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  • 30m 01s
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

Tried 50 yards regular swim, but it was immediately clear that my ankle is not ready. No range of motion and pangs of pain. Used the pull bouey after that and paddles for about half.

Counting my blessings that I don't work in the aircraft industry anymore. My former employer announced today they are laying off 2,800 employees in Wichita due to the Boeing 737 MAX program suspension. Not shocking at all. I remember when I first started there, we were put on 3-day work weeks because of a Boeing union strike. Then years later, all departments had to lay off something like 10% of their workforce, including office/admin functions. They let go the lady in our department who had cancer and had been there for 20-something years. It was so awful. I don't miss it one bit.

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  • 13m

Upper body while seated.

  • Walking
  • 08m

Logging because I walked further than the doggie station with Ellie Mae. She didn’t want to poop there. Keeping my pace slow intentionally. Swelling seemed to increase at work today so took an 800 mg ibuprofen with dinner.

Itching to do something active but I'm still babying the ankle. The bruising has spread (normal) so the left side of my ankle and foot is an ugly purple now. Thinking upper body strength tonight and getting back in the pool tomorrow. Maybe a soft trainer ride this weekend. I am not good at being sidelined.

Want to hear a funny story? I saw on my debit card a transaction I didn't recognize from an Express Factory retail store. I did buy something at an Express Factory store in Tallahassee, but that was on a different card, already posted, and this one specifically said Atlanta. I was about to call to get a new card because surely it was fraud, I haven't been anywhere near an Express in Atlanta - then at the last minute I remembered I got my CAR WASHED at a place that is apparently called Factory Express. Not the clothing store called Express Factory. haha! The sign just says "Express car wash" so I was really confused, but the cost and date line up with when I got the car wash. Crisis averted.

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At work today - pain is down but still puffy so I need to stay on top of the ibuprofen.

Going to have two work trips in the next two weeks now. The good news is that for the one next week, I'll get to fly on the company plane (private). The bad news is my dog sitter is now charging $45/night... she started at $30/night and it just feels a bit too much. I'm willing to pay a fair rate, but $40 was about my limit, based on what others are charging and what it would cost to kennel. I want to use her through my Paris trip since I've already booked her for that (when her rate was $37/night). I don't have time to start over with a new sitter until March, but need to find someone who won't raise their prices every month.

Update: I got out of going on the 2nd work trip, horray! And the trip next week is only one night instead of two like I originally thought. They re-scheduled one of the events so our COO could attend and fly back on the same night. The plane is wheels up at 7 a.m. Tuesday which is stupid early for me (considering an hour Uber ride and arriving early), but at least it's private. And we come home Wednesday evening.

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Exercising patience as I wait for my ankle to heal. Definitely feeling better and swelling is going down. Work is keeping me busy with a series of meetings starting next week for one of the functions I support. But I don't love being sidelined. 

Also YES watching The Bachelor. I can't help it! I'm still salty over Mike not being chosen. But Peter is cute. And Hannah needs to move along. No early favorites, but I did appreciate the woman who wore a PANT SUIT and HIGH PONYTAIL on the first night - I'm sure that took a lot to buck the trend of a boob-tastic gown and beach-waved hair - she looked fantastic.

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Swelling is down this morning but still puffy and starting to bruise. I drove up to work and had Christina run my laptop down so I can work from home for a few days. I think I can probably go in on Wednesday.

  • Health data: Injury: 4
Spent 2.5 hours at urgent care this afternoon. So many sick people, I did not touch a thing, not even the sign in pen (used my own). Finally got looked at and the doctor was concerned with how much swelling there was, didn’t think it was broken but ordered X-rays to make sure. This is the same leg and just a few inches from my IM LOU leg break so I was glad to have confirmation. No broken bones. Bad sprain.

I’ve seen this doc before and I like her - she’s very liberal with meds. I told her I’d taken a 2015 era Percocet last night (I’d saved them!) and she called in a fresh batch of those plus a huge batch of 800 mg ibuprofen. I need to RICE until swelling goes down and she recommended staying home from work for a few days. Walking/running as soon as all pain is gone. Probably 2 weeks before I can run.

Tallahassee half marathon up in the air at this point. I’m just so thankful it’s not broken. I was having vivid flashbacks of after I broke my leg - similar pain just a bit less - and didn’t want to think about what a break would mean for the rest of this year.

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  • 15m 35s
  • 0.77 miles
  • 20m 15s /Mi

Oh no. I slid on a pine cone and twisted my foot and ankle so bad. Limped home and saw it’s crazy swollen. Can’t believe I was going to try and keep going.
Put a compression sock on and am icing it. It’s kinda bad!

  • Health data: Injury: 5

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