighting with my iPhone in the Spibelt. I gotta find a different solution because I stopped probably 15 times to adjust the bouncing. Temps still lower today but getting pretty concerned for the heat next weekend. At least I'm not doing Chattanooga full, which is the same day, and forecast is for high of 99 degrees there.

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It was sooooo nice to sleep in on a Saturday morning (even though a neighbor's car alarm was going off at 5:30 a.m. when I would normally get up - haha!). Took my time waking up, ate a nice breakfast then got ready to ride out on the Silver Comet Trail. Temps right around 80 degrees for a ride that had me smiling and so happy the whole time. Near the end, I kept leap frogging with a father/daughter duo (daughter was maybe in middle school and decked out in a Zoot one piece tri kit) - they kept wanting to sprint to pass me after I'd pass them, so I just let up and soft pedaled behind them for the last couple of miles. This dropped my average pace to under 16 mph but no worries.

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Brick run - knees were cranky to start (standard) but then I felt like a million bucks. It's amazing what a 10-15 degree temperature drop does for me. Unfortunately, it looks like Augusta next weekend will be back in the 90s so I'm mentally preparing for a shuffle fest. The forecasted high is now 97 degrees because of course it is!

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Ellie Mae

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